Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 33



The epi starts with Kabitha fighting.Nani see that and keeps her hand on head

Nani welcomes pandit ji
Nani: pandit ji…Shaadi keliye shub muhurat nikaliye (fix a good date for marriage)
Pandit:After 2 weeks its a good date for the marriage
Nani nods
All sit in table for breakfast,
Nani:I know all are sad about proposal being denied. But dont worry we will find next for my Anjali (she caress anjali)
Kabir controls his laughter after whatever happened yday in Arnav’s room…..But after seeing Ishu staring at him his face becomes sad.

Ankz who doesn’t know anything suggests something mindblowing guess what?
Ankz:Nani what about Aman ji for Anjali di?
Arshi,Kabitha and Amjali face lighten up
Nani:Yah…that is a good one Aman are u ok
Ankz:So quick
Aman:I am getting a good wife na?
Ankz:Oh like that ah!
Anjali blush
Nani:I will talk with your parents
Aman:My mom is there in delhi…Dad is in dubai….u can talk to my sisters their agreement is only required for parents…especially my di’s and second sisters…younger one is just only in 9th.
Nani:How many sisters do u have?
Aman:only 3
Nani smiles
Karan:Guys…I have to make an announcement (looks at Nani)
Nani:Yah…I forgot
Karan:There will be a programme held today evening for the villagers Arshi marriage and Ankz delivery so for both a village function
Nani:Yah…And Kabitha arshi amjali should be here in time ok?
All:Yes nani

Arnav’s room,
Kabir and Ishu are sitting in opposite sides…Amjali are chatting.Arshi are also chatting but all notice Kabitha and are confused

Khushi:subah se dekh rahi hoon Ishu,Kabir kya hua? (I am watching from morning.Ishu,Kabir what happened?)
Ishu:Ask him
Kabir:I agree it was my mistake still y are u not talking to me?
Ishu turns her face and sits
Anjali:Will someone say
Kabir:I will say
Last night
Ishu was sleeping peacefully.Kabir came to meet her in the room.He wakes Ishu and both go to terrace Kiya follows them.
Ishu:Kabir! I am soo sleepy lets go
Kabir holds her hand and holds it close to his chest
Kabir:When I am not sleeping how can you sleep
Ishu:What!?….But I am soo sleepy
Kabir leaves her hand:U are really unromantic!
Ishu:I know right
Kabir:Holds her close to him locking her legs…Ishu widens her eyes….Kabir moves closer and kiss her…She widens her eye….! ?
Kabir:I am sorry but I felt like doing
Ishu blush and run to the other side…But Kabir moves to opposite side…He sees a lady standing there holding her hand like Ishu…He smiles naughtly and hugs her from behind and rest his head on her shoulder

Kabir:U became shy ah? Naughty girl

Ishu who doesnt see Kabir there goes to the other side and gets shocked to see Kabir holding Kiya

Kabir turns and get shocked..
Kabir:Ishu…I thought it was you
Ishu:No explanation
Kabir gets shocked to see Kiya there
Kabir:Ishu…I can explain
He runs to Ishu and holds her hand and says:Ishu I thought it was you and accidentally…Plz understand
Ishu:I need time Kabir…!
Kabir takes Ishu along with him holding her close which irks Kiya.
Fb ends

Arnav:Ishu just sort it out it was not something which he did intentionally right?
Ishu:I will need a lil more time Arnav
Khushi:Yes Arnav let her take some time
Kabir looks at Ishu with sad face…Ishu feels sad seeing Kabir like that she goes near him and sits beside him
Ishu:I dont want you to feel bad thats y just came here I know u havent done anything like that…..but I need time to erase whatever I saw there
Kabir nods

Its evening,
All arrangement for village party was done

All arrive in village attire

Nani announce the wedding date and about Ankz pregnancy etc all villagers bless the couple both Arshi and Karankita.
Villager 1 (V1):Let’s have some fun
Nani:Yah sure
‘chingam chabake plays’
Kabir,Aman and Arnav dance….when the female voice came Ishu,Anjali and Khushi join them…..!
On the last part only Kabitha and Amjali were seen…Ishu gets normal and Kabir lifts her in excitement!

On the otherside…When the song was about to finish Arnav took Khushi along with him.
Arnav pins Khushi to the wall
Arnav:Its been a while since I got u as my Khushi
Khushi:Kya kare humari shaadi jo fix hogayi (What to do my marriage is fixed right?)
Arnav:Whose that lucky fellow?
Arnav:Oh is he so handsome?(moves closer)
Khushi,(breathing heavily):Yes!
Arnav:does he love u?
Arnav again move closer and Khushi hugs him…He slightly kiss on her cheeks..she blush!
Khushi:Before marriage doing all this is a sin ok (smiles)
Arnav:Oh! But ASR is marrying you right not me so I can
Khushi:Yah…By the way your Khushi.Chopra will not say anything?
Arnav:who cares
Khushi hits him playfully
Arshi:We are too weird ah?
Rabba ve plays as both get lost in eachother!

*I know it was a boring epi but plz tolerate as I am busy with project works.

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  1. Kumud

    really nice love it

  2. Jasminerahul

    they r thinking of aman Anjali.all r so excited.Kabir kissed kiya thinking that its Ishita.Oh no…wish it was ishita.ishita needs time 2 4get it tho he knows that he didnt do it purposefully.village func with dance song.nice.gud thing is that ishu is nomal n kabir lifted her.arshi r so words 2 say

  3. Wonderful story.

  4. Sravs

    super dear……….so nice episode………….waiting for another one………

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