Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 35



‘Mehndi laga ke rakhna doli sajake rakhna’ plays

Mehendi is being applied in Khushi’s hands on her house.Arnav is not letting anybody to apply a lil mehendi in his hands.Khushita along with her parents reach Arnav’s house…Arnav gets mesmerized seeing Khushi in traditional lehenga-Red and blue.Kabir who was decorating the hall saw Ishu in a beautiful lehenga and is dumbstruck……Rang dey plays!
Kabir moves closer to her and flowers in his hand falls on Ishu as he slips….He admires her as she blush seeing him looking at her lovingly..!
Kiya looks on.
Kiya(to herself):I cant see him being hers…I will have to do something…I have come here as Kiya instead of preet only to take revenge so that they doesnt doubt me.

Kiya:Kabir sir
Kabir turns:Yes…
Kiya:I need that basket which is in your hand
Kabir gives her.Ishu moves to Kabir and he holds her side ways this irks Kiya
Ishu:You got the baske right go now!
Kiya(suppressing her anger):Yes mam!
Kabir:U look soo beautiful today.
Ishu:Aww thank you….Meet me tomorrow we will select matching dress for marriage
Kabir shows his thumbs

Meanwhile Arshi,
Arnav:Aaj mere saath tume naachna padega (U will have to dance with me today)
Khushi:I dont care!Take care of your to be wife
Arnav:Yah..She is not possessive types
Khushi:You dont know her she is very possessive and has a rani lakshmi bhai side also
Arnav takes his phone and starts calling someone and says dont come..he calls 4 times
Khushi:What are u doing?
Arnav:I was asking my ex girlfriends not to come.
Khushi:How rude
and heads to beat him…
He holds her hand and the mehendi gets applied in to his hand
Khushi:My mehendi
Arnav:Its in my hand now
Khushi:Leave me let me go!
Arnav holds her from behind and ties the lace of her blouse…Khushi blush…He kiss on her cheeks..She push him with her elbow and runs out
Arnav calls Khushi!

Mehendi is applied in all hands and all are happy
Kabir takes Ishu along with him to his room,
Kabir:Show me your mehendi
Kabir:To look for my name
Ishu:Ok (she shows her hand)
He sees KI in the centre and gets happy
Kabir:Wow my name and your name together!
Ishu smiles looking at him
Ishu:I love you
Kabitha share a bone crushing hug

After sometime,

Nani:Sangeet shuru kijiye (let’s start sangeet)

Anjali starts with ‘bole chudiya bole kangana’ and others join her….!
All dance happily

A room is shown and Kiya is shown

Kiya: I will not leave you Ishita for taking Kabir away from me…I will show you who I am and will not let you live in peace.

Shyam enter
Shyam:What are you up to?
Kiya turn and is shocked
Kiya:Who are you to question me?
Shyam:Your brother preet!
Kiya is again shocked
Kiya:I need him and I cant let him be hers forever
Shyam:U are mad….!
Kiya:Don’t dare say abt this to anyone i will harm ankz di and her unborn child
Shyam stands there helplessly

In the hall,
Nani:Now its time for couple performance
Karankita dance slowly on piano version of kal ho na ho
Amjali dance on the song Ishq bulave
Kabitha dance sensually on Teri meri
And Atlast Arshi enter from two side and dance on the song tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam!

The girls then shake their legs on the song Tooh (Gori tere pyaar mein)
The boys accepting girls challenge dance on desi boys song….!
All have masti time together

Shyam looks at them sadly nd leaves the house.

After dance,
Nani:From today both of you cant meet…!
Arshi wide open their mouth and others laugh

*Guys I am soo sorry for such boring epi’s and short epis. Actually I am stopping this ff by my 40th epi as I feel I am dragging it.I am not stopping because of less support or something it’s only because I dont want to drag and make u ppl bored.Will start a new ff after a break guys.

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  1. Ishita Super and cute arshi

    1. Veronica

      Thank you vavachi

  2. Arshi

    Wowow soo sweeeet….. and it no at al boring….

    And a question… is real arnav also di this ?????? Wowow… how cute….

    Welll . If u end this… dont tak a longbreak… cme soon with another one ok??

    1. Veronica

      Real Arnav was hesitant to put on mehendi like girls…Thats it and my last two episodes are about the real characters! Thank you soo much di and will surely start the next one ASAP

  3. Kumud

    Really cute Vero but sad u are ending it soon

    1. Veronica

      Thank you Kumud

  4. Sravs

    nice one dear…………why are you ending this and this was not boring yaar but if you end then start the next one immediately……….waiting for next episode…………….

  5. Sravs

    nice one dear…………why are you ending this and this was not boring yaar but if you end then start the next one immediately……….waiting for next episode…………….update it fastly

    1. Veronica

      Sorry yaar…I cant drag the story and make u ppl bored….And thank you..will surely start a new one soon

  6. Superb one dr…??
    But u r gng to end by 5 episodes… That’s really sad dr…?

    1. Veronica

      Thank u KV…And sorry dear

  7. What is going on with Kiya and Preet mind?
    Kabir loves Ishu more. Kiya want to harm Ankita and her baby.
    Karan will not leave Ankita unprotection. Karan always stay with Ankita.
    Why is Shyam leave Kiya to dangerous things to hurt innocent. Kiya should know that Kabir want Ishu not her. Hope that someone should save Ankita, Ishu and unborn baby from Kiya.

    1. Veronica

      No worries dear…Will expose Kiya soon

  8. Jasminerahul

    Kabitha flower scene was so romantic.but this stupid kiya is going 2 separate them.she even threatened shyam so he left from there helplessly.hope shyam does something.Is Kiya a real character or ur imaginary character?Kabitha Arshi mehendi scenes were so romantic.Anjali dancing on bol chudiya was so nice.wish Aman had danced with her.Song selec 4 all the couples 4 dance was superb.4 a change its Kabitha who danced on teri meri not Arshi .
    it was’nt boring at was one of d best episodes of this FF

    1. Veronica

      Thank you jasmine.dea…..Will tell about Kiya in my last epi

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