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RECAP: Shopping time for RAGLAK Wedding.
Khushi: Why Swara is behaving strange?
Ragini: Don’t know Khushi. May be she is planning something big.
Khushi: Hope so it doesn’t hurt her.
Ragini: Ya we can only pray for her. Don’t know which pain is she hiding from all of us.
Khushi: Yup. Know come lets get ready otherwise everyone will get angry on us. That we make them late.
Ragini: Hmmmmmm. You are right.


Maheshwari G&G { GOENKA AND GADODIA } ladies meet in the mall. All wished each other.
Sakshi: Anuupurana Ji Purvi haven’t come ?
Anu: Actually she was busy in her work.
Shreya: No problem. I will call her. She will never say no to me.
Anu: Ok beta. Swara also didn’t came?
Khushi: Actually aunty ji she will join us later.
Anu: Ok . But beta who are you?
Sharmishta: Anuupurana Ji she is SWARAGINI’S best friend. And she is like daughter to us.
Anu: Oh ok. Come now lets start our shopping.
Sakshi: Yes why not.


Swara was working in her cabin. Vivian came there.
Vivian: Hello my dear sister.
Swara: Hi Bhai you here.
Vivian: You didn’t go for shopping.
Swara: Actually Bhai there was some pending work left. So I thought to complete that.
Vivian: Now will you speak lie to your brother.
Swara: No Bhai.
Vivian: I know you are upset.
Swara: Nothing like that bhai. {WITH TEARS IN HER EYES}
Vivian: I know you are missing him.
Swara: I had never forgotten him bhai.
Vivian: Please move ahead in your life. He had gone very far away from us.
Swara: No bhai he is alive. I came to know about him from my sources.
Vivian: But why haven’t he contacted us.
Swara: That ba****d had kept him away from us. Once I get to know about him I will bring him back. He is my everything. He is my reason to live.
Vivian: Don’t worry Shona. We will find him. Because of him I am alive today. He had always kept his words. I know he will come back for sure.
Swara: Yes Bhai. He can’t leave his Swara like this.
Vivian: Now stop crying. Come know I will leave you too shopping mall. Otherwise you know our 2 hitlers they will take your class.
Swara: Ok Bhai.


Swara and Vivian came there. They called Ragini that where are they. She told them about the showroom from where they are selecting there dresses. Swara and Vivian went there. But they noticed someone there.

Vivian: What is he doing here?
Swara: He said to me that is taking Arnav to meet Angel Di.
Vivian: But see he is roaming here.
Swara: Wait Bhai see carefully. With him she is also there. Wait I will call him. Let’s listen his answer.
Swara called someone. The person picked up the call.
Person: Hello Shona.
Swara: Armin Bhai where are you? {YES THE PERSON IS THE GREAT ARMIN GOENKA}
Armin: Shona what silly question is this? Ofcourse I am in office.
Swara: Oh your office shifted in café with Purvi. {YES THE GIRL IS PURVI}
Armin was drinking coffee there with Purvi. After listening this hi spilled the coffee.
Armin: Where are you?
Swara: See at your back.
Armin: Swara, Vivian Bhai you here.
Purvi: Sorry jiju and Swara actuall we came for outing.
Vivian: Didn’t you get any other place for outing.
Armin: Why what bad is here?
Swara: Both the family ladies are shopping here only.
Vivian: And if they see you both together then you are gone my dear bro and my friend Purvi.
Purvi: Oh it means Shreya was calling me for the shopping in this mall.
Swara: Why don’t you listened her full conversation.
Armin: Actually I cutted her call.
Purvi: Armin I told you to let me listen Shreya’s talk.
Armin: I am sorry. I thought for timepass she is calling you.
Vivian: Know come lets do shopping with them.
Swara: And don’t speak anything there. We will cook up some story.
Armin: Thanks so much Shona and Bhai.
They 4 went towards the showroom where the ladies were shopping. All were shocked to see the four of them together.
Sharmishta: You all together.
Swara: Actually mom I was in meeting with Purvi regarding some work. So after completing that we both came for shopping together. And I called Vivian Bhai and Armin Bhai. Because someone had to carry bags also na.
Sakshi: This work you have done absolutely right.
Shreya: But when I called you to come you said no to me why?
Swara: Actually I asked her to say know to you. I asked Purvi to give you surprise.
Shreya: Oh then it’s a awesome surprise.
Khushi & Ragini got something fishy in their behavior. They all started to do shopping again. But 2 people were silently romancing there. { YA ITS SHREYA & VIVIAN }
Vivian: Baby why are you wasting your time here. You have other works to do.
Shreya: Acha. Which other works?
Vivian: Don’t you know about which thing I am taking.
Shreya: No.
Vivian : May I tell you by doing that.
Khushi & SWARAGINI was noticing all these things.
Khushi: Guys why don’t we take Shreya aside.
Ragini: Ya lets see then what will Bhai do.
Swara: Good Idea. Come let’s go.



About whom swara & Vivian talking about?

And friends I am going to introduce a new character. I am giving you 2 options to select the person. The person will be positive character. Detail summary will be given afterwards. 1st you select the character. I am giving two options.

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  1. i will say ravi dubey
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      Thnx lisa for comment. The person who will get more votes will be new character my dear. From next episode the main story will resolve around Ragini & Swara. Just you enjoy.

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    Thanks for the two episodes. Yes the new character should be Karan Wahi please.

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  3. Nita D

    Nice episode noor….. Swara covering for purvi-armin was too gud….swa-viv were talking ant sanskar maybe…. N who is that girl planning revenge from sanskar (in prev episode u showed) n just my suggestion, there r already too many characters here n if u add one more it is becoming confusing but if u wanna add i go for Karan wahi….

    1. Noor

      Thnx Nita D. No they were not taking about Sanskar. Read the episode clearly my dear. Mystery will be solved of that girl also. Actually this character will play very important role in future story. So that is why i had to add him.

  4. Nice swasan ki scence plz add karo
    i love your writtings very much you are a exellent writter and i am a silent reader

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      Thnx Anju. Ya i will add there scene

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    Hey I’m a silent reader of your fanfiction and must say that you are a really awesome writer, the way each time you unfold an old mystery and introduce a new one is just awesome. Not much people can do that. You are a fabulous writer and keep writing. And Awesome

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    And sorry for not being able to comment before and if I don’t comment in future but I assure you that the fanfiction is just awesome and I would keep reading it.

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