Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 22



A week later….Arshi and Kabitha were trying their best to unite Kabir and his dad…..
One fine day,
Prakash:Kabir come in with me
Kabir get shocked and happy
Kabir:Sure pa
Kabir excitedly goes in….!
Inside room,
Prakash:Kabir! Ask ur naughty friends to stop acting I am accepting u
Kabir:I am not gonna marry u dude…gale milo aur rolo….’Mujhe mera beta chahiye’ aisa line wine boliye…(Hug me and Cry and say ‘i want my son’ and all)
Prakash laughs and hugs him…
Kabir:Pa…I love u
Prakash:But beta unfortunately I love somebody more than u as of now
Kabir(crying face): Who?
Prakash(smiles naughtily): Ur Ishu
Kabir blush
Prakash:Hayy hayy…Ray kandaan ka koi bhi ledka aisa blush nahin karta (No one in Ray family will blush like this)…Keep up the name of family and bring Ishu as my daughter-in-law
Kabir:She is just my friend pa
Prakash:I hate u….I thought u will come one day with a girl and all….u will again spoil my name…..
Kabir laughs
Kabir:Pa….! U are right I love her but what if…
Prakash:No ifs or buts…Say ur heart out to her when u think it’s the right time and give her all the care and love she deserve from u…She will never say know
Kabir hugs his dad again and kiss on his cheeks….Kabir goes out…His mom see this and smiles….She thanks god for everything happened…..Whether good or bad

Raizada mansion,
All hav assembled there,
Ankita was tensed…Anjali,Aman,Arshi and Kabitha were seated and were looking at Ankita’s face
Anjali:Say fast na
Ankz:Let Karan come….
Anjali:When will he come
Karan:I am here…
Ankz runs to him and hugs him…Karan looks on Confused
Ankz whisper something on his ears….Karan gets shocked!
Karan:Thats…Ah…Did u say to them?
Karan:Let’s say
Anjali:Atlast….We r waiting…tell us the problem….
Karan:Woh…Ankz was not well yday….she had headache…Tday she went to hospital and doctor said that…She is C
Ishu(interrupt): Cancer!???
Ishu,Anjali and Khushi starts crying
Karan:Just stop it idiots…I was abt to say that she is conceiving
Anjali:Chote pinch me!
Ankz blush and nods

All get happy and dance around Karankita……Happy music plays…..
Anjali,Ishu and Khushi hugs Ankz and kiss her on cheek
Ishu:I am gng be chachi for 1st time
Anjali:I am Mami
Arnav:Mama!…How I love cute children ?
Anjali hits Arnav playfully
Khushi:Me too Mami
Kabir:What abt me?
All looks at Ishu….Ishu thinks abt what she just said few mins back
Ishu:Bcoz….U call ur fathers frinds as Chachu….Uncle and all sooo
Karan:Don’t try escaping anyways we will tease u with it

A pandit enter
Anjali:Pandit ji come in….U hav to check Arnav’s and Khushi’s kundli
Pandit:Ji Anjali bitiya
Pandit checks and says:Before checking kundli y did u ppl do engagement and exchange shagun?
Anjali gets nervous
Anjali:Kya hua pandit ji(what happened pandit ji?)
Pandit: There isnt any problem…But in dono ki shaadi se pehle ek bohat bada athsa hoga……Jo inkeliye bohat kadin samay dega…Uske baad sab kuch Khushi bara hoga (Before their mrg something big will happen….bcoz of which they will hav a tough time…but after that everything will be perfectly alright)
Anjali:Nothing wrong in this right?
Pandit:All these things will happen for their good…So dont worry dear
Anjali nods….Pandit goes….

Anjali prays for good life of Arshi,Kabitha,Aman and Karankita…..

All celebrate the happiness of new entry in the hse

*Dont freak out….I will not seperate any couple….this will only bring them closer…Sorry for late update

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  1. Sravs

    sorry dear i read this but cannot comment early sorry ut episode was nice i am shivering if u will seperate my arshi but tq you didnt im sorry once again i was filled with work to write thatsy i didnt wrote my ff ok ipkknd is coming back it seems are you happy about that but i was so happy luv u loads dear

    1. Veronica

      Thank u dear….Ofcourse I am soooooooooolooo happy hearing the news…..and dont be sorry

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