Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 10 {Maha Episode , Dusshera Special}

The episode starts with some scenes of temples and holy chantings . It was a pleasant but busy day. The roads were jammed with all the cars and vehicles. Then a big mansion is shown . Yamini is seen supervising the servants . The house was being decorated by flowers,lights,festoons etc. Then Uday, Ritik and Shivanya come down .

Shivanya : Aunty,  why these preparations? Anything special?

Yamini : Yes ! Your Godvarai , I couldn’t welcome my own grandchild. You as well as Uday don’t have parents.  So, I thought of doing all this for you .

Shivanya :  Aunty,  you don’t know what you’ve given me ?
(Hugs her)

Yamini : Can you fulfill my wish ?

Shivanya : Sure !

Yamini : Can you call me “Maa” instead of Aunty ? You too Uday?  Can you both ?

Uday and Shivanya : Maa!(step forward and hug Yamini)

Yamini : Ritik ! Where are you going?

Ritik : Maa, we’re going to the hospital.

Yamini : Hospital?  Why? What happened?  Any problem?

Uday:  Maa, no problem.  Just to make sure that the baby is ok or not?

Yamini : Ok go but return back soon for the Godvarai.

Outside the mansion Ritik,  Shivanya and Uday were walking to the car. Shivanya had teary-eyes . Ritik looked at her.  He sighed and then looked at Uday .

Ritik : Uday ! Can’t you let it go ? Afterall you both are going to be married. It doesn’t matter know ?

Uday : It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matters to you but It does not lets me live peacefully. Once the reports will come , I can have peace.

They reached the car . Uday sat in the front seat near the driving seat. Ritik helped Shivanya to sit and sat on the driving seat himself. He adjusted the mirrors and then started driving . A hour later , Uday was feeling hungry and he asked Ritik to stop the car near a shop .

Uday : I’m feeling hungry.  I’m going to the shop.

After a minute or two ,while waiting for Uday Ritik was frustrated and he got out of the car and went straight in the shop. He called Uday and sat in the car and they drove off speedily .Uday was munching his biscuits when they reached the hospital.

In the hospital at the ‘May I Help You’ counter , Ritik was filling on the formalities. They were given a pass to the cabin of Doctor Barkha Verma ; the best gynaecologist and surgeon of the city . They entered the cabin of Dr.Verma .

Dr. Verma : Hello ! Good morning .Can I know who’s my patient ?

Uday : She’s your patient . (Hands the outdoor ticket to Dr.Verma )

Dr. Verma : Shivanya, Nice name ! Well, sit down .

Shivanya : Dr.Verma,  I’m pregnant.

Dr. Verma : I see it .

Shivanya : I’m here for the DNA test .

Dr.Verma : I understood it from the first as these two guys are with you. Let’s move on from this topic . I want to check you but before that I want to talk about all the rules you should follow if you’re following my treatment.

Ritik : Okay ! Please say .

Dr. Verma : The rules are as follows :
1. You must not go to any other doctor .
2. You must take your medicines regularly.
3. You must come here at least twice in a week for all the tests .
4. You must smile .

Shivanya :  (smiles ) Thanks doc !  We agree the rules and regulations which are mandatory to be followed.

Dr.Verma : You both go out now. I’ve to check her .

Uday and Ritik go out . Shivanya walks and lies down on the stretcher . Dr. Verma checked her . She gave Shivanya an injection.  Shivanya felt drowsy and slept . Uday and Ritik came .

Dr.Verma : Don’t worry! I’ve given her sleeping pills so that she can rest . Ritik and Uday , the DNA reports will come tomorrow.

Ritik : Dr.Verma,  we are grateful for your kindness.

Dr. Verma : But there’s a problem and  I’ve found the solution of it . The problem is Shivanya needs proper care and for that I’ve to live with you.

Uday : No problem .You come today evening only .

Ritik : Yes ! Today Shivanya’s Godvarai is also there .

Dr. Verma : That’s it ! You both go and take Shivanya.  I will try to reach there before function.

On the other side,at Raheja Mansion, all the guests had arrived.  In Uday’s room Shivanya was getting ready for her Godvarai when Dr.Verma came and was shocked to see Shivanya in such heavy jwellery.

Dr.Verma : Hey guys! What are you doing?  Shivanya,  just put off all the jwellery; they are so heavy and dangerous for your baby

Yamini : But, without jwellery how can she look beautiful?

Dr.Verma : Solution is here ! (Pits her hand in her bag and shows jwellery made of flowers )

Shivanya : They are so beautiful Dr.Verma.

Dr. Verma : Now, wear these .

The function was perfectly done . Now, Shivanya was tired and she was desiring to sleep . Dr.Verma took her up in her room and opened all her jwellery. She made her sleep and went away to sleep . Yamini was removing all the decoration by the servants.  She was making a list of all the things that are needed to buy. She read out all the things to the servant .

Yamini :  Fruits , Red duppata, Sindoor, Red saree,Ghee, Doob grass, milk,leaf plates…..

Ramu (servant ) : Maaji ! What are all this for ?

Yamini : Don’t you know?Tommorow’s Dusshera  and Maa Durga will come in our house .

Next Day the house was looking beautiful

 Dr. Verma was seen wandering in the house and searching for Uday and Ritik because DNA test reports had came.

Dr.Verma : Uday ! Ritik!

Ritik : What happened Dr.Verma?

Dr.Verma : DNA reports.

Uday : Show me .

Dr.Verma : Uday, The child is of Ritik.

When Dr.Verma told this sentence Yamini was just behind her and Shivanya was beside Yamini.  Both were shocked.   “Why ? When I have 100 reasons to part from you ,then why you give 1 reason to live” These words echoed in Shivanya’s mind. Yamini was speechless.

Yamini : Shivanya!

Shivanya : Maa

Yamini : Don’t call me Maa ! I trusted you . You betrayed me . Shesha is better than you,  at least she didn’t had done this . You just go out . Out ! Get out ! (Throws Shivanya to the ground )

Ritik helped Shivanya to get up .Ritik comes to speak in favour of Shivanya. 

Ritik : Maa! You don’t know the truth. 

Yamini : Wow ! Now I knew why Shesha did all this .

Till now Shesha was silent but when she heard Yamini speaking about this , she did not wait and decided to actuate Yamini against Shivanya.

Shesha : Yes maa! She snatched my husband.

Ritik : Shut up!

Uday : You stop Ritik!  She is a cheater not Shesha Bhabhi.

Yamini : Ritik! If you want to live with me then you have to leave this woman

Ritik : No,I will never leave Shivanya because she is my WIFE! (Holds Shivanya’s hand )

Uday steps forward to slap Ritik but Shivanya holds his hand and just pulls and throws it .

Shivanya : Yes! He is right .

Shivanya goes to the idol of Durga . She put the sindoor on her forehead.

Shivanya : He maa durga  ! Aaj agar mein sahi hun to hum dono ka pyaar jiyega , hum dono ki pyaar ki nishani jiyegi ,meri santan jiyegi.He jagatjanani maa ,aaj meri nahi teri pariksha he . He maa agar meri bhakti sachi he to shakti de mujhe . Sach kehne ki himmat de mujhe . Jay durga ma !
 (O maa durga ! If I’m right then our love will live, the symbol of love will live, my child will live . O mother of universe durga , it is not my ecam today its yours . O maa if my devotion is true then give me strength.  Give me power to tell the truth.  Jay Durga ma )

Shivanya starts singing durga stuti with tandav . She turns round and round and falls on Ritik who holds her by waist.  Then comes our irritating vamp Shesha and pulls Shivanya.

Shesha : Now , what happened? huh? You’re just putting up her dialogues.  Tell me the truth.  (Shakes her )

Shivanya : Shall I tell you  ? We are married.  You were the one who set the building on fire .You separated us . Shivika is Ritik’s daughter.  Rohit is not at all his son .Now , anything else you have to listen. 

Then Shivika and Rohit have their entries.

Shivika : Mama! Why are you crying?

Rohit : Maa, you too ! Why are you crying?

Shivanya : Ask Shesha.

Shesha : Ask Shivanya.

Rohit and Shivika quarrel on .

Rohit :  For your mother my maa is crying.

Shivika : Shut up ! My mama is crying.

Precap : 15 years leap.

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  1. Ramya.riya

    Simply superb RS

    1. Thanks Ramya ! Who are your favourite couples ?

      1. Ramya.riya

        Only RIVANYA..

    2. Why don’t you write a ff on RIVANYA

  2. Siddhi

    Amazing episode I loved it very very very much please update asap

  3. Siddhi

    Amazing episode I loved it very very very much please update asap!

    1. Thanks Siddhi ! Guess what will happen after 15 years

      1. Siddhi

        Can’t guess but sure that something interesting will be there

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