Hello friends I am Noor back here. I know all the readers of Mohabbat Ki Dastan will be super angry on me. I am really sorry everyone. But I was really very busy in my office work due to which I was unable to update next episode. Sooorryy friends. Your rude behaviour will be accepted by me. But I want again same love from you. And I promise now I will be regular. So coming back to the story my dear friends who are fan of SWASAN please don’t get angry because now I will pair up Swara with Rahil. But in last it will be SWASAN only. And many of secrets will be opened today. So keep up reading guys. I will entertain you. But please read. I will give back episode link also. So I am going to continue…….

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The is being beautifully decorated. Everyone is seeing walking here and there.
Sakshi: bhaiya please do it properly. And keep that flowers there. And where is this Vivian. I asked him to call Pandit Ji.
Vivian: relax mom. Don’t get stressed. I had called pandit ji. And he is on the way to here. And everything is set accoring to you as you said.
Sakshi: thanks beta. If you was not there then I don’t know what will I do. And where are other?
Vivian: mom everyone is getting ready. Please you also go and get ready. Maheshwaris must be reaching here anytime.
Dadi: Ya I don’t want any problem in this function. Now sakshi and vivian you both go I will keep check on these all.


Shekar: Sharmishta I am missing her very badly?
Sharmishta: you are right shekar. If today she was here then how happy must be she. Afterall it was her sisters wedding .
Shekar: don’t know kiski buri nazar lg gyi hamare bachon ko. Phela swara and Angel and now ragini.

Sharmishta: you are right shekar. We have 3 daughters in this family but nobody is happy in there life. I hope one day all will be sorted out.

( sorry friends I don’t want o show mehendi and sangeet . I will go directly To marriage day. Because now the main dhamaka and suspense will start from here. So be patient. )

Ragini is sitting in front of the mirror. She is crying.

Ragini pov

I don’t know laksh where are you. I am marrying this fake laksh only to take your revenge. He wants me na I will go to him but I will make his life hell. Just wait and watch fake laksh how I will make your life upside and down. He will ask me to kill you but I will never let you die. Because jo mazzaa tadpana mein atta hai who marna mein kahan.

Khushi and shreya came to Ragini room.
Ragini: khushi and shreya bhabhi where is Shona. I havent seen her from morning.
Khushi: we are also finding her. Don’t know where this girl went. But dad told me That she said him she will be back before the baarat arrive here.
Shreya: khushi ji and Mishti vivian is also not in his room. He also went somewhere in morning quickly after swara went.

Khushi: may be shreya it must me emergency in office. You don’t worry if they said they will be back. And shreya please once check the mandap decoration. And before going down please tell Armin and Arnav to come up because I need to talk to them.
Shreya: what happened khushi ji all ok na ?
Khushi: ya all ok. I told both duffers to bring ragini necklase from jweller. But I don’t think so they brought. Just give my message to them.
Shreya: ok sure khushi ji.

After getting message from shreya, armin and arnav came upstairs to raginis room. Khushi quickly looked the room.
Arnav: khushi bht romantic mood mein lg rhi ho. But see armin is with me we will do some other time ok baby.

Khushi: tumhe har waqt romance romance. Kabhi koi aur km bhi hota hai.
Armin: relax both of you. Tell khushi why you called us here.
Khushi: arnav & aru I think so swara & vivian is planning something big.
Arnav: how do you know that?
Khushi: actually I am seeing them from the day from when this marriage functions begins.

Ragini: and today also both of them are not at home from morning.
Armin: hope so everything get solved this time.
Arnav: ya. I am calling them but there number are switched off.
Khushi: we can only wait for them.
Arnav: yeah. Armin had you set all the cameras so that angel di can watch every moment.
Armin: ya Bhai I had done that.
Ragini: Bhai when is Raunak Bhai coming.
Arnav: mishti jb who toofan ayega we will get to know.
Khushi: ya this is correct.

Everyone is getting ready for marriage.
Fake Laksh Room
Fake Laksh pov
Today ragini will be mine forever. Laksh I will destroy you and after that I will get whole MAHESHWARI property. Suddenly he get a call and left from there tensly.

Episode end

To be continued………………..
Precap: finally marriage finished and someone entry in mandap.

Who had called FAKE LAKSH ?
What is swara and vivian planning?


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