Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 3


Sorry guys for being inactive these days but what to do, I was very busy with some work and its good news for you that I am back! And it is 3rd episode of Mohabbatein that’s why I am very very happy. I feel good.. slowly I’ll try to update all of my fanfictions but let me know that which FanFiction you like? And Siddhi it’s a humble request to you that please please please update our Ff named Sirf Tere Liye
2.Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi
3.Phulo ka taro ka sab ka kehna hai ek hazaro mein meri behna hai
4.Tere Sang Pyaar Mein
5.Sirf Tere Liye
That’s all I know I chat a lot but let’s start

Ritik holds Shivanya’s hand and pulls her out of the shop.

Ritik : Shivanya,

Shivanya : Ritik

Ritik : See if you are not Shivanya then how you know my name

Shivanya : a…a…a

Ritik : Shivanya why ?

Shivanya :. …….

Ritik : Why you left me alone for these seven years ? Why ?

Shivanya : Somebody hurt me .

Ritik : Who ?

Shivanya : Its you …

Ritik :. ………..

Shivanya : Yes , Ritik its you . You forgot me and married Shesha. .

Ritik : Shivanya. .

Shivanya : Please Ritik …

Shivanya crosses the road and boom ! A car comes and hits her badly . She flips down and gets unconscious.  Her wounds start bleeding

Ritik : Shivanyaaaaaaaa!

Ritik runs and goes to her .

Ritik : Shivanya ,Shivanya nothing will happen to you,  open your eyes . Shivanya ,  Shivanya. Why are you all standing ? Go bring water go…..

Ritik sprinkles the water on Shivanya. Shivanya opens her eyes …

Ritik : . Shivanya

Ritik picks out his phone and calls doctor saxena fo Ambulance

Ritik : Hello ! D.. Doctor Saxena please come here . Its an emergency. ..

After the call

Ritik : Shivanya, Shivanya no no … nothing will happen to you .. nothing …

Shivanya : R… Ritik!

Ritik : Shivanya. .

Shivanya : Ritik, if something happens. … to me …. then ….p…please take … of Shivika …

Ritik : Nothing will happen to you. ..

Shivanya : Will you fulfill my last wish ? 

Ritik : Shivanya,  its not your last wish … no no … i will fulfill ..

Shivanya : Can you h…. hug me?

Ritik and Shivanya share a hug very tightly  .

Shivanya : I love you Ritikkkkkkk! ( shouts and gets unconscious )

Then ambulance comes. In the hospital Shivanya is in I.C.U
Ritik, Shivika, Rohit and Shesha are waiting outside .Shivika and Ritik are crying hard .

Rohit : Don’t cry ! Shiviki … Shivimama will be alright

Shesha : Rohit! She’s not your Shivimama

Rohit and Shivika have a warm hug .. Shesha sees this and pulls Shivika to the ground.  Ritik helps Shivika and consoles her . Then he tells Rohit to take Shivika to play with him.. Ritik comes and stares at Shesha and goes away.

Shesha thinks : if there Shivanya then Ritik can not be mine. I’ve to kill her. Hhheeeeehaaaaa!

Precap : Shesha to disguise herself as a ____________

Guys ! Try to guess what she will disguise herself into

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  1. Obviously shseha will disguise her in a
    Well i am still waiting for naagin 2 second promo or confirmed news

  2. Me too

  3. Fantastic update next episode soon

  4. Siddhi

    Good episode loved it finally u are back


      Please update our ff Sirf Tere Liye episode 3

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