Mohabbatein ( Naagin ) Episode 1


Introduction :Ritik and Shivanya were separated for some reason. Ritik had married Shesha .

Shivika : Shivanya’s daughter.

Rohit : Ritik and Shesha’s son .

Episode 1

Flashback :
A house is burning .In the house Shivanya is screaming(Guys Shivanya was pregnant ). Ritik is outside getting worried to save Shivanya. Suddenly a burning rock fell on her. Ritik screamed. He cannot go as the building was in fire . He screamed and screamed. Police came and told everyone to go home. Ritik  also went home crying.

Flashback ends.

Ritik : Shivanya, why you left me alone like this ? Why?

In a house

Shivanya : Ritik,  Why you married Shesha? Why ? In that accident you didn’t lost me but now you’ve lost me…

Flashback : 
Shivanya is sitting in the car . She reaches to Raheja mansion and sees Ritik and Shesha’s marriage.

Flashback ends.

Shivanya : Ok , let it be . I will do as I promised you . I will never let you know that I’m alive .Never ever!

Then Shivika comes

Shivika: Mama

Shivanya : Yes beta.

Shivika : I’m hungry.

Shivanya : Come you’ll eat and go to school.

In the school

Shivika :Hi Rohit

Rohit :Hi Shivika,will you come to my house ?

Shivika : my Mother will not allow.

Rohit : Its ok . Can you come to the temple tommorow with your mother .and I will also come with my mother

Shivika :Ok bye !

Next day in the temple

Shivanya : Where are you taking me Shivika?

Shivika :To my friend Rohit .

Here Rohit was coming with Shesha and there Shivika with Shivanya.  They both bumped into each other.

Shesha and Shivanya : Ouch!

When they turned to see each other they were shocked .

Precap : Shivanya to hide from Ritik.

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  1. amazing

  2. Siddhi

    Rs I liked it but dint like that Ritik got marry to Shesha ?

  3. Ritik married to shesha and has a son is not good. The ff is nice but also.. You will loose your fans as Ritik and shesha are together

  4. What is the age of rohit and shivika

  5. What is the age of ritik and sheshas son and what is the age of ritik and shivanyas daughter


    Rivanya they are of 7 years

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