Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 15


*Hi guys….Happy on my 15th epi..Love u all…Arshi di,Nivedha,Jasmine,Kv,Lekha,Tashu,Harshita etc…sorry if I hav missed out any names.And thanks to all my silent readers

Epi starts,

Next day morning,

Ishu wakes up and thinks About Kabir living a life without family alone…..?
Ishu(to herself): How can a person live without his family….And after seeing our parents sacrifices for us how can he leave them….I think he should make them understand that he likes photography more than engineering……..Dont take too much stress…?

Khushi enter Ishu’s room worried. Ishu gets back her sense
Khushi:Woh..Roka..Arnav ji…
Ishu:Calm down…Now say ?
Khushi:My Roka is tmw…with Arnav ji…..?
Ishu:So? ?
Khushi:U said u will ask help from Karan bhai and now what? ?
Ishu:We will stop marriage ?
Khushi:Can i trust u now? ?
Ishu:U dont trust me? ?
Khushi:Of course I trust u but in these matters u are a lazy brat…Thats y ?
Ishu:Khushi ki bachchi.?.(pillow fight)
After tearing up a pillow both laugh at the mess created in their faces ?

Karankita enter hearing their scream
Karan:Ishu,Khushi are u ppl alright? ?
Ishu:Good bhai….?
Khushi:We just had a pillow fight thats it….?
Ishu:Yah bhai just leave it…
Karan:Thank god!I was scared to Hear ur scream
Ishu:See we are perfectly alright
Ankita:But the room has become a mess now…Both u and ur bro are experts in making a room messy….Heyy Bhagwan!What will happen when u marry? ?
Karan:Next day the groom and his parents will come and drop her back home…Coz only I can handle her ?
Khushi:I will also come for handling Ishu ?
Ankz:What abt my brother?? ?
Khushi:Woh….We will do something ?
Ankz:Hmm…Ab chaliye hum yeh kamra clean kar dete hai(Now go…lemme clean this room)

In Raizada Mansion,

Arnav,Aman and Kabir wake up to go for yoga classes….Anjali comes with coffee for all…All greet her together…Anjali smiles ?

Anjali:Good Morning all…Kabir acha hua ki aap aur chote yoga classes keliye jaa rahe hai..Chote ke gussa toh toda kam ( Kabir!It’s good that u are taking him for yoga classes….Atleast his anger will become less) ?
Arnav:Di! Atleast not in front of these ppl…?
Anjali caresses his hair and goes out….Arbirman get ready to go to yoga class

On the other side Khushita get ready for swimming classes….

Khushita reach there and see Arbirman in the pool ?….
Khushi:Arnav ji Kabir ji and Aman ji.U ppl here? ?
Arnav:This pool is not only for u….All hav access to it..ok? ?
Khushi:I didnt ask u…Aman ji say
Aman:We just thought of relaxing after yoga class ?
Kabir:Yah…Anyways we are wasting time sitting at home…So ?
Ishu:Ok ok now dont start Ramayana…..?
Kabir:I didnt say anything to u….?
Ishu smirk…Others laugh…?

The tutor comes and enter pool…
Khushi:Good morning sir ?
Tutor:Good mrng Khushi…Gud mrng Ishita ?
Ishu:Good mrng sir ?
He greets everyone….?
Kabir:It was only a matter of good morning guys….?
Aman:He was taking attendance ?
Arnav:Shut up Aman! Dont start of with ur not-so-funny jokes.ok? ?
Aman:I hav few new ones.too….u wanna hear that ?
Arnav:Kabir lets kill him ?
Kabir:Yes! at ur service brother ?
Arnav:Dont do overacting…Anyway its water so lets kill him here….?
Aman:Dont kill me like this…A gun shot or planned murder…Not without oxygen ??
Arnav:Now! Dont dare open ur mouth ok? ?
Aman keep his finger on his lips…Kabir smiles ?

The tutor cancels the class for the day bcoz of Arshi and Kabitha’s constant fights…He gets angry and cancels the class…..?
Khushi feels bad as she couldn’t concentrate on her class….But she was concentrating on Arnav and her Roka ceremony being conducted tomorrow…?

*I know today there wasnt much romance or something and it was a small update….Will give a looong epi tmw ?

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