Mohabbatein -Arshi,Payash,Navanya,VeeBa TS Part 1

Mohabbatein Part 1
I dedicate this to Sydell as she wanted a college story n Arshi,Payash and Navanya.This is my version of the movie Mohabbatein with lots of changes.I wanted Aishwarya to be alive in Mohabbatein.So in this story Khushi will not be killed.

Prof.Arnav Singh Raizada was a man of love.He taught Shakespearen love stories in his college.While narrating love stories to his students as back ground music he played either guitar or violin .It created a melodious romantic atmosphere in college.

He encouraged his students to fall in loe.He was close to his students who were in love.
Arnav saw his student Akash with his luggages.
A:Akash,why are you carrying your luggages?
Ak:I am leaving the college Sir.
Arnav was shocked.
NK:Not only Akash,I’m also leaving Sir.
Druv:Me too.
Arnav was again shocked.
A:Then what about Payal,Lavanya and Deepika?Tell guys.How can you all leave your beloved and go?Was your love that silly?
Their eyes were full of tears.
A:Akash,why did you decide to forget Payal?Because she is a widow?

Flash back…
Akash always met Payal in the near by temple.He was pleased by her helping nature.He saw how she helped the beggars who found solace in the temple.He made friends with Payal.Slowly he realized his love for her.Once he opened his heart before her.
Ak:Payal…I think I’m in love with you.
Payal was shocked.Her eyes got welled up with tears.
P:You don’t know anything about me.Then how can you fall in love with me?
Ak:Love doesn’t happen with full knowledge.My love for you is also like that.

P:Don’t love me blindly Akash.Do you know?I am a widow.On my wedding night itself on the way home we met with an accident and he died on the spot.I don’t know why God left me alive.Now tell me..can you love me like before?
She tried to walk off.But Akash held her hand.
Ak:Yes,still I love you.You don’t know why God left you alive?God made you live for me.You are mine Payal.
She was stunned.
Ak:I know you also love me.I can see that in your eyes.
She ran away crying.

Akash went to Payal’s husband’s house and expressed his desire to marry Payal.Her husband’s dadi Subhadra was shocked.She stared at Payal.
S:Payal…do you also love Akash?
She kept silent.Subhadra slapped Payal.
Akash was shocked.
S:Are you not ashamed to fall in love being a widow?

S:In our family widows do not remarry.If you come back again remember..Payal will suffer.So get out.
Akash was shattered and left from there.


Akash cried:I don’t want Payal to suffer because of me.Because I love her that much.So I have to leave.

Flash back….

At the Valentine’s party conducted by Arnav for the lovers NK-Lavanya and Druv-Deepika danced.

Aankhein khuli ho yaan ho band
Deedaar unaka hota hai Kaise kahoon main o yaara,
yeh pyaar kaise hota hai
Tu ru ru ru ru ru tu ru ru ru….
Aankhein khuli ho yaan ho band, deedaar unaka hota hai – (2)
Kaise kahoon main o yaara,
yeh pyaar kaise hota hai Tu ru ru ru ru ru tu ru ru ru….
Aankhein khuli ho yaan ho band, deedaar unaka hota hai
Kaise kahoon main o yaara, yeh pyaar kaise hota hai Tu ru ru ru ru ru tu ru ru ru….(Mohabbatein).

After the dance NK confessed his love to Lavanya:I love you La.

Lavanya slapped him.
L:How dare you?Do you know how rich I am?How can a middle class guy like you think of making me your girl friend?
NK was broken down.

NK:La hates me.If I continue in this college she will never get peace of mind.So I need to leave.

Arnav looked at Druv.

Arn:Druv….Deepika is your best friend.Then why are you also leaving?Is it because she used to love Karan before?But they broke up.

Flash back…

Druv was shattered to see Deepika with Karan.

But being her best friend he supported their love.Once he saw Deepika heart broken.She cried in his arms.
D:What happened Dipz?
Deepika:Karan was cheating me.I caught him red handed with another girl.
Druv was shocked.
Deepika was crying and crying.
Druv went and hit Karan like anything.He stood by Deepika and supported her through out.


Druv:Dipz considers me only as her friend.But I can’t Pretend to be just a friend anymore.I can’t cheat her anymore.

Arnav felt his Khushi’s presence near him.She was in a red saree.
K:Don’t let them fail in love.Only you can help them.

They shared an emotional eye lock.Suddenly Khushi disappeared.

A:How can you all accept defeat so fast?Instead you all have to fight for your love.Otherwise you all will regret and live a sad bachelor’s life forever like me.
All the 3 biys stared at Arnav.
Arnav looked very upset.

A:I was a former student of this college.My happiness was my Khushi.
I loved each and every moment I spent with her.

My love was my Khushi.
We used to sit together in our class.We romanced secretly when the teacher was taking class.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Druv and Deepika are played by Vishal n Digangana(Baldev and Veera from Veera)

  2. Krkavita1

    NK, Akash & Dhruv are leaving college because they are not able to get their lady love. nice to see Arnav encouraging them. Waiting 4 Khushi.

  3. Wow interesting dear

  4. Piyali

    amazing start Jasmine , I never watched mohobbatein film completely but It was an amazing film and recreating it is a great option of your……I loved the start and Arnabs character as well , hate Payal’s grandmom , acha it is getting difficult to think her as a bechari now??? what to do?? Yaar when love turns dark left a great impact on me………leave it , Ii loved the way you included veeba in it , I love them both , even Nk -Lavanya story is good but I am waiting for ArShi story………..Post the next part soon , Love you…….be happy…….

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