mohabbat ki dastan (KRIYYAM) ss part 2

Hello guys this is mira back with the second part….thank you all so much for the comments and also if any of you guys have made a vm before on jodi’s and posted them on YouTube or anywhere else please in the comments below teach me step by step how to do it…I have a few I want to do so I needed help on how to make one and post it….so anyone who has done it please let me know….now let us start….
Recap: krishna scolds saiyyam a lot and saiyyam listens to krishna and leaves home in anger…he returns late night….krishna wants to talk with him but he ignores her thinking she still loves yuvaan and doesn’t tell her anything….

It’s morning and krishna wakes up and goes to the washroom….upon returning from the washroom she spots saiyyam still sleeping….she looks at the clock and sees it to be 8 am….she thinks saiyyam is still sleeping? He wakes up by this time? She goes near him to check if he really is sleeping….to her surprise he was sleeping as if he is deep in sleep….she was startled….she shook saiyyam and said wake up saiyyam….it’s 8….she touches him to wake him up but no response….

She thinks why is he still not waking up…suddenly she realizes something….she again touches his face and neck and is shocked…she says saiyyam has high fever…she sprinkles water on his face but he still doesn’t wake up….she says suhani aunty….dadi….come quick…everyone rush inside and suhani says krishna beta what’s wrong? Krishna says aunty saiyyam isn’t waking up….i tried so many times and I even sprinkled water on him….suhani is shocked….she says what? Krishna says yes aunty and he also has high fever….

Suhani says was he fine yesterday? Krishna thinks how saiyyam returned late night but says nothing to suhani and lies saying yes aunty he was fine….dadi says you both stop arguing and call the doctor….he will tell us what happened to saiyyam….krishna says okay dadi….they call doctor and he comes while others wait outside…after a while doctor comes and krishna is the first one rushing towards the doctor…she says how is saiyyam? Doctor says did saiyyam eat anything before going to bed….everyone recalls how saiyyam said no because Krishna said no and she says no doctor….

He says that’s why it happened again….krishna says again? What do you mean? Doctor says are you his wife? She says yes doctor….he says okay listen I was going through saiyyam’s old files and it clearly states in there that saiyyam needs to eat time to time….if he doesn’t eat time to time he may fall unconscious in his sleep….and it also said that if it happens again and again he may even die….(sorry guys couldn’t think of anything lol) everyone is shocked….

Doctor says in his reports it says he has already suffered from this 4 times….this is the fifth time….he will slowly start losing it if this continues….you all need to take good care of him….krishna is shocked…she says but saiyyam is fine na? Doctor says as of now yes but please make sure he eats on time and he isn’t that stressed….krishna nods and sharad drops doctor till the door…

Krishna rushes inside and sees saiyyam laying on bed….she cries and thinks about all that she said to him…she says sorry saiyyam….i know this marriage was forceful but I forgot that now you are my husband….she holds his hands and says saiyyam I promise I will look after you like a good wife….we’ll always be good friends because I still love yuvaan and no one can replace him…..she cries….saiyyam who was awake this whole time heard everything she said…he first was happy with her concern but when she said she loves yuvaan he lost it again….

She left the room and saiyyam opened his eyes….he thinks krishna I love you but I know you loved yuvaan and see my mind was right…now I will have to do something…
At night saiyyam is on his laptop looking carefully at his screen…as soon as krishna walks in he immediately closes his laptop and looks at krishna….she smiles and brings food for saiyyam….she says here your food….saiyyam says I don’t want to eat…she says please saiyyam….he says no….she says arrey yesterday you were only saying I will eat just krishna’s hand’s food then what happened today?

He thinks I found out you still love yuvaan….krishna says saiyyam where are you lost? He says nothing…krishna says okay please for me eat it….he agrees….he tries taking the plate but is still weak….krishna gestures from her hand wait….she picks up the spoon and feeds him…he stares at her lovingly….song plays in BG
Tere samne aa jaane se…yeh dil mera dhadka hai…yeh galti nahi hai teri…kasur nazar ka hain…x2

Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai…woh karke dikha dunga…aise na mujhe tum dekho…seene se laga lunga…tumko main chura lunga tumse…dil mein chupa lunga…aise na mujhe tum dekho…seene se laga lunga…tumko main chura lunga tumse…dil mein chupa lunga
Suddenly saiyyam realizes what he was doing and stops staring at her…he thinks no how can I get close to krishna…at the end I know she will leave me…he thinks to ask her…but how? He says krishna I have to say something….she says hmmm…..he says I am sorry for marrying you forcefully….she looks at him then says no saiyyam it is okay….i mean at the end you realized your mistake na….

He says yeah and I have another thing to ask…she says hmmm….he says do you still love yuvaan? She stops and looks at him…she wants to say yes but her heart is saying no….she ignores that fact and says yeah saiyyam I love yuvaan and I will continue loving him all my life even if he has married baby….he is shocked…he felt as if the ground under him broke….he was numb….she says anyways forget it here….he looks at her teary eyed and she says saiyyam? Your food….he says no I ate a lot already….she says just this much? C’mon saiyyam a little more….he gets mad and says Krishna! I said na I don’t want it….
She is shocked by his change of voice….he is recalling what all krishna said about yuvaan and his feelings…both are fighting with each other innerly….she gets up and saiyyam says sorry krishna I didn’t mean to yell like that….she says it’s okay and leaves….saiyyam gets up from his bed and thinks even krishna said she loves yuvaan still….he thinks how can I keep krishna in this unwanted relationship? I’ll need to do something fast….he sleeps….after sometime Krishna enters….

She thinks when I told saiyyam I still love yuvaan how come my heart didn’t feel like that? How come I felt that I was lying? Do I not love yuvaan? Did I ever love him or was it just his friendship that made me think I love him?

PRECAP: saiyyam talking over the phone to someone and asks the person to come soon and hangs up and is teary eyed….who is the person?? Why was saiyyam teary???

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