mohabbat ki dastan (KRIYYAM) ss part 3

Hello guy’s mira is back with the third part….thank you all so much!!!!
Recap: saiyyam having a fever….krishna cares for him….he asks her about yuvaan to which she says she still loves him…but she feels she doesn’t love him….
It is morning…everyone is at breakfast table….baby says krishna go call saiyyam…she thinks why does baby want saiyyam to come? She has yuvaan….krishna nods and is about to leave when saiyyam himself comes…kriyyam share an eye lock and it breaks when baby says arrey saiyyam come sit….he goes and sits down…baby thinks now watch krishna what I do to saiyyam…she says saiyyam try this pudding it is really good….he says no thanks…baby says saiyyam just try na….krishna gets mad and says baby if saiyyam is saying he doesn’t want it then why are you forcing him?

Baby says I was just saying….krishna finds something fishy and thinks something…she says baby I have an idea….how about you eat first and tell everyone how it is…then we all will eat….baby is shocked….she says but krishna this is saiyyam’s favorite dish…krishna feels jealous and says to herself huh isko bada pata hai saiyyam ki favorite dish…saiyyam says did you say something krishna? She nods no….
She says baby you try na….she says no it’s okay….krishna says no baby you are eldest bahu so try….yuvaan says krishna why are you forcing baby if she doesn’t want it? Krishna defends saiyyam and says oh really yuvaan? When your wife was forcing MY husband then why didn’t you stop her? Now when I am doing it to your wife you’re stopping me? not fair yuvaan and since baby started it then I want her to eat first….saiyyam looks at krishna and recalls her saying MY husband….he feels so happy….but stops when he recalls krishna saying she loves yuvaan….

Krishna goes to baby and picks up the bowl and spoon and forcefully makes baby eat it…she makes faces and krishna notices her expressions….she goes near baby and whispers in her ear….mujhe pata tha ki daal main kuch toh kaala hai….she smiles and goes back near saiyyam….she feels insulted and leaves the place….yuvaan angrily stares at krishna and leaves after baby…everyone look at her in a shocked way….this krishna they have never seen…saiyyam is somewhat happy but somewhat sad….
In the afternoon Krishna is seen on the terrace drying clothes….saiyyam comes up and thinks where should I exercise? He goes near a table and thinks this is perfect to exercise…he sets his dumbbells on the floor and picks them up one by one according to its weight…kriyyam are unaware of each other’s presence….as krishna dries her clothes on the clothes line she walks forward setting each cloth on the line….both don’t see each other and since krishna isn’t seeing the things ahead of her…she doesn’t spot dumbbells on the ground….

Saiyyam is exercising with his back facing the clothesline…krishna walks towards the dumbbells and suddenly she trips over and screams….saiyyam immediately turns hearing her scream and she falls on him on his chest and both fall down where krishna is on top of saiyyam….she pulls the clothesline with her and it drapes them all the way….her face is near his neck while saiyyam’s face is in krishna’s neck where his lips “accidentally” touch her neck….she feels his lips on her neck and feels a current….song plays in BG while kriyyam are in the same positon
Tu aata hai seene mein….jab jab saansein bharti hoon…tere dil ki galiyon se…main har roz guzarti hoon…hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu…main ret jaisi udti hoon…kaun tujhe yun pyar karega…jaise main karti hoon….ho ho……
They suddenly realize their position and try getting up but the clothes are draped over them…krishna just wants to get out of the awkward positon so she tries moving but she falls down again…he tightens his grip around her waist and pulls her more closer still laying down…he says krishna…she blushes….he moves his fingers down her back and she feels currents…he says krishna….she blushes….he smiles and says krishna….she looks at him….he says get off of me you moti elephant….she opens her mouth wide and sees around her the drapes are off…she understands saiyyam was purposely distracting her so he can undrape the clothes…

She hits him playfully on his chest and gets up…he also gets up and says moti how much do you eat? She stares at him and says at least I eat and am not like a blown away stick…he says what? Did you just call me a stick? She laughs and says yes I did…any problem? He says now you wait….he runs after her and she runs away…they chase each other until both get tired…they see the sky and look at each other shocked…kriyyam shout it’s night already!!! They were chasing each other that they didn’t even realize it was night….both head towards their room…

Saiyyam thinks no why are you getting so close with Krishna? You know she loves yuvaan….krishna thinks what was this feeling? Why am I always enjoying with saiyyam? When I was with yuvaan I didn’t feel this secure and happy like I do with saiyyam…Krishna what is happening to you??? Kriyyam both think about one another and don’t even realize that this hidden something is love…saiyyam thinks you have to do something or else it’ll be harder for me to forget Krishna…

He calls someone while Krishna was in the washroom…he says hey can you come soon? The person says yeah saiyyam I’ll be there by tomorrow….he says good and both hang up….krishna comes out and kriyyam fake a smile at each other and doze off to sleep…
The next morning kriyyam wake up and go to the breakfast area…all are eating when suddenly there is a doorbell….suhani says who came this early morning? Saiyyam thinks I think the person is here…krishna says aunty I’ll get the door…everyone follow krishna…she goes to open the door….a tall fair s*xy skinny girl in a knee length dress is seen with her bags…saiyyam and everyone see her…the girl looks around and spots the one she was looking for….

She gets a huge smile on her face and says saiyyam and rushes to him and gives him a tight hug…saiyyam hugs her back and krishna looks on jealous….she breaks the hug and looks at everyone…she says hi everyone I am tanya saiyyam’s best best best friend….he says yeah guys this is tanya whom I have known since we were little….i can’t believe she is back….tanya smiles and says I am so happy to see you too saiyyam and gives a kiss on his cheeks….krishna is feeling so so jealous….she smiles and comes in between saiyyam and tanya….she extends her hand and says krishna saiyyam’s wife….tanya looks at saiyyam and says saiyuuuu when did you marry???? He smiles while Krishna thinks saiyuu how she dare give a nickname to my husband….

She realizes what she said and thinks did I just say that? Tanya says anyways nice to meet you Krishna…she holds saiyyam’s hand and says saiyuuu show me your home na….he says sure….he takes her and krishna burns in jealousy….

screen freezes on kriyyam’s face
precap: the reason of tanya’s return….what will krishna do?? what is going on in saiyyam’s mind regarding kriyyam’s relationship???? stay tuned
please leave your comments/feedbacks and let me know of this episode

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  1. Awsm…..krishna k liye v koi side hero….lv sq m zyda mza aayega

  2. saiyyam+krishna=sana

    Awsm…plz bring a nw hero fr krishna….it will be interesting to watch lv square

    1. Mira99

      Haha she got one too! Bas new nahi someone close to her!! Keep reading dear?

  3. CoffeeGreen

    Ahaha.Jealousy.Will see what jealousy is gonna do to this lovebirds!!

    1. Mira99

      Thank you!!

  4. Nice

  5. Show Mao bhi dikhana chahiye Krishna’ ke life mai koi air hero but suhani ka scene jyada hi dikhate hai but es story mai to dikhao

    1. Mira99

      Dear this is purely a kriyyam ss. Yes there are some scenes of other characters but I mostly have kriyyam scenes?Sorry if I hurt you dear

  6. Fanficwriter518

    Good episode!

  7. Arpeeta arshi

    Wow………. kirshna jealousy wala love awesome …….. nice episode ……

  8. Arpeeta arshi

    kriyyam ka jealously wala love …….really great

  9. Wonderful amazing

  10. Truly good

  11. I think Krishna ki zindagi main bhi koi aana chaiye

    1. Mira99

      Wait and see?

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    very interesting a jealousy track

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