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recap: sanskar truth known to everyone and rahil and swara relationship revealed. They both are married.

Episode starts

Dp: please forgive us because of my son you had to suffer very much.
Dada ji: its ok durgaparsad. Ismein tumhari kya galti thi. Chlo abhi ragini ki bidaai ka time hai.
Ap: ragini and angel dono ki bidaai
Pari: ya maa app bilkul thik keh rhi.
Rithvik: I will never come to Maheshwari Mansion. Because I don’t believe anyone of you.
Angel: rithvik they are our family. We cant do like this with them.
Rithvik: angel tum inn logon ko kaise maaf kr skti ho.
Sakshi: rithvik angel bilkul sahi keh rhi hai. And beta ragini bhi hai , yuvraj bhi hoga and your sister purvi.
Rithvik: ok maa agar app keh reh hai only toh. But mr maheshwari listen me maina apko abhi tk maaf nhi kiya. So mera sath koi relation mt banna.
Finally her biddaai happened. After the biddai gadodia goenka and oberoi sat there .
Armin: now why everyone of you are sad. Its happy moments.
Raunak: ya aru hi right. Please yeh sad sad rehna bnd krio.
Aarushi: aur tum apna muh bnd rakho.
Raunak: excuse me you wild creature.
Aarushi: you monkey.
Raunak: no you.
Aarushi: you.
Everyone was seeing their fight. They both were fighting like kids. Everyone were laughing on their antics. Slowly slowly everyone departure to there bedroom. Armin took raunak with him and swara and geet took aarushi with them.

The maheshwari family welcome their daughter-in-laws. after that some rasams were completed. Ragini was taken to laksh Room which was beautifully decorated. They both entered the room. They were eyening each other lovingly. They both went near the window and watching the sky which was full of stars. And they started watching the moon.
Ragini: laksh I thought that I had lost you for forever.
Laksh: don’t worry ragini. Now all our problems are solved.
Ragini: laksh in these 4 years everything had changed. You remember that day when we all last meeted.
Laksh: ya how much happy we were. But sanskar destroyed everything. I don’t believe he can stoop so low. But now we should be happy that swara is happy with rahil.
Ragini: ya laksh. But sanskar ki vajaha se Rahil & Swara ne apna bacha kho diyia.
Laksh: what?????

Ragini: yes laksh . Before 2 years when that night swara went to cliff that night that day sanskar shot her and sahil pushed her. On that day in evening only she came to know that she is 2 months pregnant. She shared this news with me . She wants to give surprise to Rahil. That night after conpleting that drama she was going to london. But everything was finished. After that rahil came to australia where swara was admitted. But we send him back to london so that he may be safe. In that 2 years rahil use to come to see her. Everytime he was keeping an eye on her throughcctv camera. Because her life was in danger. She came out of coma after 1 year only. But she was paralysed. So she decided not to return back until she was perfectly good. So when she was perfectly good she came back to india to take her revenge.
Laksh: I am sorry ragini. This much happened but I was bot there for you.

To be contibued……

Precap: only romance of all couples.

Sorry today episode is small sorry for that. And friends comment with whom you want to see swara.
Swara – Rahil
Swara – Sanskar

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  1. Raglakholic

    Awesome one
    Poor swara
    She lost her baby

  2. Obviously swasan…….. No compromise for dat jodi.

  3. Waiting for more Raglak scenes

  4. Rahil will be a gud pair for swara

  5. Let the character rahil be varun kapoor

  6. Sanswa


  7. Swara rahil please i am committing 1st time.We all love swasan but sometimes we need some changes na.

  8. Hi dr dont angry with me stuck with studies dr…after long long time right? Anyway glad u posted this most beautiful ff dr…one of my favorite….

    dr we love swasan but dr in this ff swasan doesnt suit dr

    ONLY SAWAR ND RAHIL dr…plz dr once u asked us about pair that time u also agree with sawarahil if i correct….plz dr dont separate swara nd rahil….in this ff only suit swara nd rahil…….
    Plz dr once again plzzzzzz DONT SEPARATE SWARA AND RAHIL…..

    Part was amazing dr…..feeling really bad for swarahil……want see their happy moment in hereafter……superb dr….waiting for next……
    Hope i didnt hurt u with my comment …if i hurt u plz forgive me……….
    DONT SEPARATE SWARA ND RAHIL ????????????????

  9. Noor

    Friends know i will post on tuesday. So wait. Because i am writting a long episode. So i need a time for goood episode. And thnx all of you. And i will reveal pair in next episode. And that episode will be special. Because it will be 50th episode. Gd day

  10. Akshata

    i have read your all the updates in one go, its so awesome and full of mysteries and secrets, and my vote goes to swahil…. swara and rahil

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