Mohabbatein -Arshi,Payash,Navanya,VeeBa TS Part 2

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On Valentine’s day Arnav proposed Khushi giving her a leaf.It was written on the leaf:Khushi,will you marry me?

She kissed the leaf and embraced him nodding her head.

After college got over Arnav talked to her dad Shashi about their marriage.He insulted him.
S:Don’t think I will get my daughter married to a poor orphan like you.I have already chosen a millionaire for her.
ArnavKhushi were shocked.
K:Dad…I will marry only Arnav.
S:If so,don’t think you can ever see your dad.

Khushi-Arnav were shocked.
Khushi burst into tears.
Arn:Khushi,don’t cry.You choose your dad.Because of me you should not lose your dad.

Arnav left from there and Khushi cried helplessly.
But Khushi did an unexpected thing.She jumped off a cliff.Her dad fainted reading her note:
Dad,I love you and Arnav equally. can’t live without one of you.So I’m ending my life.
Knowing this Arnav screamed loudly:Khushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Akash,Druv and NK wept listening to Arnav and Khushi’s tragic love story.Tars rolled down Arnav’s cheeks.
Arn:If I had fought for my love and not left Khushi,she would have been in this world.I would not have lost Khushi.You guys are doing the mistake I did years back.Please don’t repeat my mistake.

All the 3 boys looked at each other.Then they held their hands together with determination.Arnav smiled.

Lavanya and Deepika were walking together.A boy came with 2 leaves.
Boy:Those brothers told me to give these to you both.
They saw Nk and Druv at a distance.They received the leaves.
Lavanya read the words written on the leaf by NK.
“I know you hate me because I am not rich.But trust me.My heart is rich.It’s full of love for you”.
Lavanya’s eyes got filled up with tears.
Deepika read the leaf.

“Deepika …for you I am just a friend.But I can’t lie to you.For me,you are my beloved.I love you.But I will never force you to love me.But I can’t hide my love for you”.
Deepika couldn’t believe it.
Lavanya and Deepika ran towards NK and Druv.
Lavanya looked at NK emotionally.

Chalte Chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main,
Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main,
Kahte Kahte hi chup ho jaata hoon main.
La:NK,do you know one thing?That day I broke your heart.But that was just a drama.I also love you.
NK couldn’t believe his ears:La?
La:My family is in a pathetic condition because of love.So I was scared to accept your love.That’s why I pretended to hate you.

But I can’t ignore your love anymore.I love you that much NK.
NK’s happiness had no bounds and he carried her in his arms.

Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai
Deepika stared at Druv.He was tensed.

D:When Karan broke my heart your heart pained more than mine.You struggled hard to make me smile.That time itself I realized that you love me.
Druv was shocked.

Chalte Chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main,
Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main,
Kahte Kahte hi chup ho jaata hoon main.

D:Since then I was waiting for you to confess your love.Because your love made me fall for you.

He was surprised:Dipz…

Both of them held each other smiling.DRuv carried her in his arms and they shared a romantic eye lock.

Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai.
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai.

Subhadra was shocked to see Akash at the verandah.
She got angry:How did you get the courage to come here again?Get out.
Arnav came from behind.
A:This time Akash is not alone.So don’t think you can insult him.
S:Who are you?
A:I’m Alash’s Prof.Arnav Singh Raizada.
S:Why have you both come?
Akash:To take Payal with me.

S:How dare you?
Ak:What wrong did I say?Payal is not anyone’s wife now.She is a widow.
S:Yes,she is a widow.Widows have no right to remarry.
Arnav:Why not Subhadraji?Payal’s husband died even before they lived together,Still she has to live a lonely life through out?She has to live a colourless life?

S:Payal is not leading a colourless life.Thouh she is a widow I never made her wear white clothes.
Arn:Payal got married when she was just 18.From then she has been looking after you.Still you have no feelings for her?Still you want her to suffer through out?How can you be so selfish?Have you ever thought how her life would be after some years?She will be alone completely.Think properly if you have a heart.
Subhadra was numb.Akash-Arnav left.

Subhadra saw Payal crying behind the curtain.She felt sad.The whole night she thought of Arnav’s words.

The next day Subhadra went to Payal.
S:Payal…you go to Akash and tell him that you also love him.
Payal couldn’t believe it:Dadi…
S:I’m telling you this from my heart.Go.
Payal hugged her crying.Subhadra also wept.
Payal ran into Akash’s arms.
P:I have come to you Akash.I am yours.
Akash held her emotionally.

Tumpe marte hain kyon, hum nahin jaante.
Aisa karte hain kyon, hum nahin jaante.
Band galiyon se chup chup ke, hum guzarne lage.
Saari duniya se rah rah kar, hum to darne lage.
Hai ye kya karne lage.
Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai.
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai(Mohabbatein).

Seeing them together Arnav was very happy.Arnav imagined Khushi holding his hand and smiling:
Congrats Arnav.You won in uniting all the lovers.
A:It’s because you are my strength Khushi.
They smiled at each other.

Arnav kept a party for all the pairs.They all danced and enjoyed.
O ho ho ho ho o ho ho ho ho ho ho ho o o o

Mm mm mm mm mm mm……….

Pairon mein bandhan hai

Pairon mein bandhan hai, paayal ne machaaya shor – (2)

Sab darwaaje kar lo band -2 dekho aaye, aaye chor

Arnav was surprised to see his imaginary Khushi near him.
K:Shall we dance Arnav?

Arnav smiled.
Arnav imagined dancing with Khushi.

Pairon mein bandhan hai
Tod de saare bandhan tu

Tod de saare bandhan tu, machane de paayal ka shor – (2)

Dil ke sab darwaaje khol -2, dekho aaye, aaye chor

Pairon mein bandhan hai(MoHABBATEIN).

Lavanya saw Arnav’s purse falling down from his pocket.She took it from the floor to give it to him.A photograph slipped from the purse.It was Arnav’s and Khushi’s photograph.

Lavanya was shocked.

Lavanya said something to NK,Druv,Akash,Payal and Deepika.

They were shocked.

Druv Deepika are Vishal Digangana/Baldev Veera from Veera

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  1. Nice plot… I think khushi is alive.. I want to see them together… arnav behave like a matured person.. I love his character.. at last all pairs Are happy with each other…love your episode..

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      thanku so much jo.missed ur comment on part1

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    NK-La, Akash-Payal and Dhruv-Deepika scenes are emotionally romantic. Waiting for khushi to enter. Hats off to rnav for giving courage to lovers to reunite.

  3. Super duper dear and wat was the shocking news?waiting….

  4. Piyali

    Amazing epi dear , I am loving the way you selected all songs of Mohobbatein for this Ts…..I loved the confession note of Nk the most , even Dhruv’s note was beutiful….I am enjoying reading on VeeBa for the first time……..Payash was the best , I loved their story , now the twist came , our Khushi is alive , yippe…………..the way she loves Arnav is great , I am waiting for her entry and to know how her entry takes place……….update next one soon , I am really excited after your cliff hanger in the end…….Lovr you………..BE HAPPY………

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