Hi friends its noor here. Thanks friends. From today I will write recap of the story. And please guys comment more. I am saying this because then I will also get to know is someone reading the fanfiction or only 3-4 people are reading it.
RECAP: Raunak proved innocent. And the cousin plans.

Anuupurana: Sujata have you called wedding planner.
Sujata: Yes Jiji. He will come. He said he will start the work soon.
Anuupurana: Ok that’s good.
Sujata: Jiji we have to go for shopping for the marriage.
Anuupurana: Ya. Wait I will call Pari and Purvi. We four will go for shopping.
Sujata: Jiji call Shreya and her sasural people also. We all can shop together.
Pari: Ji Mom its very good idea. And we can meet Shreya also.
Anuupuarana: Pari Beta when you came back from hospital.
Pari: Just know only Mom when you were talking about shopping.
Anuupurana: Ok beta. You get ready. I will call to SWARAGINI MANSION and will tell about our plan.
Sujata: I will call Purvi.
Pari: Ok Maa. I will go and fresh up then we will leave for shopping.

Purvi was working on her laptop. She get a call from Sujata.
Sujata: Hello beta.
Purvi: Why had you called me?
Sujata: Purvi we had to go for shopping for Laksh marriage. You also come to the shopping mall.
Purvi: Do you think Mrs Maheshwari I will come there for the shopping of Laksh wedding.
Sujata: Beta please come there. May be Goenka’s and Gadodia’s are also coming there.
Purvi: Then finally I am not coming there. Because I can’t act in front of them.
Sujata: Act???
Purvi: Ofcourse Mrs Maheshwari. I am only acting to love you in front of the world. Otherwise you all know how much I and Shreya hate you all. We hate the whole Maheshwari family. Do you forget that? Or do you like your insult that I do?
Sujata: Beta its your brother’s marriage.
Purvi: Don’t call that Laksh my brother. And now bye. Don’t disturb me again and again.
She cutted the call in frustation. That blo*dy Laksh is not mine brother. How can I forget because of him I lost my friend. Because of this Laksh my 2 brothers Rithvik and Yuvraj left the house. I hate you Laksh Maheshwari. I have only 3 brothers and that is Adarsh Bhai , Rithvik Bhai and Yuvraj. Not anyone else.

Shekar: Who have send this CD?
Sakshi: Don’t know. Watchman said it was kept near the gate.
Vivian: But dad it clearly shows that Raunak is innocent. Because of you and papa we lost our Raunak.
Nani: I said you that day only that believe Raunak. But you two didn’t listened me. I said you that Raunak can never hurt Angel. Because his life stuck in her.
Dadi: Han but you two believed on that cd.
Sharmishta: How can we support you in that decision. We lost our son on our own.
Raj: Listen we can bring him back.
Dada Ji: What you will say him?
Raj: That we get to know the truth.
Dada Ji: When I told you 3 years back that our Raunak can’t do this. That time you didn’t listen to us.
Shekar: But Babu Ji that time the circumstances was like that only.
Dada: I don’t know know bring back my Grandson back. From last 3 years we haven’t saw him. We want to meet our grandson.
Vivian: But where will you finfd him Dad & Papa. Do you know where he live?
Raj: We will find him anyhow.
Shekar: Before Ragini’s marriage he will be here.
They were talking then suddenly the landline started to ring. Sakshi picked up the call.
Sakshi: Hello.
Caller: Hello Sakshi Ji. I am anuupurana here.
Sakshi: Ji Anuupurana Ji.
Anu: Sakshi Ji we were going for shopping for Laksh & Ragini’s wedding. I thought why don’t you join us.
Sakshi: Oh that’s the good idea. You tell us the address. We will reach there.
Anu: Ji you all came to xyz mall at 4 pm.
Sakshi: Ok we will come there anuupurana ji. Ok Bye.
Call Ended.
Sharmishta: What happened Sakshi Bhabhi?
Sakshi: It was Anuupurana Ji’s call. They told they are going for shopping. So they told us to join them.
Nani: Ok you sakshi & sharmishta go there. Take Shreya , ragini & Shona also.
Person: Why I can’t go with them Nani.
All were shocked to listen the voice. When they turned the saw Khushi standing there with Swara & Ragini. All the family members treat Khushi as their daughter.
Dadi: Come Khushi Beta. When you come back?
Khushi: A week ago.
Sakshi: And you are coming today to meet us?
Khushi: Sorry Maa. Actually I was busy in work.
Sharmishta: And you forget us.
Khushi: No I can never forget you. And will you all just get angry on me or will meet me also.
All hugged Khushi and blessed her.
Raj: Khushi beta Arnav didn’t came?
Khushi: Dad he camed but he went with Armin to office. They will come home in evening. Ok anyway I had to meet my new bhabhi. Hello Shreya Bhabhi.
Shreya: Hello Khushi. I had listened about you a lot from Vivian.
Khushi: And I had all listened about you so much from Bhai.
Nani: Ok beta. You all talk later. Now get ready and leave for shopping. Otherwise you will get late.
Dadi: Khushi Beta wait I will ask servant to clean your and Arnav room.
Ragini: Ya until then Khushi you come with us.
Swara: And mom you all go. I will directly join you at the mall.
Sakshi: Beta where are you going know.
Swara: Mom I had some urgent work to do. So bye.
Sharmishta: Swara listen.
Ragini: Mom relax she said na she will join it means she will join us. So come Khushi we will get ready.
Khushi: Ok lets go.
Shreya: Vivian I want to ask you one thing.
Vivian: Ya ask Jaan.
Shreya: Who is Raunak?
Vivian: {get sad} Shreya he is also son of this house. Raunak Gadodia the famous industrial in India.
Shreya: But why he left this house.
Vivian: He didn’t left this house. Dad and Papa throwed him.
Shreya: But why?
Vivian: They thought that because of him Angel died.
Shreya: Ok.



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    Nice episode noor…..n Thx for lestening to my request n writing precap…..
    One question why did purvi said 3 brothers…. What about sanskar??

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