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Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 2


Shesha thinks :How can she be alive ! I have planned very well to kill her . That house burned . How ? No , i will not let her come to my Ritik.

Shesha : Shivanya you are alive

Shivanya : Shesha

Shesha : Shivanya,  Ritik is only yours . I was with him only to console him Rohit likes his father very much but I will make him understand.

(Guys actually Ritik is not rohits father. Shesha was not married but became pregnant,  because of the society Ritik married Shesha . But Rohit is Najayaz )

Shivanya : Shesha , no need . Ritik is all yours.  Thanks .

In Raheja mansion

Shesha and Ritik were in one room .

Shesha came towards Ritik and kissed his neck. She opened his shirt and made him sleep . She kissed his chest and was about kiss his lips when Ritik pushed her to the ground and shouted angrily

Ritik : Shesha ! Do you know what are you doing?  This relationship is not real . Have you forgotten that this marriage is fake .

Shesha : R…

 We are not married. Rohit is not my child . So don’t come . Why you always forget this relationship!  Don’t dare to insult this relationship  . You can never come in my heart. No one can take my Shivanya’s place . Never . She will remain in my heart forever .

Shesha : Ritik

Ritik : Shut up !  Go out . I am only Shivanya’s not yours . I am not the husband and father of you and rohit . It was a fake marriage.  Now get out.

Ritik went away by driving the car .In the market

Ritik was stuck in the shop and then a girl  (Shivanya ) comes and bumps into him .

Shivanya : Sorry!

Ritik : Shivanya

When Shivanya saw Ritik she started running and Ritik chased her

Ritik : Shivanya stop

Shivanya ran hard and hid behind a shelf . Ritik couldn’t find her but he saw a pink duppata stuck behind the shelf

He understood that it was Shivanya. He went to her .

Ritik : Shivanya

Shivanya : Who is Shivanya?  I’m not Shivanya

Ritik:If you are not Shivanya then tell me my favourite colour.

Shivanya : Sky blue

Ritik : You’re correct ! Its proved that you’re Shivanya.

Shivanya : No I’m not

Ritik : If you’re not then let’s test again . If you are Shivanya then you would be having a black mole in your neck and a black mole near your blouse  dori.

Ritik forcibly turns Shivanya and sees the moles.

Ritik : Now how will you say that you’re not Shivanya.

Precap : Shivanya to have an accident.

  1. Wow. Fantastic. Update next episode as soon as possible. Unite shivanya and ritik plzzzz…

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