Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 4


Doctor :Mr. Raheja , she is alright . You can meet her but ……..

Ritik : but ..but what doctor?

Doctor : She is unconscious. She’ll gain consciousness within 1 hr .

In the I.C.U

Ritik reminiscences the moment when Shivanya shouted I love you. He smiles and hears a sweet voice murmuring his name . He comes to sense and sees Shivanya opening her eyes.

Ritik : Shivanya, are you ok?

Shivanya : Stay away from me.

Ritik : Shivanya

Shivanya : Don’t call my name and stay away from me.

Ritik : Shivanya, please. ..

Nurse : Please do as her wish . She’s already in much stress.

Ritik goes from there having tears in his eyes. Shivika enters.
Shivika : Mama!

Shivanya :Shivika

Shivika : How are you ?

Shivanya : I’m totally fine .

Hours went by and the mother and daughter were still giggling . Then nurse came and told Shivika to go .Shivika goes from there.(Actually the nurse is Shesha)

Shesha : Mam, its time for your injection.

Shivanya slept.

When Shesha was about to give the injection Ritik came with the doctor .

Doctor : What are you doing here ?The next patient needs you .

Shesha : Yes doctor

Ritik thinks : Why I’m feeling that I’ve seen this nurse before ..

Suddenly Shesha’s wig got down and Ritik saw her .He also saw the injection and snatched it away from her and showed it doctor.

Doctor : Oh my god! This the deadliest poison of cobra. Its very harmful. It can kill a person with half a drop of its poison …
Ritik pulled Shesha’s hand and came out of the I.C.U

Ritik : Shesha! What were you doing?

Shesha : What I will do ?

Ritik:Why were you disguised as a nurse ? Why you brought the poison ?

Shesha : I’ve not brought Ritik …

Ritik : If you will say me the truth then I will not do anything but if you tell lie then be ready for divorce. ..

Shesha : No , Ritik. Yes , I have bought the poison to kill Shivanya

Ritik : My guess was correct ! I will keep the record straight.

Shesha : R….

Ritik : Sssssh! If you want to live with me then you have to take Shivanya to home . You have to do her care . Show your affection to her .

Shesha : Yes , Ritik. .. I ..I will do whatever you’ll say … Please don’t leave me

Ritik : Ok ! So now go to home and decorate the full house . Shivanya is coming. Decorate my room very nicely . Ok?

Shesha : Ok, I will decorate our room and the house .

Ritik : What you said now ?

Shesha : I will decorate….. our room.

Ritik holds Shesha’s hand and pulls her

Ritik : Not our room . Shivanya and my room . You will sleep in the guest room . Understand?

Shesha : Yes… but where…will …. Shivanya sleep ?

Ritik : In my room ………oh sorry in Shivanya and my room

Shesha stares Ritik angrily and runs away .Shesha decortes the house very nicely and comes back to hospital. She requested Shivanya to live and Shivanya agreed.

In the night in guest room :

Shesha : I will not let Shivanya to take my Ritik. No…No …….. Yes , I’ve a plan !

In Ritik’s room

Ritik : Shivanya, feel comfortable. Ok? Sleep here . I’m going, if you require any thing then tell me

Shivanya : No, no. You sleep here only with me as we slept before . I will keep the pillows in between.
Ritik : As you say . (Smiles and gets into bed)

Precap : Sweet Moments between Ritik and Shivanya

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