Hi friends today I will reveal the pairs. Because everyone is waiting for the pairs. So pairs are:-


Guys I will start their love story soon but before that their will be one twist regarding PURVI VIVIAN SHREYA. Some suspense will be clear in today’s episode.

So starting my 4th episode. The episode starts from:-

One girls sitting in her cabin and watching some photos. Tears are rolling down from her cheeks. She talks to herself by looking at photo why you cheated me. I loved you but why you left me. What you have done I will never forget that. Know I only hate you. “ JISS JUNOON SE TUMSE MOHABBAT KI THI AJJ USSI JUNOON SE TUMSHE NARFART KARTI HUN”. I hate you Vivian Goenka. The girl is none other then Shreya.


Everyone is preparing for tonight’s party. The party is thrown for Swara return and the big contract they signed with Maheshwari’s. Swara was sitting in her room and was lost somewhere. ARMIN VIVIAN and RAGINI saw her like this and get sad. To cheer her they came to her and started tickling her. Swara came out off her thought world. And started to enjoy with her brothers and sister. Suddenly she told them that she is not able to remember that what happened with her 2years back. They said relax swara forget that know and concentrate on your life and enjoy your every momement of your life

At night party starts at SWARAGINI MANSION. Guests are coming to the party venue. Maheshwari family arrived in party and they were memersied to see the decoration of MANSION. Shekar and Rajnath welcomed them. They introduced each other to their families. Sanskar was not their in party. Durgaparsad asked Rajnath that where are your childrens . Rajnath said they must be here only. Wait I will call 4 shaitaan. He asked one of servant to call them. A voice come no need to call us we are here only. Swara, Ragini & Armin said. Rajnath introduced 3of them to MAHESHWARI’S . DP asked them where is there elder son. Sharmishta pointed out towards a direction the boy was standing their and talking to someone on mobile. His back was towards everyone. When he moved back Shreya & Purvi was shocked to see him. The boy was Vivian Goenka. He came toward maheshwari family and greeted them . He was not able to see face of the sisters because they were behind their father and mother.


What will happen when shreya purvi & vivian come face to face?
why shreya hates vivian so much?
what happened in swara’s past?

thnx friends for your comments. and i am sorry if i hurted your feelings. and sorry if i am not able to replt your comment .

Credit to: Noor

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  3. Sorry renu and naimi my next update will be long . And thnx .

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