Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 2



Khushi and Ishu had been waiting for Arnav and Kabir since a looong time.Khushi had been ordering coffees back to back as she was being irritated(PS.Khushi has an habit of drinking coffee back to back whenever she is irritated)
Ishita:Khushi stop yaar……ur water tank will have a bad time storing all these coffees
Khushi frown.Ishu laugh.Just then Arnav and Kabir enter….Arnav see Khushi and smiles.Arnav,Kabir,Ishu and Khushi sit together in a circle…..Khushi and Arnav were sharing death glares-I-Am-not-gonna-marry-you…..their minds were talking this all the while…
Kabir and Ishu ordered cold coffee for the hot brains sitting with them.
Khushi altlast broke the mind game nd said:See Mr.Arnav.Whatever….
Arnav:Arnav.Singh.Raizada or ASR in short u get that?
Ishu:Hello!Speak with some manners to my friend ok….
Kabir:Can u teach us some manners?
Ishu:Its taught in school and not by me
Kabir:So please stay away from their life…ok…Miss..
Kabir:Nice name
Arnav:See guys…..I want to cancel this marriage….Khushi I know u cant say No to ur parents because u are a girl……
Khushi(interrupt):What do you mean ji….Bcoz I am a girl ah?
Kabir:Calm down Jhansi-Ki-Rani
Khushi:Heyy thats Ishu’s name…..
Arnav:Whats urs?
Khushi:Why should I say
Ishita:Guys….I have a plan.Arnav u said u are not scared of anybody right?Go tell her parents that she is ugly,stupid,fool etc…..
Arnav:Do I look like a fool to u?I cant lie
Kabir:So that means Khushi is bful right?
Khushi blush
Arnav:Yah…Kind of.Dont disrespect girls….all girls are good
Kabir:Arnav-The great
Khushi is drawn towards his behaviour but is not ready for marriage…

Khushi’s POV,
What shall I do?I dont want to marry him but I dont want to reject him.He is so cute….But how can I….pfft!I am stuck (looks at Ishu)…May be she can help me?
Pov over

Khushi:Ok guys let’s leave….Bye
Khushi drags Ishu out.Arnav and Kabir looks on confused…

At Ishu’s room,
Ishu:Y did u drag me from there?
Khushi: My mind was getting diverted… I started thinking abt him.
Ishu(shouts): What!?
Khushi:Sh….I dont know y I was thinking abt him…..U know the reason?
Ishu:Ofcourse! Mein ne toh mind reading mein phd kiya hai na?(I hav done Phd in mind reading right?)
Khushi:I am serious yaar
Ishu:Wow…surprisingly me too
Khushi beats her playfully..
Ishu:Give some time everything will be fine…..It’s just tht u are confused….know him better and then take decision
Khushi:But….I dont wanna marry now neither he….
Ishu: U people are mad…..Lemme sleep….Now u find a solution for ur problem..GOOD NIGHT!
Khushi:Ishu yaar…..
Pov of Khushi,
I thought she will help me but….Where am I trapped…Now I am leaving this all to destiny and God
Pov over…..

In Arnav’s house,
(Ps.Arnav has an house in Bglre)
Kabir:Yaar….That Khushi is really bful right
Arnav:Yah…That Ishita too
(PS.Boys will never change)
They get a call…It was Aman their friend,
Aman:Arre bhuddo(Hey grandpas)
Kabir:Hi papa
Aman:I am partying here….and u ppl are talking about ur to be wives
Kabir:Not me
Arnav:Yah…he wasnt talking abt his wife but my to be wife….
Aman laugh
Aman:Guess what…Shalini na our college model….she came and approached me yesterday for a date
Aman:Yup….Just check my insta profile idiots(kabir checks and gets dumbstruck seeing his friend Aman with a girl)….
Arnav:What the….
Aman:I know….
Kabir:Just tell me the truth…didn’t u beg,for a selfie with her
Aman:My foot!
Arnav and Kabir laugh
Aman:Go to hell guys…..I hate u ppl…
Arnbir:We love u Aman
Aman:How come u guys always find out my lies
Kabir:U are our best best buddy dude
Arnav:Yup….Kabir is right surprisingly for the first time.
Aman laugh

*Hi guys hope u liked my epi…..And this story too
*Aman is played by Harshad Arora

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  1. Nice start kabir ka badla raman ho ta to acha ra ta na

    1. Veronica

      Sorry yaar but there are soo many Ishra Arshi ffs so just thoda hatke se sochna tha so thought of Divek….

  2. Good….

  3. Jasmine rahul

    Shockingly even arnav doesn’t want marriage. But seeing him khushi is attracted to arnav aman r so funny.harshad arora as a man . wow . waiting to know who his luv interest would be

    1. Veronica

      His love intrest is gng to be quiet interesting bcoz i had said that it s a true story which happened in my friends life….Aman’s char in real life is my brother and my bhabi is coming up in this stry

  4. Hey really nice…. khushii fall for him at their first meet….loved it…kabir n ishu fight also good….

    1. Veronica

      Thnx yaar Jo

  5. Amazing how I wish I could actually get to watch this really on tv I mean divek n ur story dear it wd be supppa wonderful to see divek
    waiting for nxt one

    1. Veronica

      Thnk u soo much Rushi

  6. Arshi

    Omg… its really so cute…. its ur frndz… bros and bhabhis real story… wowowow…. so cute …. the convo btwn the frndz s just wow…. ????

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