Hi friends. Noor is back here. Thanks friends for your precious comments. So are you liking the current track. I know there are many mystries. But without mystery the story doesn’t seem interesting. So today there will be another one big shock. I hope so you will think to kill me. Llollzz. Ok I will stop my nonsense and will write the episode.


They both were sleeping in each other embarace. The sunlight disturb there sleep. Shreya waked up and saw her love sleeping.
Shreya: How cute is he looking while sleeping. My god he is making me mad in his love.
She peaked a kiss on hi lips and runned into washroom. She got fresh up and came out of the washroom

Shreya: Vivian get up know.
Vivian: No. Please let me sleep. Come you also sleep. He make her sleep him next to him.
Shreya: Vivian please get up know. Everyone must be waiting.
Vivian: So let them wait.
Someone knocked the door. Bhai open the door swara said.
Vivian: Disturb in my romance.
Shreya: That’s good for you. Come Shona inside.
Swara: Sorry bhabhi to disturb you. Actually Mom send me to tell you that tonight you have to make your first rasoi.
Shreya: Ok no problem. I will make tonight dinner.
Swara: Ok Bhabhi. Bhai you continue the romance.
Vivian: Stop you Shona. I will not leave you.
Swara left from there. She came down and she and ragini left for their office.
Dadi: Ragini know take leave from your office its your marriage.
Ragini: Dadi its important work. I will come as fast as I will get free.
Dadi: ok beta. But go very carefully.
Ragini: Dadi you don’t worry. Come swara lets go.


Swara: Ragini you go to your cabin. When Ruthvik and Raunak Bhai will come. I will tell you.
Ragini: Ok.

Receptionist call Ragini and told him that Mr Laksh Maheshwari came to meet you. Ragini asked her to send him to her cabin.

Laksh: Hi Ragini.
Ragini: Come Mr Maheshwari. Tell me why you came here.
Laksh: Ragini why are you ignoring me.
Ragini: Do you think after what you have done I will talk to you.
Laksh: Ragini I don’t know what happened to me that day. But I really love you. Please give me one chance.
Ragini: Mr Laksh now you can leave from here.
Laksh: Ragini please.
Ragini: I said leave.

Laksh left from there. In parking he hitted the car tyer.
Ragini I came to destroy Maheshwari’s . But slowly slowly I am falling for you. After our marriage I will clear all our misunderstangings. I know you love that real Laksh Maheshwari. But I will make you mine at any cost. He left from there. But someone has listened his talk.

Swara: Raunak Bhai and Rithvik Jiju come. Please sit. I will call ragini here only.
Raunak: Wait swara. Tell me onething
Swara: Ya ask.
Raunak: Who is Laksh ?
Swara: Bhai what are you asking ?
Raunak: Swara just tell me truth.
Rithvik: Raunak I will tell you. Actually that person has kidnapped my bro Laksh Maheshwari. He is fake Laksh. Angel came to know that. So his truth did not come out so he tried to kill angel. But Angel had already told the truth to us. We don’t know where he had kept real Laksh. So that Is why we are tolerating him.
Raunak: So will you make her marry that blo*dy fake person.
Rithvik: no we have already plan for that. ( the plan is muted ) in upcoming episode I will be disclose it.
Raunak: Ok.

To be Continued….


Credit to: Noor

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