Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 11

In London, It was a sunny day . The people were busy . A girl is shown wearing a casual jump suit and walking on the street . She reaches the door and knocks it . A woman opens the door . The girl is Shivika and woman is Shivanya.

Shivanya: Why are you late today ?

Shivika : Just sat on the bench to chill at the park; afterwards it’s a sunny day .

Shivanya : Have your breakfast, Papa is waiting .

Shivika : Why is he waiting ?

Shivanya : How do you forget it again and again?

Shivika : Is it Sunday today ?

Shivanya : Yes, you are right . Every Sunday he takes you to his office, right ?

Shivika : Ya, he says that it is mandatory to go with him because the business will be handled by me after him.

Shivanya : He’s right .

In India

Someone’s birthday is celebrated.

Rohit : Happy Birthday Dadi !

Uday : May you live 100 years more ! Happy birthday aunty !

Shesha : Happy Birthday Maa ! may god bless you

Yamini : Thank you

Shesha : Maa, it’s your 93rd birthday , So wish for 93 reasons

In London at Ritik’s Office

Employee : Sir, We have to go to India for a contract at SYR Industries.

Ritik : Book the tickets .

Shivika : Papa, I’ll also go

Ritik : What will you do there ? You will be bored .

Shivika : Papa, You know my passion for travelling; I will not be bored. I promise I’ll not disturb you

Papa : Ok then, pack your bags

Shivika : Thank you papa (Hugs him)

Precap : Rohit and Shivika to meet

Sorry guyzz ! I know its short but I’m a little busy with my profession and family . I’ve updated this for Siddhi and Ramya . Let me be free so that I can regularly update but till that enjoy this .


  1. sarvesh

    Its an amazing and beautiful story . i love it from start and please update soon and please show flashback of 15 yrs please

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