Hi friends. And today past of VIVREYA will be revealed.



Laksh was looking here and there. Rajnath Goenka came there.
Raj:- So young man you here ?
Laksh:- Ya sir I need your signs on some deal papers.
Raj:- First call me Uncle rather than Sir.
Laksh:- Ya sure sir. Oh I means Uncle.
Raj:- Ok give me papers on which you want signs.
Laksh:- Ya take it this uncle. He gave filr to Rajnath.
Servant came their with Tea and Snacks. Laksh was saying no but on Rajnath intense he agreed.
Raj:- Take it Laksh I had signed these papers.
Laksh:- Thanks sir.
Voice came like any car came with high speed and stopped. When laksh looked toward the door he was mermised to see Ragini there.
Raj:- Mishti, Aru& Shona. Tum log iss waqt ghar pr. Is everything alright???
Armin:- Ya papa everything is alright. We want to spend sometime together so we came home.
They 3 wished laksh and moved upstairs. Laksh was sad that he didn’t get chance to meet Ragini. He lefted their place. Rajnath also wented to his study room. Shona, Mishti & Aru went to Vivian room and started to search for key of cupboard. Finally ragini got it.
Shona:- Thnk God we got this key.
Aru:- Mishti know open this cupboard.
Mishti:- Hm. She opend the cupboard.
There was locker in that cupboard. They know the password and they opened it. Shona picked up the photoframe from the cupboard. They 3 were shocked to see the photo. In photo there were 3 persons and they are PURVI SHREYA VIVIAN.
Shona:- I had seen these 2 girls somewhere.
Aru:- Ya shona you are right. I have also seen them. But where?
Mishti:- In party that was conducted in our house.
Shona&Aru:- Ya exactly. These both girls were present in the party.
Aru:- Wait a minute these both are daughters of DURGAPARSAD AND RAMPARSAD MAHESHWARI. But I don’t know their names.
Mishti&Shona:- Ya papa introduced us to them. But ARU which one is Bhai’s girlfriend.
Luckily Vivian came back to home and when he opened the room door he was shocked to see the scene their. He saw the locker opened and the pic in Shona’s hand. They encountered him with many questions.
Shona:- Bhai who are these girls?
Vihu:- My friends.
Mishti:- Only friends?
Vihu:- Yes. He was shocked at his sibblings reaction.
Aru:- Don’t lie Bhai. Please tell us the truth.
Vihu:- Which truth?
Shona:- These girls and your truth.
Mishti:- Bhai please tell us.
Vihu:- He walked upto the door and locked the door from inside and came back to them. He was totally breaked internally and started to cry. He told them that these girls are SHREYA & PURVI my bestfriends before 2 years.
Mishti:- 2 years before. What happened bhai before 2 years.
Vihu:- Started telling them the truth which happened in past.


Me, Shreya and Purvi were best friends from when we meet in London. We were studying in same college but in different blocks. We three were popular among everyone for are friendship and the pranks we do there. Me and Shreya were in relationship. Many of college students know this. We were the famous couple. I regarded purvi as my sister. We were neighbours also in London. One day when me and Shreya reached back at shreya’s place we saw Purvi crying. We asked her reason.
Purvi:- Bhai he misbehaved with me.
Vivian:- Who Purvi? Please tell me his name I will not leave him alive.
Shreya:- Han Purvi bata. Kisne kiya tera sath aisa?
Purvi:- Samrat. { Samrat role will be played by Mohit Malik }
Vivian:- That bl***y ba****d I will not leave him today.
Vivian left from there angrily. And reached at a pub where samrat frequently goes. Samrat welcomed Vivian there. Vivian started to beat him. He beated him very badly and warned him that never to come near Purvi. And Vivian left from there.
Samrat:- You will pay for this Vivian. Just wait and watch now what this Samrat Mehra will do. I will destroy you completely.
After 2 Days there was a Party in college. Samrat put some drugs in Vivian and Purvi drinks. And make Shreya busy with her friends. After drinking those drinks they got unconscious. Samrat take them to a room and layyed both of them in a position as they were making out. When in morning they woked up they were shocked to see their position. Shreya also came there and was also shocked. Purvi and Shreya both misunderstands Vivian and Shreya slapped him continuously. Both girls broke each and every ties with Vivan.



Credit to: Noor

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  1. Wow Noor awesome…… Waiting to see how you clear the misunderstanding between them……

    1. thnx nita. in next 2-3 episodes I will clear misunderstanding between them. and more suspense is waiting.

  2. Ohhh so this is the reason


  3. Noor plz show some swasan monents also yr plz focus on swara md sanskar also

    1. ya I will show their moments after some suspense dear. i told in starting their is some swara’s bitter past

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