Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 31


Anjali:But Nani so soon
Nani:His name is Shyam.Manohar.He is the only son of the great business man Mr.Manohar.Devraj..He will be perfect match for u
Nani:What but?
Arnav:Di are u happy?
Anjali:After meeting only I can say
Aman(to himself):Y do i feel a big stone on falling on me….Yes! I accept I love her…But…She….I cant leave her so easily!
Anjali(to herself):Y am I not happy….I wanted to get Married after chote and Ankz but now y am I not feeling good…Bhagwan! show me the right path.
Aman feels sad….
Nani:If anjali bitiya say yes then we can conduct both marriage together!
Aman goes back to his room, he lies down in bed reminces his times with Anjali
Fb,(As pov)
The first time I saw her on Ankz di’s marriage I was shocked as to how can a person be like this so down to earth…So loving…But I knew she wanted something more…No she deserved something more……I was falling in love with her more…..The first time she fell on my arms…I still remember how both of us were lost in ourselves…….(PS.It was in my 7th epi when Karan arrives and he takes Ishu to the garden for talking…When Anjali was going back to her room She slips and was abt to fall down but Aman holds her….both get lost in eachother)….The 2nd time I was completely lost in her when she wore that beautiful sari to temple and showed how humble and simple she can be….(PS.Tht was in my 11th epi when all went to temple and Aman was closely observing Anjali)…..All the time she says my name with ji my mind is dancing…..And when i said abt marriage preparations I meant mine and hers..I was saying tht in my mind (PS. It was in my 16th epi in which Aman.says this)…And when I was the reason for her falling unconscious….It was like somebody dragging me to hell I couldn’t even think about losing her.God! Give Anjali back to me
Pov over
Aman sleeps off with sad face…Kho gaye ghum ho gaya waqt se churaya tha jo (judaai) plays

On the other side Anjali in her room,

Anjali(to herself):Why am I not feeling happy? I was waiting for a perfect person for me…He is the perfect guy…But why cant I smile and blush like other girls seeing his photo…..Why is it like I cant enjoy the moment? Just like di did when jiju’s proposal came! Is it because I like somebody? But whom?…Aman? (She stands up shocked) what am I saying?…How can I?..No Anjali I will have to find happiness with him.

Anjali lies down and sleeps

Next day morning,
Nani wakes all the ppl
Nani:There will be a poojo held here for good life of Arshi…..Shyam will come…Anjali Bitiya be ready to meet him ok??
Anjali smiles fakely. Arnav notice that!
Arnav:Di! If u are not interested please say no right now
Anjali:Nani has decided….so it’s for my good only (smiles)
Anjali goes to kitchen to help nani and other servants.Khushi was coming down from her room yawning….Arnav see her coming like that and laughs.She slips and falls down from the stairs…Arnav and others laugh
Khushi sprains her leg but doesn’t say anyone…to avoid further embarrassment she slowly walks back to her room.
Khushi’s room,
Khushi:Yeh kadoos pooch nahi sakte ki are u fine? (Cant this fool ask whether I am fine)…leave it Khushi he was laughing with others…u dont expect anything from him laad governor kahinke! ?
Arnav:What the…Khushi!
Khushi:Doosron ki baate sun na bura hai (Its bad to hear somebody else’s talk)
Arnav:Kabhi kabhi na doosron ki baat sun lene chahiye kya pata kal woh doosra humare ho jaye (Its good to hear somebody else’s talks who knows if tht person becomes mine in future)
Khushi:Hum toh aap ki hai aur rahenge par aisa kisi aur ki baatein aage se nahin suniye (i am always yours…and from now dont hear anybody’s talks hereafter)
Arnav(laughs):Were u getting jealous?
Arnav:When I said if tht person becomes mine?
Khushi:Yes of course…if U hear somebody else talking and u decide something which will hurt me i cant find another groom easily right….afterall who marries a divorcee(winks)
Arnav:Khushi ki bachchi
Khushi stands up and before she could run Arnav holds her and turns her to him…Her leg aches and she falls down in bed with Arnav…Arnav on top of her….she breathes heavily….Arnav slowly moves nd kiss on her neck…she widens her eye but enjoys it….He tries to get intimate but Khushi stops him
Khushi:I am sorry but i cant!
Arnav:I am sorry too…without ur consent I…ah…I am sorry Khushi!
Khushi hugs him and says it’s alright
Both smile and go down

Kabitha are in a cafe,
Kabir:Ok so Ishita…What would u like to order
Ishu:let’s say together ok
Kabitha:Cold coffee!
Ishu:wow! We have soo many things in common right?
They give order

Ishu:This is my 1st date ever…I mean like a person soo close to me is dating me for the first time
Kabir:Mine this is not the 1st time…I have gone with preet once
Ishu:Yah! Whatever
Kabir winks
Ishu sees a boy and talks to him…Kabir feels jealous
Kabir(to himself ):She has come on date with me and look at my date!
Ishu comes back
Ishu:I am sorry…Ok so u were talking abt?
Kabir:Whose tht guy?
Ishu:Oh thats Purab
Ishu:He was my senior in school….he had a crush on me and he said to my bhai…My bhai first said will tell later….But later knowing about his past gf list he said NO!
Kabir:Ohk…then y did u talk with him?
Ishu:simply….y cant i?
Kabir:Now I am ur all in all….u cant talk to boy without my permission ok?
Ishu:How mean!….Dont dare try to control me ok Mr.Kabir.Ray…did I tell u something when u talk with girls? Don’t try to keep me under ur control ok?
Kabir:I am sorry I was just kidding
Kabir says something in.the waiters ear…The waiter nods
Kabir:I have ordered cold coffee and A vanilla chip mouse cake
Ishu talks abt the new movies released and to be released for which she is eagerly waiting etc till the cake arrived!

And finally.. The cake was here! Ishu excitedly takes a piece and eats…but she bites something like a stone….She takes it out and gets shocked to see a diamond ring
Ishu:But I got a ring from this cake….(suddenly something strikes her mind)…Kabir u?
Kabir nods
Ishu:Are u…(kabir interrupt)
Kabir kneels down:Yes I am gng to propose u idiot! I love you Ms.Ishita.Mathur…Will U be mine forever?
Ishu:Yes (with happy tears)…Will U be mine forever?
Kabir:Yes…Only yours forever
Ishu(with happy tears):U dont have any choice either
Kabir laughs
They hug eachother

*Hi people I am back.Hope u all enjoyed the date…I wanted to give Amajili the space…And dont forget to put on ur valuable comments and encourage the poor writer (just kidding)…I hope this get updated in both yhm and ipkknd page

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  1. Nivedha

    Wow Vero I am speechless at Amajili scenes… Pls pls unite them soon…
    Missed Karankita.. But Arshi rocked it..hats off Vero

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  2. Kumud

    really vero no comment to express ur ff anymore just speechless

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  3. Sravs

    wow!!!super i liked arshi part follwed by kabita and aaman and anjali’s feelings tooo……………lovely episode

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  4. Superb dr??
    Kabir proposing was awesome…Lovely dr?

  5. Nice story Vero.

    Enjoy reading.

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      Thank you parichary

  6. Jasminerahul

    aman’s anjali’s pov was described well.sad 4 them.but anjali is confused.hope nani unites them.kabita date n proposal was so cute.loved it.arshi scene was so passionate

    1. Veronica

      Thanks Jasmine Rahul

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