Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 29


Happy Ganesh chaturti guys….!

The epi starts with Arnav consoling Ankita…..Karan’s part was over in the morning
Fb(morning while Ishu was explaining the whole scene)
Karankita room,
Karan:I am sorry Ankz baby plz open the door
Ankz:Never ever….First murga ban jaavo phir kuch kehna(First be hen and then say something)
Karan:Ok see I am doing it
Ankz opens the door with full red eyes and keeping hands on her hips
Karan was in a hens position
Ankz:Udjaayiye abhi hum aapko taklif mein nahin dekh sakte isliye andhar aa jayiye aur nahaye bina hame choona bhi mat (U get up…I cant see u in pain so go inside and after bath only u will touch me )
Karan:Thank you baby
Karan is abt to hug ger but she gives angry glare…He goes to bath

Fb ends

Arnav:Di I am really sorry
Ankz:Did u bath??
Arnav:Yah di
Ankz:Ok then….Go…Its last and final warning for u chote if u do it again I will say to Anjali di….
Arnav kiss on Ankz cheeks
Arnav:I love u di
Ankz:Ab choddo(Now leave)
Arnav runs down excited and hits a girl….It was Preet in a different avatar she came there as Madhav(Arnav’s uncle) P.A
Arnav holds Preet from falling…Khushi sees that and was burning in anger
Arnav and preet see Khushi and are shocked!
Preet/Kiya:I am sorry sir
Arnav:I am supposed to be sorry and be careful while walking…Byee
Preet(to herself):This Arnav never said sorry to anybody before now he said he was supposed to…Woah! He changed

Arnav runs behind Khushi…He holds Khushi’s hand and takes her to terrace….Khushi tries to leave but he had hold it tight….They reach terrace,
Khushi:Humara haat(my hand)
Arnav:I am sorry…She was abt to fall down so I just….
Khushi places her fingers on her lips asking him to be quiet
Khushi:I know Arnav ji and trust u a loot too
Arnav:Thank god! I love u Khushi!
Khushi:I love u too Arnav ji
Kabir:Kitna boring romance hai yaar(How stupid romance man?)
Arnav:What’s ur prob…My life….
Ishu:Yah…Khushi u should have stayed angry then he wil run behind consoling u with flowers and all….U could have sooo much fun right??
Khushi:Good idea! Sorry Arnav ji I am angry on u
Kabitha laugh…Arnav opens his mouth
Khushi:I dont wanna hear a word
Arnav:Ok.(gives a rose)
Arnav sings Mein koi aisa geet gaun ke aarzo jagau agar tum kaho
Khushi smiles and blush in between….Arnav gives roses and atlast from top puts a rose shower….Khushi smiles and gets glad
Khushi:I love u Arnav ji
Arnav:Thank god! Now where is tht Ishu ki bachchi

Arnav spots Ishu and runs behind her….Ishu was leaving to temple in a lehenga….Ishu runs and hits on Kabir…..Kabir holds Ishu tight and both fall in water (swimming pool)
Both get lost in each other…..Ishu’s lehengs gets spoiled but she doesnt care tht and blush….
Kabir:Tum (u)
Kabir:Tumhara lehenga karab hogaya (Ur lehenga is spoiled)
Ishu:Oh god!Mom is going to kill me…..Everything is because of Arnav
Ishu’s mom enter and see her spoiled lehenga and she fully drenched in water
Ishu’s mom: arre Ishu….It ur brand new lehenga and u have spoiled it
Ishu:Mom..woh…Arnav was the one who spoiled it
Ishu’s mom: Did Arnav spill water on u?
Ishu’s mom:Then?
Ishu: leave it ma….I am sorry
Ishu’s mom:Kisike upar bhi ilsam daal dete ho (U put blame on somebody as per ur wish)

Ishu makes pout face
Ishu’s mom:Now dont make this face….I will buy a new one

She jumps and runs to hug her….But her mom shows her palm stating her to stop
Ishu’s mom: change dress go
Ishu:Love u ma!
Ishu’s mom smiles and leaves
Kabir smiles seeing their closeness

*Hope u all liked this…And Hope it get updated in both yhm and ipkknd page

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  1. Khushi’s fake angry was nice…..ankitha angry on karan, so.he is like hen n apologize her…LOL…. kabir n ishu was awesome….

    1. Veronica

      Thank u jo

  2. Kumud

    really nice and happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u as well

    1. Veronica

      Tnx kumud

  3. Jasminerahul

    arnav singing main koi aisa n gives rosses 2 khushi..a rose romantic.kabitha in swimming pool.cute

  4. Nivedha

    Cute Arshi scenes Wowwww cute yaar

    1. Veronica

      Thnx nivedha

  5. Jasminerahul

    Karan Ankita were cute too.Hope Preet does’nt create probs

    1. Veronica

      Thank u Jasmine preet will not create problems for Arshi,Karankita,Amnjali…..but a little for Kabitha

  6. Sravs

    so nice dear……….loved it to the core…………..waiting for next one

    1. Veronica

      Thank u sravs

  7. Hey nice epi but too small .. excitement ane se pehle khatam hojati hai .. give more detailings to each scene.. like there was something missin in preet scene

    1. Veronica

      Thnk u Arwa…mujhe pata nahin tha ki aap logo detailed discribing pasand hai….Sure,dea from nxt,epi u will get detailed scenes

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