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Wedding prepration and mystery call to fake laksh

Fake Laksh came there. It is a mountain cliff. He is waiting there for someone.
Fake Laksh pov.
I don’t know who was that caller. He told me that he knows my all secrets which he will tell to police if I don’t meet him. Let me see who is this person. I will stop his breathe today. How dare he to blackmail me. But I had to reach there soon so that nobody doubts me. Where the hell is this mystery caller. Maybe somebody did prank on me. I should now go back. I am waiting here from last 45 minutes. But nobody came here.

From some distance two persons were seeing him and his activities. They were giving smirk to each other.
Person 1: is everything ready?
Person 2: yes everything is ready. When he will leave from here then on his way to home the action will begin.
Person 1: hahahahahah good. Know I will see how he will keep his secret safe.

Fake Laksh left from there and that two mysterious person also left from there as fast as he left.

Dp: anu is this laksh ready or not?
I am ready papa a voice came from back.
Anu: ok beta. I think so we must leave. Where is this sanskar?
Purvi: Mrs Maheshwari he told me that he is going somewhere. He will directly come to Mandap. So no need to wait for him.
Rp: Purvi is this the way to talk to your elders.
Purvi: oh Mr Rp Maheshwari will give me values. Wooww what a joke.
Dp: stop it Purvi its not time for all this nonsense.
Purvi: ok mr maheshwari. But could u please tell me mr laksh meheshwari ko yeh injuries kaise hui.
Laksh was totally shocked. Woh actually purvi mai washroom mein gir gya tha.
Purvi: gira hua toh tum phela hi ho aur kitna giro gye. Suddenly she got call and left to attend that.
Anu: leave it now we should move. Otherwise you will get late.

Swara & Vivian came back from there secret mission. They acted normally as nothing happened. They had planned something but now they were oy waiting for its result. They both went towards ragini’s room. Ragini was wearing red heavy lehenga with modern jwellery. She was looking so beautifull. Swara was wearing blue long anarkali she was also looking so beautiful. That anyone can fall for her. The 4 sibbling talked for sometime and left when the barrat arrived.
Pandit ji called dulhan down. Swara and khushi brought ragini down. Ragini give a disgust look to Laksh. But he was looking very lovingly at her. Pandit ji started the mantars of the marriage. Raglak took 7 vows of the marriage. He put sindoor in her head and mangalsutra was tied to her neck. Everyone was seeing laksh with disgust look. But he didn’t care. But somewhere vivian and swara was happy. Finally the pandit ji announcend that the narriage is completed. Ab tum dono pati patni hua. Ab ab tum apne se bron ka ashirwad lao. Everyone gave them blessing but suddenly they hear the voice.
Voice: stop all this.
Everyone was shocked to see the person it was laksh. Yes the two laksh was present in wedding one real and one duplicate.
Ragini: who are u? She asked the groom.
Swara: I will tell u ragini who is the real laksh.
Rajnath: shona beta what you mean.
Vivian: dad I will explain you everything. Ragini first I will tell you that you married your love laksh only not any duplicate. The person standing with u is only the real Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini: laksh why hadnt you told me before.
Real laksh: sorry Ragini. I didn’t get time. Because iss duplicate ke yahan ana se phela tumse shaddi krni thi.
Dada ji: koi btaya ga yahan kya ho rha hai.
Swara: we will tell everythin dada ji. But first I want you guys to meet someone. Guards please hold this fake laksh and tie him there. Vivian bhai call them to come inside.
Vivian: ya sure shona. He called someone.
Goenka and Gadodia family feels that like someone very close to them is coming back. They see the garland on Angel pic fall downs because of wind. They all see towards the main door. When the family see that side they don’t have any bound to share there happiness. Because the daughter whom they think to be dead is standing in front of them that also alive. Yes everyone came to know that Angel Goenka the heir the strength of Goenka empire is alive. Next the family got Shock when they saw the son of their house there ladla standing in front of them that also smiling Raunak Gadodia. The son whom everyone wants to bring back was standing in front of them and that also smiling. Goenka & Gadodia were so happy because they get everything back which they lost. The family elders meet Angel and Raunak. They were very happy.
Swara: please guys you stop crying.
Armin: ya these are happy moments and you are wasting it by flowing tears.
Sharmishta: it is tears of happiness to see my daughter alive. Angel beta where was u. You ever know how much we miss you?
Sakshi: did you ever miss us? Do ever thing by which phase we had to go through?
Angel: relax mom and maa. My 2 sweet mothers just wait for sometime. First I had to do some important work.
Raj: beta kaunsa important kam?
Angel: dad I will tell u just wait.
She went to duplicate laksh and gave him a tight slap everyone present there was shocked. The goenka and gadodia were shocked because they had never saw Angel this much angry. The next shock they got when angel take out mask from duplicate laksh face. They were shocked to see that someone else was present there. Everyone was confuse that what was happening.
Dada ji: who is he?
Ragini: Sahil Singhania.
Raj: Sahil Singhania. You means son of Tej Singhania.
Vivian: yes dad you are right.
Raj: but what is he doing here.
Dp: I will tell you all. This all happened 4 years back.
Everybody was happy at there place. Laksh had complete his education. He was coming back to mumbai from delhi. We all were waiting for him at our house. That time I got a call from an unknown number and that person told me to meet him at his place and its urgent. I left from there. When I reached there I saw my laksh lying in pool of blood. That time this bastard sahil came there. He told me if I want to keep my son alive then I had to take him as my laksh to our home. Otherwise he will destory my family. So to keep my family safe I kept him at my home. He had done many wrong things but I had to support him because my laksh was in his clutches. I had to throw out my son Rithvik and Yuvraj out of my house due to him. Many times I tried to tell them but they never understand or sometimes this sahil came to know.
Shekar: what why are you doing this Sahil Singhania?
Sahil: because of you maheshwari and goenka and gadodia my family destroyed. My father suicide and my mother died. So I wanna take revenge.
But suddenly he got slap from someone. It was dada ji.
Dada ji: just shut up. Jaisa ghatyia baap waisa hi ghatyia beta.
Sahil: don’t dare to say a word against my father.
Vivian: but dadu how they are related to us?
Dada ji: beta it’s a old story. Many years back we and maheshwaris were business partners with singhania. But this sahil dad done fraud in the company. And he created misunderstanding between us and maheshwaris. So the company was divided. But Tej Singhania didn’t stopped here. He played with dignity of my elder daughter Janki due to which she done suicide. We were in that taurma. but when we cane to know the truth we hand over him to police. After realising from jail he went to his house. But his wife never accepeted him back because she was good friend of janki. And the Singhania property was belonged to her. So she threw him out of the house. To take his insult revenge he killed sahil mother preeti but showed it as accident. And when he got hold on everything he came to know that someone know his secret. When he went to meet that person that time he was killed in road accident. Which was planned by his own brother to get his property. They show it suicide to world.
Sahil: but how is this possible. You are telling lie.

Suddenly police came there.
No Mr Sahil Deendayal Gadodia is saying truth. Your mother was killed by your father. And your chachu killed your father. And he wants to take over Maheshwari and GG’S property so he used you. And I had never seen a dumb person like you. Without knowing the truth you came to take revenge.
And now Mr sahil you are underrest for kidnapping Laksh Maheshwari and attempt to killing of Angel Goenka and Swara Gadodia.
Sahil: wait inspector. I want to ask sorry from you all. I was blind in revenge that I never try to see truth. Please ho ska toh mujha maaf kr dena.
After that police took him away. (Finally Sahil / duplicate laksh track ended here) AND ALL THE GUEST LEFT FROM THERE ONLY GADODIA GOENKA AND MAHESHWARI WERE PRESENT.
Dp: but beta how you get laksh here.
Armin: actually raunak bhai and arnav bhai had found him.
Arnav: ya we were keeping an eye on him. So we get to know about his hideout.
Sakshi: but angel and swara how both of you are involved in it.
Angel: actually mom before 4 years I was in love with Rithvik. One day I was going to meet him at café. There I saw laksh. When I went to meet him he didn’t recognize me. Because laksh had meet me before many times. Because he was mishti and shona’s classmate Lucky in delhi.
Shekar: oh so you are that lucky who share flat with our devils.
Laksh: yes uncle I am that unlucky fellow
Angel: from there I got a doubt him so I started to follow him so one day I got the proof. But unluckily he came to know it. That day when the police told you I was dead in bomb blast that day I escaped from the car with help of yuvraj. He came to know about fake laksh plan. Actually that day he called me there to meet him. ( she tell all the flashback to all). After that he took me to australia there I slipped into coma. So they don’t want to give you false hope. That is why they didn’t told you truth.
Raj: wait who are they?
Angel: yuvraj , rithvik ,shona , mishti , vihu , aru and raunak.
Sakhsi: oh so toh yeh sb use to sayy. Our angel is alive. You nautankibaaz all. Just wait there. Today I will kill you all.
Khushi: agr sach bta deta toh app ko hr roz ek tension hoti ki shyd ajj meri beti ka last day hai. Isliya humne usse ussi din mar diyia.
Sharmishta: but who was there with angel?
Rithvik: I was there mom.
Sakshi and Sharmishta came near angel and hugged her. Beta we are really sorry when you need us most that time we was not there for you. But shona how you get trapped.
Vivian: actually she went there to trap laksh. But she herself get trapped. He pushed her from cliff. But luckily yuvraj was with her. So with help of police we found her. And further you know where was she and in which condition. That time we don’t know who is this fake laksh. But before 2 months when shona came back to india that time we cane to know who was he . So to trap him we planned all this game.
Dadi: toh who swara ka memory loss.
Nani: all drama.
Dadi: hey bengalan how you know that.
Nani: because I am the director and producer of this film.
Mishti : the head of our group.
Armin: actually one day we were discussing plan she heared us so we had to tell her everything.
Dadi: hey bengalan tune mujha kyu nhi bataya.
Nani: tumhe batati toh sare city ko pta chl jata.
Sakshi: please now both of you stop it.
Sharmishta: yes this thing is cleared that how laksh was kidnapped what was the reason and all. How angel and shona was involved. But I didn’t understand onething.
Armin: and what is that mom?
Sharmishta: if maheshwari and we are partners then why don’t we know.
Sujata: I am also thinking the same.
Rp: I will tell you. You everyone don’t know because that time we were npt married. Means this companies was runned by our fathers. And that time we were new in the business. When we get apart then we decided that we will never talk abt each other.
Raj: so that is why we never told anyone.
Shekar: but 1 year back we met dp and rp so we solved our issues and again became friends but never told anyone.
Armin: but kyu dad?
Dp: because situation was not like that we should tell the truth to Our family.
Yuvraj: ok if everyone emotional drama is finish then may I announce something.
Dadi: han bol yuvi.
Yuvraj: ok I waanna share a good news. Actually one new member is soon coming in our family.
Dada ji: means tumhe ladki mil gyi.
Yuvraj: milli thi but chodd kr chli gyi. Oh leave it. I am saying that rithvik bhai and angel bhabhi is going to become parents soon. Ek small sa baby jldi hamara ghr mein aa rha hai.
Everyone was double happy after this news.

Episode ends……


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