Mohabbatein (Kanchi) A Good Bye Os (sdch)


Hi guys before leaving I just wanted to say goodbye. This os is dedicated to all kanchi lovers who r disappointed on current track.
This os will be on current track.

Let’s start

Veers asks sanchi who r u. Sanchi told him everything but veer didn’t believe her and he went. Sanchi sits crying when she gets tapped on her shoulder. She gets happy as she thought it was veer. When she turned back and gets shocked to see kabir.

Sanchi quickly hugged him. Kabir was going to respond when he remembered sanveer loves. He puts his hands down. Sanchi was still weeping Kabir couldnt see her like this. He was controlling his hands but atlast he responded the hugg.

Y kabir y everytime this happens with me -Sanchi

It’s not ur fault -Kabir

It’s my fault I couldn’t make him understand -sanchi

If you dnt mind asking wat happened between u two. I was going when I saw u crying and I saw veer went angrily -kabir

Sanchi broke the hugg. Sanchi gets hesitate to speak. Kabir saw that and asked her if she doesn’t want to share it’s alright. He was leaving when sanchi calls his name as kabir. Kabir smiles listening to it and he turned back. Kabir went near her and gave his hanky to her. Sanchi takes it and wiped her tears.

Sanchi – kabir I’m not Sanchi agarwal

Kabir gets big shock.

Kabir -who r u

Sanchi told him everything. Kabir was speeehless whom to believe his love or malhotra. He tried to explain her that malhotra couldn’t do this. Sanchi told him that she knows he won’t believe it veer too didn’t believe it. How can she expect kabir to believe it.

Kabir gets thinking and he rembered sanchi rejection application. He rembered when he saw that sanchi got higest mark. He directly went to malhotra. He told malhotra by mistake u rejected an intelligent intern. Malhotra was tensed and he changed the topic. Kabir again asked him when malhotra gets phone call and went. Kabir puts file back to his cabin.

Sanchi was leaving when Kabir asked her to stop. He told her that he will help her to punish Malhotra and to bring veer for her.

U know kabir it hurts alot when u love someone and he will leave u. It really hurts alot when u lost someone whom u love -sanchi

Mujhse bethar koi nhi janta -kabir

Sanchi – y u want to help me .

Kabir – i want to help u not because I love u but because kabir kapoor always supports truth. I will get veer for u. I knw it will be tough for me but wat to do. Ur happiness is mine.

Sanchi – y u love me so much

Kabir – pyar mein condition nhi hota hai ki tum jis se pyar aur woh hamse pyar kare.

Sanchi -u didn’t give me answer.

Kabir changed the topic and asked her to go back to hostel. Sanchi goes back to hostel. She cries hugging prasha. Isha asked her not worry because kabir is there for u.

In sdch

In the morning sanchi cums and saw veer.She went near him and veer ignored her and left. Tears flows from her eyes when kabir cums. Sanchi wipes her tears and both greeted eachother.

Kabir asked sanchi that she will assist him. Sanchi nodded and went to change. Sanchi was going when ria stands infront of her.

Welcome sanchi agarwal oh sorry Sanchi mishra -ria

Sanchi gets shocked. Ria was about to slap her when kabir holds her hands. Malhotra brings police with him. He asked them to arrest sanchi. Police arrested sanchi. They were taking her when lawyer cums with bail papers. Malhotra gets shocked. Lawyer asked police to release sanchi as she got bailed. Police asked him before arresting how can she can get bailed. Lawyer smiles seeing kabir. Sanchi understands it was kabir. Police releases sanchi and went.

Malhotra looks at sanchi angrily. He declared that sanchi’s doctor lincense will be cancelled and she is resticated. Sanchi was leaving when Kabir stops her and gave his resignation letter to malhotra. Malhotra tried to stopped Kabir but in vain Kabir went with sanchi holding her hands. Veer and ria gets jealous.

After five months kanchi got proofs against malhotra and day by day they were cuming closer . Malhotra and adash got punished for their deeds. Sanchi was calling Kabir. His phone was switchoff.

Sanchi was trying again when someone hugged her. She feels uncomfortable. She pushes him and saw veer. Veer gets on his kneels and asks her forgiveness. Sanchi forgives him. Veer gets happy.

Savitri asked sanchi hands for veer from Jaya. Jaya agreeds. Otherside sanchi again trying to call kabir. She gets restless.

Just then kusum cums and hugged her.She congratulate her. Sanchi was clueless. Kusum told her that she is happy for her and veer. Sanchi asks her for wat. Kusum told her that savitri called me and told that they have fixed their wedding. Sanchi gets shocked.

Sanchi asks about kabir .Kusum gets speehless. Sanchi again asks her. Kusum was leaving when sanchi holds her hands and again asked for Kabir.

Kusum cries

Sanchi -aunty tell me where is Kabir .I’m trying his phone .he is not picking it.

Kusum -he will never pick ur call

Sanchi -y

Kusum – Today is his marriage

Sanchi gets shocked. Her r widen.

Sanchi – kisse

Kusum -Ria se

Sanchi again gets double shock.

Sanchi -kab Kabir is marrying riiiiiia y

Kusum – Kabir got proofs with the help of ria. Ria put condition that she will help u guys when he will marry her. Kabir agreed for u and ur happiness. He promised u that he will bring veer for u. My son fulfilled ur wish by destroying his life. Bye take care sanchi.

Sanchi recalls all her moments with Kabir. She sits crying.

In the temple kabir cries recalling sanchi his love for her. Her love for veer. ria cums and huggs him from behind. Kabir moves apart. Kabir saw her holding ghungat. Kabir asked her wat is this. Ria told him that she wants to marry him with all ritual.She asked him to make her wear and Kabir makes her wear it.

Pandit asked them to sit. Pandit checked and saw nuptial chain missing. Ria goes to bring it from car. After some she brings it and sits with Kabir.

Pandit starts hyms and asked them to take seven vows. Both stood up and takes seven vows. Kabir make her wear nuptial chain and fills her hairline without looking at her. Pandit declared that u r husband and wife now.

Both left to kappor Mantion. Kusum does ria grahapravesh and she took her to Kabir room. After sometime Kabir went to his room and saw her sitting on bed. Kabir told her that he will never able to love her and never give his wife place to her because he loves Sanchi. He married her for sake sanchi happiness.

Kabir stands near window side when ria cums and huggs him. Kabir feels something and he lifts gungat .He gets to shocked to see sanchi instead of ria. Kabir pinches himself. Sanchi smiles at him.

Kabir – wat r u doing here

Sanchi -playing football

Kabir -wat nonsenses .Wat r u doing here

Sanchi -when kusum maa told me that u r marrying ria. I couldn’t digest that and I went to veer and told him that I loved him but not now. I love someone and want to spend all my life with him. Veer understood

Kabir -whom do you love

Sanchi slapped him and said u. Kabir touches his cheek. Sanchi kissed him. They have a passionate kiss after sometime they move apart. Kabir asked her where is ria. Sanchi told him that she was cuming to stop marriage and she saw ria cuming from otherside. She slowly picked a stick and banged her head. She faint and sanchi exchanged clothes and came to temple and married him. Kabir ask where is she now. Sanchi told him that she called prasha and they took her to sdch. And prasha told maa that I married u. So she has done my grahapravesh.

Kabir gets impressed. Sanchi was leaving when Kabir hold her pulled her close and puts his lips on her. They have another passionate kiss.

The End

So this was my last and boring os. If Anything wrong forgive me. Im leaving ff .Good bye guys thanks for supporting me till Ae dil hai muskhil to this.
U guys r such a wonderful person .Luv u guys.

Acha chalti hoon dua mein yaad rakna. GUD BYE.


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  1. Riru

    Yaar epi was awesome bt pls don’t leave writting we all luv u a lot dear pls .

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    Wow Ashnita….. This OS was amazing …. Really loved it??

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    What the hell is this ashu. I know u r not well but how could u leave. No ashu pls don’t do this. U can take as much time u want 1 week or 2 but pls don’t leave us in between. Trisha. ..abhilasha. ….Kylie. …..Jessica have already left us in between. But pls now u don’t do. Why day by day our kaanchi family is decreasing. Whenever I used to open tu I was damn sure ur articles must be there. But a ashu pls don’t leave us. It’s a humble request from ur small sister. And if won’t listen me then it’s not a request it’s an order for u .now coming to the os. … was superb just like u. It was super duper hit os. U always rock with ur articles.
    Pls don’t dare to leave. Luv u always. Take care till u return. Will wait for ur next article. Ashu pls don’t leave. …….ab ff hi to sahara h …….show se to umeed hat chuki h. ….ab sirf tu ka sahara h to pls ise to mat choro. …..pls pls pls don’t leave.

  4. hey awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee os dear ashnita but why r u leaving pl. continue writing dear and get well soon

  5. Aafiya

    It was toooooooooooo good and awesome.. I hope even the sdch goes according to Kanchi fans…..

    1. Aafiya

      And please don’t leave in between……

  6. you can’t do this yaar
    after you recover fully you must continue all your ffs yaar
    we will wait for that day
    but don’t say that you are leaving this
    plzz dear
    and os is splendid as usual

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    AMAAAAAAAAAAZING………..BEST OF THE BESTEST OS I’VE READ TILL DATE………..SPLENDID……..BEYOND WORDS…………fantastic, ravishing……etc.etc……….I can just hope ki SDCH track could change into something like u wrote in ur OS…………NOW…….what’s this!!!!!!!!……….why r u leaving?????? of course, we’re also irritated with RS…..but that doesn’t mean, hum kaanchi waale would stop writing…….show nahi toh ff hi sahi…..atleast here we can get our kanchi together…….& dear……..u can post ur update when u r fine…….but sweety…….TUSSI NAA JAAO…………plz……..I can’t imagine TU without ur articles………plz yaar……I don’t know, but I’ll keep waiting for ur article & open TU page with the hope of reading ur updates…..(remember Karan Arjun scene….mere karan arjun aayenge…….something like that)………..luv u a lot Shona………gud nt………tc……….& come back soon………

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