Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 36



At night,
Khushi in her room thinks about Arnav and Arnav in his room thinks about Khushi
Arnav(to himself):She has made me mad in her unconditional love..I dont know how I am going to wait till marriage
Anjali:Aapko shaadi tak intezaar nahi karni padegi.Aaj dekhne ka ek chance de rehe hai hum (you dont have to wait till marriage.We will give u Chance to meet her today.)
Arnav smiles
Ankz:We have planned a secret date for you people at our backyard garden…Ishu will call Khushi now and she will be here soon….Chote get ready in this suit (handsover a parcel)

Ishu:Khushi I am going to meet Kabir are you coming?
Ishu:Get ready

Khushita reach Raizada mansion,
Arnav eagerly waits for Khushi…As Khushi enters the mansion…Arnav’s heart beats faster

Anjali to Khushi:We have organised a date for you people
Khushi:you people?
Kabir:Duffer…u and Arnav
Khushi blush
Ishu:Go and get ready in this dress (handsover a parcel)

Khushi gets ready in a beautiful white gown…..Arnav was waiting for her in a black suit and white shirt inside.Khushi goes to backyard and gets dumbstruck seeing Arnav-so dashing,handsome and perfect for her…Arnav also gets mesmerized seeing Khushi-so beautiful,elegant and gorgeous…………..

Arnav holds Khushi’s hand and makes her sit.Khushi smiles

Khushi:I Loved the surprise
Arnav:Intelligent people behind it
Khushi:So you are not ah?
Arnav:Ohh…madam is in full form ah?
Khushi:Leave all that…I want to get married soon
Arnav:Why so soon?
Khushi:To be yours forever!
Arnav:So you are not mine now?
Khushi:Ofcourse I am yours but after marriage double ok
Arnav:Ohh…Come on let’s eat this
Khushi gets happy to see pani puri and mysore pak!
Khushi:Wow I just love these
She finishes it all like a kid.Arnav admires her…After finishing Khushi realise nothing is left for Arnav
Khushi:Arnav ji…I finished this…Now what will u eat
Arnav:If your tummy is full mine is also full
Arnav:Sh…Nothing I am ok!

Khushi drags Arnav and dance as she hears a song…namak ishq ka plays (omkara)…Khushi enjoy a lot…They take selfies and have fun!

Inside house,
Anjali and Ankz felt sleepy and went to their rooms…Kabitha and Aman were there…Aman sleeps off after sometime
Kabir:I dont know what to speak
Ishu smiles
Kabir:u have a beautiful smile
Ishu:Thank you
Kabir:Sorry madam friendship ka ek husoor hai No sorry No Thank you (Sorry madam there is a rule for friendship…No sorry No thank you)
Ishu:Am I just a friend?

Kabir pulling her closer
Kabir:You are more than what you are thinking to me!
Kabir:Tum mere liye sabse upar ho aur mere liye apni maa ke saman ho (U are above all the people.And you are equal to my mom)
Ishu:Why equal to mom?

Kabir:I love her more than anything in the world
Ishu:You are really weird (hits him peacefully)
Kabir laughs
Ishu: I have never noticed you before your official proposal
Kabir: u have not noticed the handsome Kabir Ray?
Kabir:Mujhe dekhne keliye ladkiyan marti thi aur tum keh rahi ho ki tumne notice hi nahi kiya hai (girls die to see me and here you are saying u havent noticed me before?)
Ishu:Oh…Self praising is not good ok
Kabir:Its a fact
Ishu:Very funny…I shouldn’t have told that

Kabir pulls Ishu more closer
Kabir:After noticing ,what do you feel?
Ishu(moving closer):I…ah…Feel….ah…(moves closer)…….u are really handsome and just perfect for me (bites her lips)
Kabir:Coochie coochie koo (hugs her)
She laughs
Both hug each other…Rang dey plays

Next day morning,
Haldi ceremony preparations are going on
Arnav to Nani: Will Khushi come here?
Nani:Badmaash! No she will do it on her house and you here
Arnav nods sadly…Nani smiles
Aman:Nani….My family is coming to meet you all today
Nani:After marriage only I will leave them ok?
Aman smiles and looks at Anjali
Anjali gives him flying kiss…Ankz see that and smiles. She turns and see Karan behind her so close…She blush…He holds her hand and takes her to room for getting ready for haldi….Arbir miss Khushita seeing Amjali and Karankita romancing.

Khushi’s house,
Ishu:Yaar Khushi!
Khushi who was lost in Arnav’s thought doesnt respond
Khushi jerks
Khushi:Yah tell
Ishu:I miss them!
Khushi:Me too
Ishu:Your mom is not letting me also out
Khushi:Its good atleast I will not be sad that i cant meet him
Ishu:You fool….
Khushi laughs both hug eachother
Ishu:I will miss you once you get married
Khushi:Mein todi na tumhe chodne wali hoon (I am not gonna leave you)
Ishu smiles with happy tears

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  1. Jasminerahul

    arshi secret was so romantic n sweet.kabitha moments were also romantic.anjali aman flying kiss was again romantic.khushitha scene was lovely.hope they will always be friends like now

    1. Veronica

      Thank you jasmine rahul

  2. Single scene is super

    1. Veronica

      Thank you vavachi

  3. Nice story Vero.

    Enjoy reading but laughing at the part where Arnav dream and fall in love. Ishu and Kabir is much funny after starting romance and even Arnav and Kushi.

    1. Veronica

      Thank you parichary

  4. Sravs

    so nice vero………arnav in black and white aww………………….so nice to imagine him in thats suit and khushi in white aww…………………………so nice…………..kabitha scences are awesome……………….continue

    1. Veronica

      Thnx yaar,sravs

  5. Kumud

    Awesome vero

    1. Veronica

      Thank u kumud

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