Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 3



Recap: Kabir ,Arnav ,Ishu and Khushi meet eachother….

Next day,
Kabir:Ud ja saale(Get up idiot)
Arnav(sleepy):Di…leave me na….let me sleep
Kabir:Chote ud jaiye…..aapko yoga class keliye jaana hai na(Chote get up u hav to go to yoga classes right?)
Arnav(irritated):Kabir!Don’t call me chote
Kabir:So u knew it was me….then y this drama…DI!
Kabir:Get up…lets,start fresh with new yoga class…..
Arnav makes pout face as he hates meditation
Arnav:Lets go for swimming afterwards what say?
Kabir:Nice idea…..

Arnav:Ok then let’s leave

Scene 2,
Khushi and Ishu are in their swimming academy….where Arnbir have joined for yoga….(PS.Fate is bringing them closer)…..
Khushi wants to learn swimming bcoz she wants to dive from a ship to a deep blue sea like in galliyan song Shradda does…..but here it’s a ship thts the difference(P.S. Hope her dream come true)
On the other hand Ishu is scared of diving….Today was their diving class…..The tutor asked them to jump to the 6ft pool….Atleast by holding hands seeing Ishu’s scared face…Khushi laughs
Tutor:Come on Ishita dive…atleast jump
Khushi(holding Ishu’s hand):Come Ishu lets jump together…..
Ishu denies…Khushi pulls her and jumps but Ishu leaves her hand…..Khushi makes pout face….Ishu laughs
Suddenly,A person from behind holds her by waist and puts her inside water….Ishu gets Shocked seeing the person and starts yelling at him…….

Ishu:Hello!.Mr.Manners how dare u put me inside water…wait…..before that how dare u touch me ah?…..How dare u even think about this?.Mr.Kabir.Rai I am asking u….How dare u….
Kabir keeps his finger on her lips and says-Shh…I am sorry…..I just meant it for fun.Sorry if I have hurt you
Ishu gets pleased seeing him apologise wholeheartedly.
Ishu:Its ok…..
Kabir smiles (a bit naughtly)….Lifts her in his arms again and puts her in water…..Arshi laugh at this sight….The tutor and other students control their laughter
Kabir:Sorry again…….
Ishu gets irritated.Arshi laugh hard along with Kabir.

Scene 3,
Khushi is in her college…..She meets her friends after a loong vacation…..Khushi hug her friends Danny,Meghna,Anjali and Raj(PS.Imaginary characters,Danny has a small role to play though)
Danny hugs her…..Khushi hugs him back,
Danny:I missed u idiot
Khushi:Sorry yaar i had gone to delhi for my bffs brother’s mrg
Danny:My brother?
Khushi(laugh):Idiot Ishita’s brother…She is my besty na
Anjali:By the way how is she?….I heard that she is not well
Khushi:Perfectly alright…..slight coldish
Anjali:Oh okay!

(PS.Anjali is not played by Dallijeet kaur….here it is an imaginary char.Danny has a crush on Khushi….Anjali has crush on danny.Raj and Meghna are in love)
Raj:By the way how is ur groom?
(Anjali in excitement Danny in shock)
Khushi:Yup guys one lord governer…
All laugh
Khushi:He looks good,handsome hai but dil ka koi guarantee nahin(But no guarantee for his heart)….But but but he is very sweet and funny
Danny gets jealous seeing Khushi getting excited saying abt him.
Danny:Khushi…Can I speak to you?
Khushi:Why..Anything serious?
Before Danny could speak Anjali interuppts
Anjali:Khushi…lets go to class.

Khushi:let’s talk later….Bye guys…And today evening I wont be there for the freshers party…I have a date plan
Anjali, Raj and Meghna smile teasingly…Danny fumes.

Scene 4,
Karan and Lalita are talking,
Karan:Lalita….I hope Khushi and Arnav get a chance to understand each other and agree for the marriage wholeheartedly…
Lalita:Me too
*****Arnav enter******
Arnav:Hi aunty and uncle
Karan:Hi kabir beta(Ps.they think Arnav is Kabir and Kabir is Arnav)
Arnav(confused):Kabir?(Arnav understand the misunderstanding)
Lalita:Arnav will come for today’s date na?
Arnav:Yup…pucca aunty
Karan:Thank god
Arnav smiles naughtly
*****Kabir enter******
Lalita:Arre Arnav beta…Are u planning some surprise for my Khushi bitiya……
Arnav hits him on the leg

*****Ishita enter*****
Karan:Hi Ishu beta
Ishita:Hi aunty and uncle….Khushi abhi tak nahin aayi(Khushi hasnt reach yet?)
Lalita:Tum toh usse jaanthi hoon na….pagli kab aayegi kab jaayegi kuch bhi pata nahin chaltha(U know her na….when will she cme nd when will she go nobody can tell)
Ishu smiles
Karan:Ishu beta this is Kabir and Arnav
Ishu:I know them uncle….Hi guys…(moves towards Kabir)…Kabir!
Arnav and Kabir makes caught face.Karan and Lalita get confused.
Ishu:Khushi has asked me to accompany her…..Will u also come…plz…
Kabir and Arnav(together):Sure
Karan and Lalita got tricked by Arbir.
Arbir smile naughtly…Ishu looks at them confused.Kabir winks at her

*Hi guys…Hope u liked the episode….Plz give ur valuable comments and suggestions negative and positive are accepted
Anjali(friend) played by Helly shah aka swara
Danny played by Varun aka sanskar
Raj played by Raj singh Arora aka Mihir

Meghna played by Mihika verma aka Mihika
All the characters stated above have no role to play in future I think so(lol)

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  1. Very nice…… Good to see divek ….

  2. Wow funny epi dear….I can imagine the scenes very well…..So nice

    I Loved thr swimming pool scene very much


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    Superbyaar… nice combo of all frndzzzz….

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  4. Kabir and arnav tricked them…. LOL…

    Danny had a crush on khushi… so cute..

  5. Jasmine rahul

    Kabir ishu watef scene was cute.wen will d parents identify arnav n kabir? Varun as danny was expected. But helly as anjali was a surprise. Raj n mihika too . wow . waiting 4 the date

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      Will update soon dea…Thnx for comnenting

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