Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 1


Hi all I am Veronica here with a new story…..It is a true love story which happened in my friends life.She is older than me…..Actually my Brothers friend.I hope all of u like the story.Their story also started from Hatred and then to friendship then to jealousy and to fights and atlast all they could understand that it was love…!

Heroine POV:
How I wish…..this vacations aren’t over….God! When I am gonna see them-My family.Alas! My coffee diverted my mind to them.No this Cup did this…..The first time I bought it, my Brother and I fought….(smiles)….How I miss u brother.Yes I miss them my family….the early morning fight between my mom and me….a lazy me getting out of bed is always making us fight….(smiles)….Last month my brothers wedding took place and all I did was fun! Yes….I miss my dramaqueen czins,politics uncles,gossip queen aunties,My dad,mom and most of all my brother and my Bhabi(sis-in-law).How I wish I could have.stayed there in delhi with them all.And coming back here in Banglore for my studies….I feel worst.Mamma I miss you…(cries a bit)
POV over****

‘Ishita’-A voice called from down.It was Khushi her friend.Ishita came down and was.surprised to see her friend in a desi kudi style…’From crop tops and jeans to Full skirt and Top….a drastic change’-Ishita thought to herself.
Khushi:How do I look?
Khushi:Thank you Ishita….U know….He is coming to see me.
Khushi;Arrey woh(he..)

Khushi blush…
Ishita:God!Are u getting excited for a person whom U have never met….Impossible yaar.
Khushi:Oh plzz….I was just trying to be desi…ok
Ishita:Yah…As if u are not….The No.1 behenji……
Khushi beats her playfully.
Khushi:When my wouldbe come na he will show you.Wait and watch ok….
Ishita: yah u will show me……How u are going to stop this marriage? Right?
Khushi smiles naughtily:Yup!
Ishita laughs

Scene 2,
Two handsome hunks land from Bombay to Bglre.They are waiting outside the airport for someone.
Boy1:Yaar..where are they?
Boy2:chill man….it’s me who is going to see the girl not you ok
Boy 1:Abbe donkey……I dont want your girl…..I just wann sleep.
Boy2 :Lazy Kabir
Boy1 :Idiot Arnav
Kabir:Just get lost dude…..I wanna sleeep…..ask your parents to come
Arnav:Chill dude…bechare uncle aur aunty…..(poor uncle and aunty)
Kabir:Unhe pate nahi na ki tumne sansyas ka plan kiya hai(they dont know right u have chose to become a saint)
Arnav hits him playfully…Kabir laughs…..

Karan and Lalita(Khushi’s parents) come to pick Arnav and Kabir.
Karan(in car):Beta….Khushi will come to meet u in Costa coffee.
Lalita:With her friend.
Arnav:Boy friend?
Lalita stares…..Karan and Lalita thinks that Kabir is the groom.They feel irritated with Arnav(PS.Poor guy)…
Kabir was lost in his thoughts,
Kabir’s POV,
Why am I here again?The place which I hate the most….Why is the past images flashing through my mind?Do I miss them? No use….Those people who didnt even cared about me…have no place in my heart….I dont hate them…but I dont love them also
POV over,A small drop of tear escape from his eyes….He smiles as he sees his favorite place there without much changes except the paint……..
Arnav notice Kabir being in his own world and shakes him.Kabir smiles and says nothing.Arnav also smiles.

*Hi guys I am back hope u all liked my new ff…I may not be regular…but will try maximum to be regular.The story revolves around Arshi and Kabitha(Kabir and Ishita).It’s a real life story which I have seen and heard about…I am adding some spices to it with my ideas….
Kabir.Ray played by Vivek.Dahiya

Ishita.Mathur played by Divyanka Tripathi
Arnav.Singh.Raizada played by Barun.Sobti
Khushi.Chopra played by Sanaya Irani
I wanted Arshi to be the 2nd couple as I am a die hard fan.And Divek coz I like them more than Divan(Ps.Sorry for hurting all Divan or Ishra fans).Hope u all like my new story…..I hope all of u like it and put ur valuable comments and suggestions….Love u all

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  1. I am actually a silent reader of all ffs but reading ur intro I really felt like commenting…..Nice start plz continue

    1. Veronica

      Thnq Harshita……

  2. Sangeeta sonawane

    Seem to be interesting but on ishra feeling sad

    1. Veronica

      I am sorry dea but I thought Divek will go best in the role after seeing their interviews…..Thank u dea

  3. Intro is good and start and regular yrr

    1. Veronica

      Wil try maximum to be regular

  4. A different start…..we are all used to ishra as we are die heart fans of them…..but like divek also…….good going yaar……plz cont

    1. Veronica

      Thank u soo much dear

  5. wooowwwww yaar superb wonderful work the best part is divek so good thats creative very creative looking forward to next epi

    1. Veronica

      Thank u sooo much yaar

    2. Hi rushi u didn’t update ur ff today…….I were waiting for it……hope you would do it tmrw…..

  6. Arshi


  7. Jasmine rahul

    Arnav coming to see khushi.but khushi planning to break her alliance. Will she succeed or will it back fire? ? Khushis family mistakes kabir 4 the boy.oh.what is kabirs past?

  8. Jasmine rahul

    Wish it was ishra.but divek too is sweet.

    1. Veronica

      I am sry dude….Actually in this story like the hero(real life) looks like Vivek dahiya

  9. It’s interesting…. New idea…. I like this series… plz update next episode soon….

    1. Veronica

      Thnks yaar jo…..will update tmw……

  10. Am loving your intro. Keep it up??. I am a die hard Ishra fan but am loving the real match made in heaven Divek????

    1. Veronica

      Thanks yaar

  11. Series start is good with new turn of divek…looking ahead for the creativity..

    1. Veronica

      Thanks yaar

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