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Hi guys I am back again with my story and with 4th episode. I want to ask you are you enjoying my story or not. And please give suggestions about pairs

Please guys comment about pairs I want to know about your choice. And I have to disclose the pair in 10th episode of fanfiction. And coming back to the story the episode starts :-

Sanskar got call from someone and he excused himself from the family members. When he received the call he was shocked what he listened from the caller. The caller was hi PA who told Sanskar that he lost his dream project of 100 crore. He was shocked because he want to work on that project because this was wish of his very close friend or soulmate whom sanskar loved very much but she died. To know this sanskar was totally shattered. He ordered hi PA to grab this project from the rival company. After cutting the call he remembered some past scenes :- one girl was running and sanskar was running after her. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, his thoughts are disturbed. He came out of the past scenes and opened his room door, the person is laksh he grabbed sanskar and told him to come fast because at 1pm we are having meeting with mumbai’s top business firm G.G GROUP OF INDUSTRIES. They both fastly moved down and left for their office.

After seeing everyone sad SWARA told OH MY GOD I am dieing here because I am very much hungry and these all people are crying from the time I came back. Everyone started similing and say no we will not let our princess to go anywhere. Dadi said comeon now everyone lets have breakfast know. All take their seats at dinning table and start their breakfast and VIVIAN remembered that they are having meeting with MAHESHWARI’S related their new project. Raj said we forget everything after arrivial of her daughter SHONA. All men left for office except dada ji . And Sharmishta and Sakshi left for their office. After their departure SHONA , MISHTI , DADI , NANI AND DADU they enjoyed a lot and talk about many things.

A big cabin is shown two girls are sitting and talking something. When we go near the girls our none other then PURVI & SHREYA. Purvi is wearing black full sleeves top with white jean , her hairs are opened she is looking very sweet. Shreya is wearing blue tight jeans with light pink formal shirt and after that short coat , her hairs are also opened. She is also looking very beautiful. Both the sisters are very happy because they got a big project for designing the new mansion. Both girls share this good news with their brothers .

Screen shifts to Maheshwari’s meeting room. They are waiting for G.G GROUP OF COMPANIES MD. Suddenly Shekar and Vivian reached the meeting venue with their 2 office employees. The meeting lasted for 2 hrs. After signing the contract Shekar Gadoida congratulates Duragaparsad for working with there company. Shekar invited Maheshwari for the party at their Mansion with full family.

Scene shifted to PS Interior Designs PVT.LTD

One girl is sitting in her cabin her face is not clearly shown to anyone. She is seeing some photos. Tears are flowing from her eyes.


Who is the girl Sanskar remembering about ?
Who is the girl sitting in cabin and crying ?
And whose pictures is she seeing ?

ANY GUESS FRIENDS. And friends PS Interior Designs PVT.LTD is company that is owned by Purvi and Shreya.

And guys please send me request on fb. My id link is

Credit to: Noor

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  7. Thnx friends . your comments make me feel good. i will reveal pair in next episode.

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