Hey friends its NOOR again. Thanks friends for giving time for my fanfiction. I am on cloud nine that you are loving my fanfiction. The all I need is your support. And you may give me new ideas.

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The episode starts from:-
Shreya remembering some past scenes.
FLASHBACK 2.5 years back …………………………
Shreya and one boy are talking on phone. The boy is none other VIVIAN. They are love birds. In college everyone knows that they both love each other madly. They are number 1 couple in college. VIVREYA are studying in London. He is doing his business study there and Shreya and Purvi doing there Interior Designing study. Vivian, Shreya,Purvi were best friends. 3 were famous for there pranks in college.
Shreya:- Hi Vihu. Kya kr rha hai mera baby?????
Vivian: Nothing baby just missing you and tum kya kr rahi ho abhi????
Shreya: Missing you toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Vivian: Itna miss kar rahi ho???
Shreya: Yes.
Vivian: Baby open the door of your house.
Shreya: Why????
Vivian: Just open it you will come to know.
Shreya: She opened the door. And someone shouted SURPRISEEEEEEEEEE. Face was not clearly visible because the flowers was in front of the person face. Shreya turned back to go inside the person grabbed her and said where are you leaving baby? Yes the person is Vivian.
Vivian: So you liked the surprise baby?
Shreya: Ya its most wonderfull surprise. And why haven’t you told me that you are coming back?
Vivian: Sorry Shreya I want to see the happiness that you get when you see me after long time. And bata deta toh surprise kise deta meri jaan.
Shreya: Logic toh hai Mr Goenka.
Vivian: Ok my baby. Where is your HITLER Sis.
Purvi: I am here only Vihu ji.
Vivian: Lo shaitaan ka name liya aur shaitaan ay gya.
Shreya&Purvi in union: So bad joke Vivian. We are angry at you.
Vivian: Sorry my two beautifull girls. I am really sorry ab tum dono maaf nhi krogi.
Purvi: Ok maaf kiya but ek condition pr.
Vivian: Ok I will fulfill any of your condition.
Shreya: So Mr Vivian Goenka the condition is this that next week you are taking us for long weekened.
Vivian: Anything for my 2 sweet friends.
The three hugged each other. They were cracking jokes and laughing.
Why you cheated me Vivian. You could tell me once I should have gone away from you. She was crying silently. Someone patted her shoulder. She cleaned and rubbed her eyes and brought fake smile on her beautiful face. The person was her sister Purvi. Purvi understands everything. Both sisters hugged each other and cried a lot.


Swaragini were working in there office suddenly Swara asked Ragini that what happened to Vivian Bhai. I saw him yesterday he was not that Vivian whom I know. He losted his charm and that always similing face. Ragini replied her after Bhai came back from London he is like this only. I tried many time to ask the problem but everytime he skipped. God knows. Jo bhi hai swara problem solve jo jani chaiya because I want my old bhai back. The screen splits ragini swara Shreya and purvi are thinking something and very much sad.


How Vivian cheated Shreya ?
Does Purvi know any secret about that ?

Credit to: Noor


  1. Nita

    Wow Noor back to back so many episodes….loved them all now can’t wait to know the suspense…can I dare n request u to upload one more??? I hope I m not asking for too much?? I mean already u have uploaded so many.

    • Ya i will upload. SorRy actually ajj update krna tha . Lekin meeting mein busy hona ka karn i cant update. I am writting next part only . Soon i will update that

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