Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 28


Happy bday my friend Akansha


Next day,
Nani:Udjayiye sab log…..(All of u wake up)
A hall is shown and Arnav,Kabir,Karan and Aman on the floor with beer bottle.
Nani hits Arnav and he wakes up
Nani:Anjali betiya aa jayegi yeh sab kuch yaha se nikaal do(Anjali will come now clear this place)
Arnav,Aman,Kabir and Karan run taking beer bottle and they clean the place.
After cleaning
Aman:Uff atlast…..!By the way how come we came here
A voice:Hum batate hai (We will say)
And it was Khushita
Arbir:U ppl?
Ishu:Yes us…My dear bhai go to ur room bhabi is waiting for u

Karan leave

Khushi:Arnav ji aap ek baar nahin keh sakte the ki aap yeh sab kuch peete hai? (Arnav ji u could have said once right that u drink all these?)
Arnav:Dammit!Baat kya hai bolo (Tell me directly)
Khushi fakes crying
Ishu:Last night,
Arnav,Kabir,Karan and Aman were drunk in Arnav’s room.All of them where talking some useless things
Suddenly Arnav:Mujhe apni Khushi ko dekhna hai (I want to see my Khushi)
Aman:Lo romeo ud gaya Juliet kehke (See Romeo woke saying Juliet’s name)
Kabir:Yeh pyaar hai bhai(This is love)
Karan:Yeh hai mohabbatein (This is true love)
Arnav:Come we will go to her room
All 4 leave to her room drunk

They reach the room,
Arnav:Shh…Koi nahi aayega sirf mein andar chalunga aur meri biwi se baat karunga(Nobody will come I will go and talk to My wife)
Kabir:Mujhe bhi aane de mera bhi setting ho jayega (Let me also come my setting will also take place)
Arnav:Ok u also come
Karan:Iss halath mein toh Ankz ke pass nahin jaa sakta(I cant go to Ankz in this way)
Aman:Lets be the guardian Karan bhai!
Karan:Don’t forget we are of same age
Aman:sorry Karan
Karan smiles

Arbir enter and see two legs
Arnav asks Kabir go and see whose leg is the left one…kabir nods…Kabir thinks it to be Ishu’s
Arnav:So this is my Khushi’s
Kabir and Arnav sits near them
She wakes up but doesnt lift her quilt
Arnav:it’s me Arnav…I mean tumhara Arnav ji (Childish manner-Ur Arnav ji)
Khushi:Aap itne raat ko? (U at this time?)
Arnav:Tumhe milne keliye kya raat kya subah (Whats night and day to meet u?)
Khushi:Ahem ahem…The great ASR and romantic
Arnav:Dont spoil my mood
Arnav flirts with Khushi

On the other side Kabitha,
Ishu:Whose that? (Same like Khushi)
Kabir:Me Kabir
Ishu:Y have u come here at this time??
Kabir:Woh…I want to confess something
Kabir:But promise me u will not utter a word
Ishu:Yah I promise(excited)
Kabir holds her hand
Kabir:Wow ur hand is so soft….earlier it wasnt like this right?
Ishu:Night moisturizer
Kabir:Effective ah…Anyways now lemme continue….Mein aaj kal jaldi so jata hoon…pata hai kyun(Nowadays I sleep early…….u know y?)
Kabir:Aapko aisa dream nahin aata….Kair chodo…..Roz aapka chehra dikhta hai sapne mein…Aap ek dulhan ki kapde mein mere saath mandap pe baitthi hai aur mere haat pakadkar muskuraati hai….Arnav…Arnav ko chodo….Aur aap mujhe varmala pehnate hai mai aapko pehnata hoo aur hum dono ki shaadi ho jati hai.Lekin hamesha Karan bhai ki awaaz mujhe disturb kartha hai (U don’t come across such dream…just leave…..I see ur face daily in my dream…….U are in a bride’s dress and sitting next to me in the wedding hall holding my hand and smiling…..Arnav…Just leave Arnav….And u make me wear the varmal and I make u wear the varmala and our marriage is completed…..But always ur bro’s voice disturb me)
Karan:,Abbe duffer woh meri biwi hai aur Arnav woh Ishu hai…..(Fool that is my wife and Arnav that is Ishu)
Arnav:Where is Khushi?
Khushi:I am here switch on the light
Ishu(laughs):Babhi it took him 5 months to confess
Ishu:Yah…And Khushi Ur Arnav ji is really flirty
Ankz:Karan,Arbir are u ppl drunk
Aman(drunk voice):No di no…(hiccups)…..we just drank a little water thats it (hiccups)
Ankz:Karan get lost…

She push Karan out to the hall…..And holds Arbir’s ear and push them also…..Both Khushita kick Aman on his back and he falls along with others…..They sleep there helplessly
Fb ends
(PS.The fb scene resembles 3 idiots film and its just my imagination to add Arshi and Kabitha with Karankita)

Arnav:God! I have to console Ankz di
Kabir(in mind):Did I propose her indirectly…..No No Kabir calm down….U must not have done anything like that
Ishu:Arre Kabir….Wait! How are u after drunk night?
Ishu:But me not so good
Kabir:Y are u down with fever?
Ishu:Tell me the truth only
Kabir:Wha…what truth?
Ishu:Did u see the same dream today??
Kabir nods yes then he nods No

Ishu goes close to him and makes him hold her by waist….Kabir widens his eye but smiles naughtly……Ishu’s face was full on attitude
Kabir:Yah I saw the same dream of getting hanged!
Ishu:Oh….So who was the person who HANGED YOU TO DEATH!
Kabir realises: No I mean…
Ishu(interrupts):Tell me again whatever u said!
Kabir:Woh…(gets nervous)
Ishu(moving forward):Tell na
Kabir moving backward:Nothing…I see so many dreams so cant recall
Ishu(again Moving frwrd):Tell or else
Kabir(closes his eyes and take a deep breath): Woh I see a dream of marrying u!
Ishu:What did u mean by that?
Kabir:Simple I love u
Ishu gets shocked bcuz she thought he was playing prank with her
Ishu:I dont know tick the correct option
Kabir:I really Love u
Ishu slaps him
Ishu:Pehle bol de te toh shaadi ka karcha tumse karwaati (If u would hav said earlier I would made the expense on wedding on ur head)
Kabir:Sorry I didnt understand
Ishu:Idiot! I love u too
Kabir hugs her and lifts her in excitement!!!!

*Hope u guys like the epi…Actually the real Ishita(acc to my ff….doesnt wanna reveal the name) is helping me in writing ff from today(31st Aug) so I am really happy…And Arshi (according to my ff) are coming to stay near my house and Khushi(acc to my ff) will be soon helping me….Wow I am soooo happy

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  1. Me too felt sooooooo happy after reading this episode dr…
    Kabitha confession was lovely????
    Karankita and Arshi scenes also superb dr
    But loved kabithas confession??

    1. Veronica

      Thank u KV

  2. Cute Dialogue between Arshi and Kabitha.
    Men drunkard and Arnav talk to wrong girl.
    Ankz anger on Karan for heavily drinking and threw all men out.
    Oh god Ishita slap Kabir then confession later.

    1. Veronica

      Thank u parichary

      1. Seriously, I can’t stop laughing so hard. :’)

    1. Veronica

      Thank u nisa

  3. Kumud

    lovely and superb

    1. Veronica

      Thank u kumud

  4. Ishitha n kabir love confession was nice… 3 idiot drink scene was so awesome… LOL…. enjoyed a lot dr..

    1. Veronica

      Thank u jo

  5. Jasminerahul

    boys drunk n going 2 the girls n doing blunders was damn funny.but it led 2 kabitha confessin.that was so cute

    1. Veronica

      Thank u Jasmine

  6. Nivedha

    Cute pairs loved them to the core…

    1. Veronica

      Thank u nivedha

  7. Sravs

    sorry dear i dont but i cant help comment was not uploading…this time also not guarentee that this will upload but trying my luck this time also…from few episodes i cant comment i was cursing myself seriously i cant even figure out the reason…….

  8. Sravs

    sorry dear i dont but i cant help comment was not uploading…this time also not guarentee that this will upload but trying my luck this time also…from few episodes i cant comment i was cursing myself seriously i cant even figure out the reason…….
    i do really loved all the posts so nice super……awesome………upload next part soon…………………………
    hope this tym this will upload

    1. Veronica

      Its ok yaar don’t curse yourself for such silly reasons….if u cant upload just sent me a private msg.If u really want to….And I only want to hear tht u read my ff And I am sooo happy tht u were desperate to comment….do baar aa gaya aapka comment ?

      Love you dear and Thank u for ur support

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