Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 26


Mohabbat,Pyaar,Love -26

Happy bday Reena di….Wish u all happiness.Ur ff reflects how fun loving and crazy u are…..I hope u had an awesome day akka……And and and waiting for ur next epi….(Hope this get updated in both Yhm page and Ipkknd page)

The epi starts with all in a van leaving to Lucknow…….(ps.lets enjoy the masti in car)
Anjali:Yeh kya aap log bohat serious oh yaar(whats this all of u are serious types)
Khushita:I am not
Kabir:Me neither
Arman:But we are
Arnav:If u ppl bcome careless then?
Khushi:Nothing will happen Arnav ji…….Dont be like old ppl
Arnav:I know something which old ppl don’t hav
Arnav:Will show u on suhaagraat
All widen their eyes….Khushi opens her mouth wide…..Arnav closes it

Ishu:Chi! Arnav u are too shameless…..
Kabir:Yah….lets play something stupid
Ishu:Khushi what say for chori chori chupke chupke
Kabir:No we wont watch film
Khushi:Arre bhai it’s a game
Ishu:I will explain
Khushi:No me
Ishu:Ok u
Khushi:No no u
Ishu:No yaar u say

Anjali:Koi bolega(will anybdy say?)
Ishu:Ok Khushi will say
Khushi:All of u will join ur hands and lock it with one others….there will be a catcher….and we have to pass information to eachother through hand…….and the catcher will have to find who started and the direction…ok?….If he finds out in middle the person will hav to complete a task….And one more thing is if two ppl together start both will be catcher….
Anjali and Ankz:Interesting!

Arnav:That’s gonna be boring
Anjali:But chote
Khushi interrupt:Yah… Waise bhi ladkon se nahin hoga(however boys cant do….come lets play)
Arnav:Whom are u challenging?
Khushi:Ofcourse u Mr.Arnav.Singh.Raizada……
Arnav:What the….

Khushi:Ok so u hav accepted ur defeat right?
Arnav:No….I am ready to play
Khushi(in mind):Thank god my plan worked to make Arnav ji play
Ankz(to herself):Khushi clearly knows how to make men dance on our tunes… I think I should learn from her….And y should I play with Karan….y am I thinking all these….I am mad
Karan:Where are u lost?….I am the catcher…..come on join hands..
Ankz join hands with Anjali and Khushi
Khushi winks at ishu stating that she is starting…..Karan notice that but doesn’t understand the action
Khushi starts and pinch Arnav….Arnav pass that to Kabir…Kabir pass that to Aman and Karan see that
Khushi:Now say who started it??
Karan(random guess):Khushi
Karan:Its Khushi so obviously to Arnav’s side
Khushi makes pout face….Others laugh
Anjali:Now Aman ji will hav to complete a task and be the next catcher
Khushi:Who wants to give??
Arnav,Kabir,Anjali and Karan lift their hands
Khushi:I love di……So Anjali di

Anjali:Truth or dare
Arnav:God!Di’s truth or dare is really scary
Anjali:Ok…..Toh ishu ki kaan kicho zor se haan.. Woh laal hone chahiye (pinch ishu’s ears so that it turns red)
Ishu:If u dare keep ur hand on my ears i will kill u…….
Aman:I am sorry Karan and Ishu
He pinch Ishu’s ears….she makes crying face
Anjali:Now lets continue

Arnav:I think di loved this game
Anjali:Yup chote…. It’s too much fun
Arnav smiles:I am happy di
Anjali and Ankz smile
Ankz:Lets continue…..Come on…Now Aman is the catcher
Both Ishu and Kabir together start and pinch each other…….Both look at eachother…..
Ishu(in mind):Thats not fair
Kabir(in mind):Everything is fair in love and war and this is… WAR!
Ishu(in mind):War my foot… Now I will start
Kabir(in mind):No me nd thats final
Ishu(in mind):No that is not final and I will never let that…..I will start and thats it…….
Aman:Ishu and Kabir together?? So what will we do?
Kabitha:What!? U found??
Khushi:He is not blind…When u both hold ur hands tight like this he will understand….
Anjali:When its two ppl what should we do?
Ishu:Both will become catchers and prey of the task….Who wants to give us the task?
Arshi,Amjali,Karankita put their hands up….Kabitha widen their eye….
Kabir:Ok u ppl decide among urself

Ishu and Kabir gets up and stands on the path…..Others discuss….Suddenly the driver applies break and Ishu lose her balance and fall on Kabir’s arms…..He holds her……Both look at eachother and get lost……Rang dey plays………
Karan coughs…..Kabitha get back their sense (PS.I know nobody must hav seen a brother like this)
Karan:Behena…..Complete this task…come here ?
Anjali:So the task is
Ankz:U hav to

Karan:On the song Oola la….??
Ishu widens her eye….Kabir smiles naughtily
Ishu:No no I wont do
Anjali:But u hav to
Khushi:No excuse
Aman:Come on go on
Arnav:I know u ppl can do it
Ishu gets scared….Karan looks at her
Karan:Dont force her if she doesn’t want to

Ankz:Oh oh….Bro is supporting his sis now ah!?
Karan:I always support her whats the big deal!?
Anjali:But sorry jiju she will do it…….
Ishu:No no I wont
Khushi:No u will
Ishu:Khushi ki bachchi next is ur turn
Karan:Ishu….Dont dance if u are not interested..
Ishu smiles:Challenge accepted

Kabir:So u are interested ah?
Ishu hits him playfully.
Both dance on the song oola la others smile…..
Karan claps….followed by others ???
Next Kabitha were the catchers….This time Karan and Arnav together started pinching Khushi who was between them…..Khushi gets confused…Karan again pinch her and she pass that to Arnav…Arnav pinch her back….Khushi pinch him….
Kabir:Is this a couple game?

Ishu:No supposed to be individual but when confusions like this arise its couple game…..but its fun
Kabir:Heyy Devi Mayya ke liye chup ho ja(Atleast for god plz shut up)
Ishu makes pout face
Kabir:Who wants to give them task?
Aman,Kabitha and Karan lift their hands….Anjali and Ankz looks at Arnav helplessly….Arnav smiles ?
Ishu:Lets discuss
Karan:Truth or dare?
All looks on confused

Khushi:Final decision truth
Karan: Before u guys start ur fight I would like to say something…..we will give u a truth and dare so u ppl can choose whichever u like
Arshi nod
Ishu:Ok so Dare is Khushi will kiss Arnav on his cheeks
Kabir:And truth is….Tell us how did u ppl propose eachother explaining each and everything
Khushi widens her eye hearing the dare and Arnav smiles naughtly…..Hearing the truth Khushi feels happy but Arnav doesn’t (PS.Arnav doesnt like explaining abt his personal things)
Arnav:Lets go for dare
Khushi:No truth

Arnav:No Khushi dare and thats final
Khushi:No nothing is final only truth and thats final
Arnav gets angry he holds her closer and kiss on her cheeks……Others looks on….Khushi widens her eye
Rabba ve plays………
Arnav:Dare completed
Khushi:This is cheating……..!
Arbir:Everything is fair in love and war (does hi-fi)
Arnav:And this is LOVE
Khushi blush

Next Arshi find Anjali
Aman:I will give the task…Truth or dare?
Aman:Kiss me
Anjali:No way!
Ankz:Di and Kiss no way
Aman:Y?U havent kissed ur chote yet?
Arnav:But thats different…Aman! Just another dare
Anjali:I will do it….U ppl were challenging me right?
Anjali moves closer and kiss on Aman’s cheek…..Aman looks on shocked!
Aman:Y did u do that? I was just trying to Scare u…..!
Anjali:Now u understood Anjali doesnt get scared of all these

Arnav:We will reach Nani’s home in few mins lets relax for sometime
All nod

*Hi guys…..Hope u all liked the game……waiting for ur feed back.

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  1. Arnav kiss khushi so nice.. both r fofht for truth n dare that’s nice each other characters is different but they remain love each other a lot… anjali kiss aman that’s excellent…

    1. Veronica

      Thank u jo

  2. Superb dr?????
    Loved arshi and kabitha scenes a lot
    If I got a bro like Karan bhai,it will be superb???

    1. Veronica

      Thank u yaar….I am happy u like Ishran bonding

    1. Veronica

      Thank u nisa

  3. Arshi

    Wowwowowoowo enjoyed itnto the core… sema .. game was superb.. and tat passing game we used to play with frndz… its really fun game… and we used to cheat the catcher… like… whoever she points out.. we say its wring… haha…

    Anjis daring was superb.. and asusal… arshi was excellent

    1. Arshi

      And thx z a lot for ur wishes dear

    2. Veronica

      Welcome akka and Thank u….I am happy tht u liked it

  4. Jasminerahul

    game was nice.kabitha de…were romantic.arnav kissing khushi was romantic.anjali shocked even aman by kissing

    1. Veronica

      Ha ha thank u Jasmine

  5. Kumud

    wow nice love the truth and dare game

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