Hi guys are you happy with the pairs. And sorry friends last episode was small next time I will make long update. And thnx to silent readers also. And with the present track of the story. So coming back to the story the episode starts from:-
Vivian meets everyone in the party. But till now he had not seen Shreya&Purvi. The party is going on full swing. Couples are dancing and enjoying the party a lot. Laksh say ragini and is memersied with her beauty. He has fallen in love with ragini in 1st sight. Ragini did not notice that laksh is sattering her. By gaining some courage he went towards ragini and started the conversation:-
Laksh – Hi Miss Gadodia
Ragini – Hi MR……..
Laksh – Laksh Maheshwari
Ragini – Hello Mr Laksh
Laksh – You can call me Lucky also
Ragini – Oh ok
Lucky – So whatsapp Miss ragini?
Ragini – Good you say.
Suddenly someone said MISHTI come here. Ragini ran from there. Laksh said MISHTI nice name. You are so beautiful Miss Mishti.
Purvi and Shreya are looking very upset. They maked excuse to their parents and moved back to their MANSION. Vivian saw them going but was not able to see their face, In heart he said “asa kyun laga ki woh yahan” pr thi. Shayad yeh mera veham ho. He didn’t pay attention to his thought and started to enjoying the party. After all guest dismissed the family members were sitting their. Swara came their and said Dad, Mom ,Papa,Maa and all off you thanks for this amazing party. I enjoyed alot. Ragini said to swara now lets go. Lets sleep fast because tomorrow we have to go for the office.All departed to their rooms. Next day in morning. Swara & Ragini are sleeping peacefully in their room. Sharmishta hamari dono princess abhi tk uthi ki nahi Raj asked. Nahi raj bhayia mai abhi ja kar inn dono princess ko uthi hun. Vivian and Armin sad ruk jayia Mom we will wake up our sisters. You do your work. By saying this they moved to the girls bedroom. The sunrays was falling on swara and it was disturbing swara’s sleep. Vivian came and stand between swara and sunrays and said no one can disturb swara until her brother is here. Armin tried to wake ragini and swara but they were not readt to get up so soon. Armin naughtily smiled and picked up the jug full of water and poured it on both the princess. The both waked up and screemed “BARISH” {RAIN}. Both the brothers were similing mishieviously. Shona & Mishti understand and they 4 started the pillow fights. After 10 minutes Vivian asked them to get ready and come fast to the dinnig room for breakfast because you guys had to left for your Office. Both girls screamed oh no we forget it. Both ran here and there in the room. The brothers were laughing on the childness of the sisters. They both wented to their room to get ready.
Vivian opened his cupboard and picked up a frame and said “USS RAAT MERI KOI GALTI NAHI THI. EK BAAR MUJHA BATANA KA CHANCE DIYA HOTA TOH AISA KABHI NAHI HOTA.I REALLY MISS YOU. PLEASE COME BACK. I TRULY LOVES YOU. He wipped his tears and kept that photo back in cupboard and locked it.


Sanskar is sitting and doing his work and Laksh came there and asked him why didn’t he came in party last night. Sanskar made some excuse. Laksh didn’t believe him but before he could say something DP called him and went. Sanskar think sorry lucky I lied you but I have important work to do then these useless parties.


Why is Vivian crying?
What happened that night about which Vivian is talking about?

Credit to: Noor

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