mohabbat ki dastan (KRIYYAM) ss part 4

Hello this is mira back with part 4….only a few more parts remaining on this ss….okay let’s begin

Recap: kriyyam fun in the terrace…some kriyyam moments….something is brewing in saiyyam’s mind…tanya’s arrival….what will happen

Saiyyam and tanya are seen touring the house…saiyyam looks here and there and takes tanya to a side…he smiles and thanks her for coming…she says saiyyam I would do anything for you…you are my bestest friend….he smiles…she says by the way krishna is really pretty then why did you call me? Saiyyam stops smiling and recalls krishna saying I still love yuvaan and will always love him….he explains to her the whole thing and she understands….

Tanya says saiyyam I promise I will try my best to make krishna feel like we’re a thing or like I’m back to get you so she can be with yuvaan….but saiyyam there is one thing…what if krishna doesn’t want to go back to yuvaan? What if she just said that because you suddenly asked her? Saiyyam says what are you trying to say? Tanya says I mean what if krishna used to love yuvaan and now she is confused if she still loves him or not? Saiyyam says that’s a good point tanya but the thing is even if she doesn’t love yuvaan I know for a fact she would never love me…I mean after I forcefully married her…I think she considers me nothing and just a normal person whom she can talk to….

Tanya says maybe but before we do anything we should test krishna if she really loves yuvaan or not…saiyyam says how will we do that? She shares the plan and he says I’m not so sure tanya…she says relax we’ll figure it out….tanya says before we take a drastic step we need to make sure if krishna really loves yuvaan or not….if she doesn’t then your path is cleared but only if she loves you back…saiyyam says I’m sure she doesn’t love me and very soon I’ll give her a divorce because she herself told me to free her from this unwanted relationship…

Tanya nods and sees saiyyam….suddenly she sees krishna coming and thinks this is perfect…she holds saiyyam’s face and comes closer…he says what are you doing? She says shhhh krishna is coming…he looks and says oh….he holds tanya from her waist and they are very close…krishna comes and sees all that…she is burning in jealously….she thinks huh first baby and now this tanya….saiyyam is mine and will be mine…Then she realizes what she said….she thinks am I falling for saiyyam? No no I can’t forget what he did to me….

She leaves angrily and saiyyam and tanya break apart…he says I don’t like playing with krishna’s emotions like this…she says just relax…it’s to test her anyways….he nods…both head to their rooms…krishna is sitting on the bed looking sad….saiyyam walks in and sees her…he thinks why is krishna sad? He ignores and walks past her…she thinks huh before he used to come to me whenever he needed me or even if I was looking sad….but today he ignored me….

Saiyyam goes to the closet and thinks I am sorry krishna but I am doing this for you…I know you still love yuvaan and don’t worry ill set you free soon…I promise I’ll go away from you that you won’t even remember me in your memories….this is saiyyam’s promise to his wife Mrs. Krishna Saiyyam Shrivastav (don’t know his last name lol sorry) he goes into the washroom….krishna thinks why am I feeling bad with saiyyam’s ignorance?

Saiyyam comes out the washroom and gets ready to sleep…he goes to the bed and krishna says sai…saiyyam….he looks up at her and says yes krishna? She says woh I was wondering if I can sleep on the bed today. He thinks maybe krishna’s back is hurting so I’ll let her sleep here….he says sure you can sleep here….I’ll sleep on the floor….she shouts no! He looks surprised….she says i…i…I mean can we both sleep on the bed together? He is surprised….he says uh sure if you’re comfortable….
She smiles and in happiness says of course I’m comfortable…I’ve always wanted to sleep here with you….he is surprised…she realizes what an awkward situation she just made and hits her forehead….she turns shyly and says idiot krishna how does your tongue slip each time….saiyyam trying not to make things more awkward says it’s okay krishna…it happens….she smiles and says so can I sleep here with you?
He says sure….he makes space for her…she sits and then notices saiyyam making a pillow wall….

she thinks but I don’t want a pillow wall….saiyyam sees her and says there….now you can sleep….she sees him and removes the pillows….he stares at her shockingly…he says krishna why are you breaking the wall? She says saiyyam I don’t want a wall between us…he is quite surprised and amused….he says okay goodnight krishna and falls on the bed with his back on the bed and him facing up….krishna lays down and sees his arm on his eyes…since she was on his right side she takes his right arm and opens it making space for her to sleep….

He sees her and says wh…what are yo…you doin…doing krishna? She says saiyyam you’re my husband so I have this right….he says meaning? She says let me show you….she turns off her side lamp and lays on saiyyam’s chest….she holds him from his waist and he is shocked and surprised….krishna sees his arm hanging in the air and understands his awkwardness….she says saiyyam it’s okay you can touch me….she naughtily smiles and says I won’t mind….he looks at her amused….she says ugh you won’t be able to do it…
She takes his right arm where she was resting and puts them around her waist…she holds him from his waist and says goodnight saiyyam…she closes her eyes leaving saiyyam shocked…he thinks is krishna okay? Hope she doesn’t think I’m yuvaan…he sees krishna and thinks wait what if she really loves me? he smiles and holds her tighter pulling her closer to his body…she smiles feeling his touch…she thinks I think I love saiyyam…she closes her eyes and sleeps…then she wakes up…she thinks oh no saiyyam’s goodnight kiss…she sees him not sleeping and thinks if she should or not?

She says I will do it after all I am his wife…she says saiyyam…he looks at her and says hmmm? krishna says I forgot to do something…he says what do you mean? She blushes and moves near his face and kisses his cheeks…he is shocked and surprised…she says goodnight kiss…he smiles and she blushes…she again rests her head on his chest and holds him tighter…he also pulls her closer…both sleep in that positon with krishna resting her head on saiyyam’s chest and him holding her from her waist…
In the morning saiyyam is up early…krishna is still sleeping….he thinks about last night and then when krishna said she loves yuvaan….he is stressed about what to do? Let Krishna stay in this unwanted relationship or let her go? He thinks a lot on it and decided to let her free…he thinks like people say if the thing is really yours it’ll come back to you, if it doesn’t come back to you then it never was yours….he looks at krishna and says teary eyed stay happy my dear….

He picks his cell phone and calls his lawyer and asks him to make divorce papers…lawyer says you’ll get them soon….saiyyam thanks him and hangs up….he leaves the room….after sometime krishna wakes up…she sees saiyyam nowhere and thinks where did he go?
She freshens up and heads out where she spots tanya and saiyyam mingling quite well…she burns…they talk and talk when krishna gets fed up…she angrily walks over there and shouts saiyyam! He gets up like an obedient husband and quietly hears her….krishna says what are you doing here? He says Krishna I’m talking to tanya…she says I see that but how can you leave your wife alone? He says what do you mean? She says arrey I am your wife so husband should wake up wife if she is still sleeping na? You left me in there sleeping? And here you’re talking with Tanya….
She says excuse me krishna…I’m sorry if you forgot but me and saiyyam and best friends….she says so? I am his wife….krishna looks at saiyyam and saiyyam looks at krishna….




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