Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 27



A beautiful mansion outside which it is written Raizada Mansion.An old lady in her 60’s is shown ordering few people abt how to keep surroundings clean…..Suddenly,she hear a horn sound and asks servant to open the gate….She gets surprised and happy to find the bunch of ppl getting down from the Van.But she made an upset face clearly stating that she is upset with them for not meeting her!
Anjali-Arnav-Ankz:Happy Bday Nani

Yes its our own Nani from ipkknd

Nani:Thank u…..Hum naaraz hai aap logo se(But I am upset with u ppl)
Ankz:Humari sundar Nani naaraz hote waqt bilkul achi nahin lagti (My bful nani doesn’t look good when she is upset)
Arnav:Smile please
Nani smiles….Anjali,Ankz and Arnav hugs her
Ishu and Karan:Happy Bday Nani
Nani:Mere badmaash aa gaya….Itni jaldi hi trophy bhi mili na? (My naughty guy came…..U got ur trophy so soon? -Taunts)
Ankz:Dadi…..Aapko sharam nahin aati?(Arent u ashamed?)
Nani:meine bhi 3 bachchon ko paida kiya hai……Itna sharmane ki kya baat hai? (I hav also given birth to 3 kids…..whats there to be ashamed of?)
Ankz keep her hands on her head showing that Nani can never change…..!

Kabir and Aman:Happy Bday Nani
Both take blessings.
Nani:Khush raho (Stay happy)….Dekha aise hote hai bachche (This is how kids are)
Kabirman smile
Later Khushi comes….Arnav stands beside her and introduce her to Nani……Nani smiles and greets her
Nani:Tum bohat sundar ho……Meri beti ki tarah (U are very beautiful just like my daughter)
Khushi:I am also like ur daughter
Nani:U watch a lot of serials ah? Mein toh mazak kar rahi thi (,I was just joking)
Khushi:Do u remember me?
Khushi:Once in delhi-mumbai train I had met u
Nani:Arrey ahh I remember….
Others:Will someone tell us whats going on?
An year back,

I was traveling in a train back to mumbai after meeting up with cousins…..In a hurry I sat in her seat and mine was opposite to her’s….She came and told me this is her seat. I thought she is an old women so I will sit on her place she must have read her seat no. Wrongly etc…..When TT came to check…
Khushi:Dadi ji aap yaha betiye aapki jagah koi aur hai(Ur seat is not here u sit in my seat now)
Nani:Nahi meri seat number toh yahi hai (No this is my seat….)
Khushi:Where is ur ticket?
Nani gives her…..Khushi feels embarrassed as she was judging a person without knowing
Khushi:I am sorry mujhe laga aapki galthi hai (I am sorry I thought u were wrong) ?

Nani:Achcha hua ki aap mante hai ki aapki galthi hai….Aaj kal ki log na sorry bolte na thank u….Par dono galth time par use karte hai.Galtiyan toh sabse hoti hai par unko samjhakr sorry bolne wale kam hote hai (It’s good that u said tht its ur mistake…coz nowadays ppl dont say sorry or thank u….but use both these words at wrong time.Everyone do something wrong but accepting that and saying sorry is rare ppl’s quality)
Khushi smiles?

Fb ends

Nani:I had just met her for 5mins I didnt even ask her name….And now here she is as my bahu ?
Arnav:God!Nani ka lecture tum he bhi sunna pada?? (U also had to hear nani’s lecture)
Nani hits him playfully
Nani:Aap logo ko yahi rukhna hai ya ghar ke andar bhi aa rahe ho? (Are u ppl planning to stay here or planning to come inside?)
All follow Nani…..They have occupied the rooms….Arnav has planned surprise for nani along with others.
Everyone gather to eat lunch,
A big dining hall is shown and a long dining table with candles and red table cloth, the curtains are golden with red piping and designs. The room looks like a King’s dining room……..Khushi and Ishita are dumbstruck seeing the room….On the end of the room there is a photo of a women who seems around 40years.Nani,Arnav,Anjali and Ankz pray infront of the photo and comes to the table
Nani:Chaliye shuru kijiye (Come on start)
All are eating
Nani:Khushi bitiye kaisa laga aapko hamare khaana (Khushi dear did u like the food?)
Khushi(with mouth full of something):Very Tasty…Aaj tak itna swadisht khaana meine nahin kaya (I hav never ate such tasty food before)
Her mom stares at her
Khushi:Woh…I hav eaten but…
Her mom interrupt: Now don’t start ur drama..
Khushi smiles other laugh
Its evenings,
All are busy with bday preparations.Arnav sees Khushi who was trying hard to adjust her hair back….But is in vein…She has atta in her hand…Arnav goes to her and tucks her hair behind ears Khushi blush.

Arnav:U look so beautiful…..!
Khushi:Hum toh paida hi aise hue the(I was born beautiful)
Arnav:Acha…..(Shows a pic of Khushi in a beggar look for her fancy dress competition)….Now also u think like that
Khushi widens her eyes
Khushi:From where did u get this??
Arnav:Why should I say?
Khushi tries to take that from him but he lifts his hand……And holds her close to him with his other hand….
Khushi:Humme chodiye aur woh photo di jiye(Leave me and give that photo)
Khushi:What should do for getting both done?
Arnav:Come with me right now!
Arnav:Ok then i will post this pic on fb,insta,whatsapp dp etc etc…what say?
Khushi:Ok I will come with u…..!
Arnav:After we come back I will give the pic back
Khushi:Ok…Now come fast
Arnav holds her hand and takes her out….They go in a car to a place.
They reach the place,
Arnav opens Khushi’s door…..
Khushi gets surprised to find an abandoned house and a beautifully maintained park….Infront the house it was written ‘LP school for girls’….Khushi again gets surprised to see that it was a school
Khushi:Arnav ji y have we come here?
Arnav:Shh….(Keeps his finger on her lips)
Khushi examine the surrounding while Arnav looks at the house and gets emotional
Arnav:Pata hai Khushi meri ma yaha padti thi……..Bohat badmaash thi woh…… bilkul Anjali di ki tarah aur Ankz di ki tarah ban gayi-A complete family women…Woh sabko pyaar karti thi aur vishwaas bhi aankhen band karke karthi thi…..Bas yahi thi unki kamsori….Sabko maaf bhi kar deti thi par jab baat apni aa gayi toh maaf karna unhe bohat kadin laga hoga….Unhone suicide karli ( U know Khushi my mom studied in this school…She was very naughty just like Anjali di and turned Ankz di-A perfect family women….She loved everyone and also trusted everybody blindly…..That was her weak point…..And she also forgives ppl easily…..but when it came abt herself it must have been tough to forgive…..she committed suicide)
Khushi gets Shocked.Khushi console a crying Arnav.
Arnav:I was just 10yrs old when she left us forever……How can she just….MA!(Shouts)
Khushi:Arnav ji….I never knew u were hiding this much grief……I am sorry i couldnt understand u…..
Arnav hugs Khushi and cries…..Apne roote paraye….Allah waariyan plays…..
Khushi(rubs of Arnav’s tears):Now say why did u bring me here??For making me cry?
Arnav smiles
Arnav:No I have to show u something
Khushi:Now come fast I am sooo excited
Arnav:Calm down
They move towards the park…..And see a BIG tree decorated with flowers……
Khushi:Wow its beautiful!
Arnav:My mom had planted this when I was in her womb…….!
Khushi:Wow its just mind blowing! Wow!I am speechless!
Arnav:Tumhe koi oscar nahin de raha (Nobody is giving u oscar now)
Khushi:No…I am dumbstruck at our similarities
Arnav:u mean?
Khushi: Hav u seen a tree infront of my house in bglre?
Khushi:My mom had planted that when I was in her womb….!
Arnav:We are so…
Both smiles
They reach back and enjoy Nani’s bday and sleep

*sorry for no Kabitha scene….u will get a loot of it soon

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