hello my all sweet and dear friends. i know you all are angry on me for not posting for so many days. actually i was busy. i know you all are kind hearted and you will forgive me. lolllzz. i know i am too talkitive . kya krun ladies mai hun aadat se majbur. hehehe ok i will start otherwise you all will kill the little soul. guys i will reveal the pair in next episode but first i will like to one question to all of you please answer that. we all are happy to see ragini with someone else then why cant we see swara with any other actor other then sanskar. please reply for my question. i will wait for your reply all my dear friends. don’t get hyper reading this i just simply asked. if you don’t want to answer then also its not a problem. know i will start the next episode.

recap : swara and rahil on solving mystrey about drugs.
flashback continues

swara: tell us what you get to know about them?
ngo owner: i only get to know that they people have some political power with them.
rahil: something else about them.
ngo owner: no sir.
rahil: ok thanks. if you get any further detail contact to us.
ngo owner: ok sure sir.
rahil: lets go shona.
swara: they left from there.
they came out of the ngo and sat in car and left from there. but swara was lost somewhere. rahil noticed it.

rahil: what happened shona?
swara: rahil i noticed something.
rahil: what??????
swara: i think that person was lying us. i think so he knows something else.
rahil: ya. i also think so.
swara: but how will we find out that?????
rahil: we will make some plan. i think so know we must go home raglak must be waiting for us.
swara: yup sure. today we had to go for dinner also.

ragini and laksh were romancing at the flat and were waitng for rahra. .
laksh: ragini you are so beautiful.
ragini: thanks but that i know lucky.
lucky: ragu lets go and talk to our family and lets get married.
ragu: ya sure. but first lets complete our study.
lucky: we can complete it afterwards. he leans towars ragini and kissed her cheeks.
ragu: she was shocked by sudden move of lucky. lucky what are you doing?
lucky: romancing my girlfriend. any problem.

ragu: not at all my lucky boy. she leans towards lucky and kissed him.
lucky came forward and kissed ragini’s lower lip. she was also equally responding to him. there kiss become passionate one. they were exporing each other. were playing with each other. lucky came over ragini and started to press ragini’s body with his body. there were deeply romancing each other. they both get separated due to lack of oxygen. they were smiling by seeing each other. ting tong.
lucky: who it must me.
ragini: may be rahra.
lucky: ya i will go and check.

to be continued……..

precap: propose and romance and present track. raglak marriage.
will ragini able to marry her true love laksh? or she will end up marrying fake laksh.

think guysssss.

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  1. Jwala

    I too have the same question. . why can’t we see swara with someone else.. I love to see her with rahil in your ff.. Please don’t make it swasan.. I love helly karan pair so much. cute update dear

    1. Noor

      Thnx so much supporting me my dear Jwala

  2. nice loved it love rags

    1. Noor

      Thnx so much lisa

  3. Sooo finally u came…missed u and ur ff soo much dr… coming to the ff I too have no problem….i love rahil and swara in this,ff.
    Plz dr i dont know whats going in ur mind plz try to not to hurt swara rahil…. i really love them in this ff…..plz dr dont separate them if you can….
    Soooo today epi was short but sooooo sweet…. loved it dr…. waiting fr next part dr…update asap dr…

    1. Noor

      Thnx so much madhu. no one will be hurt. i promise. and already updates next part. lets see when they post

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