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Duplicate laksh truth came out. Angel back to SWARAGINI MANSION.
Episose start
Everyone was very happy that Angel was pregnant. They were celebrating it.
Purvi: but how laksh bhai came here when fake laksh was present.
Vivian: actually we called him to meet us. He came there but we didn’t meet him. But when he was going back my guards kidnapped him. They keep him busy until here marriage finishied.
Purvi: oh ok. Means at home when laksh bhai came down that was my real laksh bhai.
Laksh: yes that was I only.
Purvi: I am sorry laksh for talking rude to you.
Laksh: its ok puru.
Aru: wow puru and aru so nice {blushing}
Raigni: bhai kuch kha apne.
Armin: nothing. (Embarassed)
Raj: ok now finally all the problems are solved. So its time for celebration.
Swara: ya sure. I had arranged a party and that is tomorrow.
Sakshi: that’s superb.
Sanskar: excuse me everyone. I had to say something.
Dp: han sanskar beta bolo.
Sanskar: I love swara and I want to marry her. He went towards swara and prposed her.
Gadodia and Goenka were totally shocked. But Maheshwari’s were happy. They always want swara to be there daughter in law. But suddenly everyone heared a slap sound. Yes swara had slapped sanskar.
Sanskar: swara why had you slapped me. You also love me na.
Swara: just shut up Sanskar Maheshwari. What you think that I will never come to know about your true face. I know everything about you.
Ap: why are you talking like this Swara?
Swara: oh aunty do you want to know who was that person who was helping that sahil. Then all of you listen that person is none other than SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.
Ap: no this is lie. My Sanskar cant do like this.
Sanskar: I am sorry mom but I was helping him. But he was blackmailing me.
Shreya: but why he was blackmailing you bhai?
Swara: I will tell you Shreya. Because he had done kidnapping of one person which was known to tjat sahil. So he blackmailed him
Rp: whom he had kidnapped swara beta ?
I will tell you whom he had kidnapped a voice came from back . Oberio family was standing at back. Rahil Singh Oberio came forward. Swara ran towards him and hugged him Very tightly.
Swara: I really missed you very much Rahu.
Rahil: I also missed you very much my jungli billi. See know I came back you don’t need to miss me. (Winked) ok now I will tell you all. Sanskar Maheshwari had kidnapped me.
Sujata: but when beta?
Swara: before 3 years.
Sujata: but why had you kidnapped him sanskar. Kya biggada tha iss bechara ne tumhara.
Swara: aunty he will tell you nothing. I will tell you. Me ,rahil , laksh & ragini were college friends. We love each other a lot as a friends. But in some corner of our heart me and rahil loved each other. One day sanskar took admission in same clz but laksh didn’t knew this. And sanskar also havent seen lucky with us. When sanskar saw me in college to take his revenge he added drugs in my drinks and took me in room but luckily rahil and vivian bhai saw this. Vivian bhai came there to meet us. So they saved me from his clutches.
Purvi: but why he wants to take revenge from you.
Swara: because in school days we both were classmates. Sanskar and kavita were in relationship. Kavita betted with sanskar To make me fall in love with him. He accepted that. He came close to me. I slowly slowly falled in love with him. He asked me to prpose him in front of full school. But his intentions came in front of me when I listened his and kavita’s talk. But that time I decided I will teach them a good lesson. I showed his true face to whole school and hurted his ego. So to satisfy his ego he thought to take revenge from me.
Dp: but why he kidnapped rahil?
Swara: because Rahil is my husband. Yes I am Mrs Swara Rahil Singh Oberoi.
Ap: what?
Sakshi: yes mrs maheshwari. Swara and rahil are married from last 4 years. They both had to married just because of your son. He made fake video of Swara and Rahil. So to save our both families reputation we made them married.
Rahil: but Sanskar thanks to you me and swara got true love in our life.
Sanskar: swara but know I love you truly please believe me. Yes I had kidnapped Rahil but I left him.
Swara: yes you left him to die Mr Maheshwari.

( guys here I want to disclose a secret in one of my episode I showed a vieled lady talking to herself that she will take revenge of her friend and husband so that lady was swara. And that friend was lucky and husband rahil. Because now swara truly loves Rahil. I will show there college, marriage and sanskar past in next episodes. Now only I want to finish this drama)

Ragini: but when you shoot him that day someone took him to hospital. And luckily we were also there for dada ji treatment.
Shekar: we recognized you on the same day. We were not speaking because swara asked us to behave normal. Because she wants to give you punishment.
Swara: and what you think sanskar I loved you no I just want you to feel same that how it feels when you are cheated.
Sanskar: what was that swara your love confession and you took me in your plan against sahil.
Armin: I tell you. From starting only we know that you was always with him. We only told you that things which we wanted not our full plan. But you and that sahil were great fools . Who thought we are telling you the truth.
Ragini: and sanskar we know when that day swara went to cliff. First you shooted her then only fake laksh pushed her from cliff. But for your badluck she saw your face.
Sanskar: swara I know I had done many mistakes. But please forgive me. I really love you very much.
Suddenly rp slapped sanskar.
Rp: I am ashamed to call you as my son.
Sujata: you are right. Listen sanskar from today we are dead from you. Get lost from here.
Sanskar: please mom listen to me once.
Rp: just get lost from here. From today we don’t have any relation with you.
Episode ends…..
To be continued…….

Precap: love moments and sanskar guilty about his act and his decision.

Oberoi family
Rahil oberoi: swara husband. Played by Karan Wahi.
Aarushi oberoi : rahil sister. Played by Asha Negi.
Geet oberoi: rahil sister. Played by Drasti Dhami.
Manav oberoi: rahil father. Played by hiten tejwani.
Ishani oberoi: rahil mother. Played by gauri pradhan.
Friends oberoi family is in positive role… this family will bring many twist. So wait and watch.

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