Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 32



Raizada mansion,
Karan:Ankz baby plz eat this fruits….atleast for the baby…
Ankz:Never Karan and dont u dare blackmail me with baby’s name
Karan makes pout face and sits in the chair
Ankz:Oh god Karan…Now dont behave like a kid
Karan: u only love your baby….Nowadays u dont value my words….u have no time for me….U dont care whether I had my food in correct time and all….right? I know after baby we will not get time to spend together and all…but before itself u have started
Ankz:I hate this thats why I am not eating
Karan:But u should eat it for ur and baby’s health.. Plz (he makes cute face)
Ankz:Ok last time ah!
Karan nods smiling and gives her the plate
Ankz:Feed me
Karan:Yah sure
Karan feeds Ankz…she eyes him lovingly…After Karan feeding her she hugs him and says thank you and kiss on his cheeks!

Karan:Wow return gift ah? Then daily I will feed you darling?
Ankz laughs
Ankz:Come we will go and get ready for pooja


All had assembled in the hall in traditional attire…Arshi were asked to sit together in the pooja.Preet(as preet itself) and shyam enter..All get shocked seeing her except Nani.
Kabir(to preet):Why are u here?
Preet:Kabir! Shyam is my czin brother so I should be here right!
Preet notice ring in Ishu’s hand…Ishu sees preet staring at her hand and hides it…Preet understand that Kabir has given her that and she gets angry
Preet nears Ishu…Kabir goes and stands in front of her
Preet:Cant I meet my friend?
Shyam:Whats happening sissy? U know them?
Preet:Yah…quite well
Anjali:We also know preet quite well (smiles)
Preet:Oh..Anjali babhi namaste!
Nani:Sit for pooja.

Shyam,preet and his family sits for pooja.Kabitha,Amjali,Karankita sit on the opposite side..Nani sat near Arshi in the centre.Shyam was staring at Anjali all the while when the pooja was going on.Aman was seeing it with a heavy heart.Preet was staring at Kabitha who were sitting close and holding hands.

Aman:Anjali ji.
Aman moves close to her.Shyam looks on
Aman:Can I get some water?
Anjali:Can u go alone bcoz nani might need me.
Aman:But..can u come with me
Anjali finally accepts
Amjali go to kitchen.Shyam looks on


Anjali gives Aman water….He smiles.
Aman:Anjali ji
Anjali:Ji boliye (say)
Aman:I love you
Anjali is shocked
Aman:I know its shocking but I really love you and I cant see u being somebody else’s……If U say NO I will leave this house tonight bcoz I cant see u with another person…..If U say you need time I will wait for u for till u say ur decision….If U say YES I will wait for u my whole life but dont marry Shyam….

Anjali:I need time…..No my answer is No
Aman:Can I know the reason?
Anjali:I cant go against Nani
Aman:Ask ur heart once
Anjali:I am sure it’s a NO
Aman holds her close to him
Aman:Look in to my eyes and say NO
Anjali:Leave me!
Aman leaves her and he goes out in rage.
Anjali(cries):Why is it always happening with me? I lost my mother in a young age and now I am losing my love….No Anjali u dont like…why will u like him….But why is my tears not stopping….Do I really love him? (She reminces abt their first meeting till the proposal)

Anjali wipes her tears and goes to the hall…The pooja was over bu that time…Her eyes search for Aman
‘I am still here’ a voice from behind.It was Aman.’I just went to attend my sisters call'(PS.Guys actually all aman’s pov was actually what my bro called me and said…)
Anjali turns to see the person but slips and falls in his arms…Both get lost in each other…Humnava plays….

Anjali straightens herself after hearing the sound of a plate falling…All these things were noticed by Shyam

Nani:Shyam beta and Anjali bitiye u people can talk…..then decide about the marriage!
Arnav:Di don’t say yes bcoz Nani likes him ok?
Anjali nods
Anjali takes Shyam to her room.

Inside room,
Anjali:Shyam ji plz sit here
Shyam:Thank you (he sits)
Anjali serves him coffee
Shyam:Anjali…Can I call u like that?
Shyam:Dekhiye, hum aapke upar kuch bhi force nahin kar rahe….Hume lagta hai ki aapko iss shaadi ko na kehna chahiye….Kyunki na hi aap interested hai na hi aapka dil…Hum NA kehlenge apni ghar mein par Aman ji se Na mat kahiye…sorry meine aap logo ki saari baat suna tha (Look,I am not forcing this marriage on u…..I think u should say no to this marriage….bcoz neither u are interested nor ur mind is ready to accept….I will say no to my family but dont say NO to Aman …sorry I heard whatever u ppl were talking.)
Anjali was dumbstruck
Shyam:No but vut….I am saying No and thats final…
Anjali feels happy
Anjali:Thank u soo much shyam ji…I am so happy today
Shyam:Before getting late say to Aman that u like him or else he will leave to delhi

In Arnav’s room
Ishu:Aman u are not leaving…!
Khushi: U will stay till our marriage
Arnav:Yah Khushi is right
Aman:Guys…my sisters are alone I have to leave
Arnav:Wait I will call them here
Aman:No need…they have their studies and all….And my di is looking after them all alone…Let di and jiju enjoy some time together!….Kabir can u just take my passport from your back…
Kabir doesn’t reply
Kabir:Dont dare take my name….u go anywhere u like but I am not going to talk to you anymore
Kabir:I know everything!
All looks at him surprised
Kabir:Whatever happened in kitchen
Arnav:What are u ppl talking abt?
Kabir:Aman likes Anjali
Khushita:Thats a good news
Khushi:Nobody can look after Anjali di like you.
Arnav:Dude!I am so happy (hugs Aman)
Aman:But she said NO
Arnav:Just leave it mahn….I will handle di
‘Handle karne ki baat hi nahi hai'(there is no need for handling)
Anjali:Hmm….Aman ji
A wide smile come in his face after hearing ji
Anjali:Aman ji (moves closer to Aman)….I…I…hate u idiot!
All laugh
Aman:But I love you
Anjali(laughs):I wasted lot of my tears…..
Aman laughs
Anjali:I love you!
Amjali hug
Arnav:Di….how can u just forget us? (Makes puppy face)
Anjali:All of u join
All join Amjali

Shyam says No to the marriage and Nani is upset

*I know there was no Arshi or Kabitha scenes.As Amjali scene is getting over here I thought of giving them the space and most of the things are my imagination the overall story line is only copied from real life…So it may sound quite unreal to all….Thank u for ur support.Hope it get updated in both yhm and ipkknd ek jashan page ?

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  1. Sravs

    oh wow!! vero so nice epi super…….no words to explain as there was no arshi scences but also i loved amanjali scences really…… nice………i want more n more arshi n kabitha scences………..more n more my arshi scences

  2. Kumud

    really vero love it

  3. Very interesting story Vero!!!!

  4. Jasminerahul

    Karan ankit scene was so caring karan is.Aman confessed his luv 2 was so passionate n emotional.slip n eye lock were romantic with d song.gud that knowing that shyam himself withdrew from d alliance.anjali too confessed her luv 2 aman.very romantic

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