Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 12


Mohabbatein Episode 12

In Mumbai Airport

The flight landed . Ritik and Shivika checked out and went searching for a taxi. They found a taxi and sat inside the
Taxi . On the way Shivika spotted a Ice-cream parlour and a flashback comes to her mind

Flashback :

Rohit and Shivika are seen wearing school uniform and school bags and standing in the Ice-cream parlour.

Shivika : Uncle , give me a chocolate scoop

Rohit : me too.

Man : Only one scoop is left beta .

Shivika : Don’t be sad Rohit ! We’ll share it .

Flashback ends

Then Shivika again spotted a temple

Rohit : Promise me that you will never leave me .

Shivika : I promise you rohit

Flashback ends.

There reach SYR industries.

Shivika enters . A blow of wind touches her face . Then comes Rohit .

Rohit : Hello I am Rohit Sharma The owner…….

Shivika : Rohit ….

Rohit : Yes , well miss ?

Shivika : I am not your business partner my father is, So deal with him

Shivika went away .She had tears with her .

Ritik spotted her .

Ritik : Beta why are you crying ?

Shivika : Papa, Rohit is the man to deal.

Ritik : What ? Don’t worry beta

Shivika : Please cancel this deal

Precap : Ritik to be shocked

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  1. Siddhi

    Hmm nice but dint liked so much

  2. Rivanyaforever1

    Nice one but please bring it back to rivanya and where is rivanya’s second child

  3. Nice please uodate soon and where is the second child of rivanya and please show a flaslback of that day when yamini asked Ritik to choose live with her Or with Shivanya .

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