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Hello to all sweet friends. Sorry Last episode was short. Actually that time I didn’t get much time to write that. But this episode will be long one. And friends please comment. Silent readers friends you all comment on my faniction.

Swara left from the house frustrated. Vivian also left after her. He knows that his sister needs him most. Because whenever she remember past it hurts her. Because someone very close to her left her in the way of life. Family was shocked to see the reaction of Swara. But Ragini assures them that Vivian will bring her back. Everyone knows her past. Which give pain to all. The pain which she was suffering from last many years.
Arnav: Do you think still Swara remember him.
Khushi: Arnav how can someone forget thie past.
Ragini: And it is the past which had hurted her a lot from many years. For everyone she is very strong. But I had sawed her crying all over the nights.
Arnav: Why don’t Shona share her pain with anyone.
Ragini: Bhai when your love leave you or made a bad memory for you then you can never forget that. If you want to delete that memory then also we can never delete that.
Khushi: Don’t know where Rahil went. They both were a perfect couple na.
Ragini: Everyone was jealous of us na.

Swara, Ragini, Laksh{real laksh} & Rahil used to study together in same college and in same batch. Everyone was jealous of their friendship. They 4 together used to hangout together. They played many pranks on each other and on the college students. But they never done wrong with anyone and never accepted that someone do wrong with other. They were the perfect example of friendship. Ragini & Laksh was madly in love with each other. They were the most romantic couple of the college. But RahiL & Swara. Both can’t live without each other. Rahil and Swaragini parents were friends. Rahil parents were living in London. So he was studying here and was leaving with Swaragini in same flat. They four continued their study in Delhi. Where they 4 lives in same flat. There parents know this.
Early morning
Ragini: Swara get up na we are getting late for the college.
Rahil: Jungli Billi get up na. See otherwise we will also get late because of you.
Swara: Let me sleep you idiot. Just go from here.
Ragini: Swara get up na.
Lakshi: Leave it Ragu. You can’t make her wake up. Only Rahil can do this tough job.
Rahil: Ya why not because she is my jaan na.
Rahil brought a bucket full of water and threwed it on Swara. Swara was fully drenched in water. Swara got up. Today you are killed Rahil.
Rahil: See Jungli Billi I made you waked up and you are fighting with me only. Bad manners. Oh God Know I had to teach manners also to this Jungli Billi.
Swara: She picked Ketchup from table and threwed it on Rahil’s cloth. And ranned from there and close herself in bathroom. This is punishment to mess up with Swara Gadodia. Understand or not Mr Rahil Singh Oberoi.
Rahil: You come out then I will tell you.
Swara: ok ok. I am not afraid of you.
Laksh: Leave it Rahil. Go and get change. Then we had to leave for college. Otherwise again we will be out from the lecture.
Ragini: Ya until then I will make the breakfast ready.
Rahil: Ragu until then please give some manners to your sister also.
Ragini: Rahil don’t say a word against my shona.
Laksh: Ya otherwise she will turn hitler .{by giving hifi to rahil}
Ragini: You are impossible guys.
Rahil: Oh really.
Ragini: Go otherwise I will threw the remaning ketchup upon you.
Rahil: Ok Ragu Maa. { Smiled and went from there }

After completing their breakfast they left for the college. The students wer coming inside the college. Some were gossiping some were romancing. Suddenly 2 sports car came inside the college in high speed. All the students looks towards that direction. From Red sports car a handsome hunk came out. He was wearing black jean with white white t-shirt and blue blazor. He was wearing cool blue colour sunglasses. The boy was none other than Laksh Maheshwari. From the same car a girl came out. She was wearing blue jean with long top of white colour. She was looking like an fairy. Her hairs were also open. She was wearing a black sunglasses. She was none other than Ragini Gadodia.
From another black sports car a boy came out he was weating white tee with loose trouser. He was looking so hot and s*xy that any girl can get flat on him. Yes the boy is Rahil Oberio. From same car a girl came out she was wearing black white jump suit. Her hairs were open and at end they were curly. She is none other then our beautiful Swara Gadodia.
Swara jumped from her side and hugged Rahil. Ya we again won Rahu. You are the best.
Laksh: See because of you we again losted Ragini.
Ragini: What can I do I am afraid of fast driving.
Swara: So guys again you loose. So you have to accept the punishment.
Lakh& Ragini in union ok.
Rahil: So your punishment is upto next month you had to make breakfast for me and Jungli Billi
Raglak: Ok we will.
Rahra{ Rahil&Swara} That’s like good child.


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