Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 30



Its evening all have gathered for tea…..
Ishu sits near Anjali and Kabir near Arnav and Khushi with Arnav in the middle

Kabir and Ishu smile looking at each other…Others were so involved in their talks.Kabir signs Ishu to come to terrace…She says yes…Kabir excuse himself and leave from there followed by Ishu…Others giggle.

Arshi were bored by the stupid talks abt the marriage etc etc
Anjali:Nani hum un logo ka honeymoon kaha kare? (Nani where will we do their honeymoon)
Aman: hum log kyun kare unlogo ko kudh decide karna hai na? (Y will we do they have to decide among themselves right?)
Ankz:Offo! Anyways my babyshower and their marriage will be together
Anjali:No……Their mrg will be before ur baby shower
Ankz:What!?…I thought my baby can enjoy the marriage…..
Karan:Now also she will
Ankz:What? not she it’s gonna be HE!

Karan:As u wish….But bhagwan aaj kal mere saath hai (But god is with me nowadays)
Nani:Yah tht we saw how soon he gave you trophy…..!
All laugh
Nani:I was just joking beta….I only have one son, who is a workaholic so i couldn’t have that fun….After Arnav also his mom had to shift to mumbai so I never had the fate to tease boys right… And Arnav is always obeying me u are the only one who behave like a friend so I think i hav the freedom to talk to u like that
Karan:Oh sure Nani…!
Arnav:Nani….ur lectures are impossible!
Khushi:Haa nani aap itna lecture kaise dete hai….talent ah! (How can u give this much lectures….Talent ah!)

Nani makes pout face others laugh

Ishu reach terrace and doesn’t find him there….She looks for him all around and comes back to the same position…She keeps her hands on hips suddenly a person from behind taps on her shoulder a wide smile appear on her face but unfortunately it turns out to be Kiya/Preet
Kiya:Maam….Kabir sir is engaged in some work
Ishu:How do u know?
Kiya:I saw him busy in his room with phone and laptop etc while coming here
Ishu(excitedly): He is there in the room?
Kiya(suppressing her anger):Yah!
Ishu:Thank you

Ishu runs to Kabir’s room
Kabir’s room,
Kabir:I am so sorry for making u wait….I got an imp call from office thts y
Ishu:Thts alright…y did u call me?
Kabir:Would u like to come on a date with me???
Ishu:Yah sure! And I want u to wear black and I will also wear black….And u have to pick me…..(She continues)
Kabir says shhh and pulls her closer…. Ishu blush but doesnt stop……and Kabir looks at Ishu who was excited and admires her….Rang dey plays!

All disperse from there after having some good time
Arshi were still there….Khushi was making the servants clean the area and helping them too…Arnav was lost in Khushi…She was wearing a blue top and long design skirt…Arnav admires Khushi who was busy and smiles.Khushi sees Arnav staring at her
Khushi:Dont say me u are lost in me!
Arnav:How did u understand?

Khushi: Kya bole! Hume toh sab ghoorte hai…Aisi beauty pehle nahin dekhi na isliye(What to say! Everybody stare at me.They haven’t seen such beauty before right)
Arnav:Agar koi aur dekha toh main uska mooh tod dunga (If someone else look at u…I will hit him on the face)
Khushi laughs at an Arnav who furiously stood up and said the dialogue.Arnav also joins her laughter…Khushi holds Arnav’s shoulder and laughs….Arnav holds her by waist and pins her to the wall….Khushi stops her laughter and her heart beats faster…Heyy heyy Rabba ve plays…Arshi get lost in each other

Kabitha who were coming down saw this and silently went and called others…Arshi were brought back to their senses by giggling sounds..Arshi feel shy
Anjali:Wow how romantic!
Aman:Ya true!
All looks at Aman wide opening their mouth

Aman closing Kabir’s mouth:What!?
Arnav:U talking abt romance??
Aman:Y cant i?
Arnav:Kabir!Are we with Aman.Khuranna who used to hate love stories and all is now saying
Aman:Any person can change their taste
Kabir(imitating Aman):mein aaj yeh vaada karta hoon ki mein kabhi pyaar nahin karoonga only flirting(winks)[I am promising that I will not fall in love and only flirting]

(PS.Aman during his college days had said to Arnav and Kabir these lines…Standing on a stage he said this but only Arbir were there)

Arnav:Yah….Aman.Khurrana u have anything to say
Aman:I will kill u ppl one day for sure
Aman runs behind Arbir…..Arnav hides behind Anjali….Aman gets lost in Anjali who was laughing at the site
Anjali:Chote!…Aap (U)
She again starts laughing
All:What happened?
Anjali:Chote ke……Cheeks par lipstick mark!
All then notice tht….
Arnav:What the…

Khushi blush
Suddenly Nani enter
Nani:Anjali bitiya!
Anjali:ji nani
Nani:Aap ke liye rishta aaya hai (A proposal has come for u)

Ankz:What a gr8 news…!

The epi ends with shock faces of Anjali and Aman….Others are happy hearing the news

*Hope u all liked the epi…I am soo sorry for the late update I am out of station…I will not be able to update for 3days…From Monday regular updates start

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Waiting 4 Kabitha date.Arshi scene was so romantic.karankita were cute.she wants her baby 2 attend d 4 anjali.def bad news 4 aman anjali.or is the guy Aman?Is Aman Harshad Arora?

    1. Veronica

      Will update soon thank u for,support

  2. Superb dr…
    Sry,I was in out of station for past few days….So that,I can’t read and comment….
    Really It was wonderful..??

    1. Veronica

      Thank u KV and dont be sry

  3. Fabulous story yaar.

    Please continue when you have time.

    1. Veronica

      Thanks yaar will update soon

  4. Sravs

    so nice vero……….i loved it……wanted next part soon………..

    1. Veronica

      Thank u sravs

  5. Kumud

    wow vero really nice

    1. Veronica

      Thank u kumud

  6. Nivedha

    Wowwww so cute yaar

    1. Veronica

      Tnx nivedha

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