Hi friends its noor after long time. I know you must be angry with me. But I am reall sorry. Actually my company had send me to London for 1 month. So I was there. Now only I came back so thought first to update the next part of the story. Actually there I dindn’t get time to write the story. I hope you all will forgive me for this much delay. And love you all my readers. Ok today I will open some mystery and in story there is coming one big twist.


Someone was watching Swara , Ragini and Armin taking with Raunak. But the person was not able to see Yuvi. The masked person smirked.
Mask Person: So you came back Raunak Gadodia. See know how will I make your and your family life hell. You all will cry. Just wait and watch.
The masked person left from there. Inside the party hall all the people were enjoying. Swara and Ragini came on the stage.
Ragini: Attention ladies and gentleman. As you all know today we are gathered here for the Marriage party of Mr Vivian Goenka and Mrs Shreya Vivian Goenka. So I would like to ask for a dance to the couple. Play the music.
Swara: So my dear brother and bhabhi please come on the stage.
Vivian and Shreya went on the stage. The song played “SAWAN AYA HAI”.

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Mohabbat barsa dena tu, saawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Sabse chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai
Pyar mein tere hadd se guzar jaana hai
Itna pyar kisi pe, pehli baar aaya hai
Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Kyun ek pal ki bhi judaai sahi jaaye na
Kyun har subah tu meri sanson me samaye na
Aaja na tu mere paas, dunga itna pyar main
Kitni raat guzaari hai, tere intezar mein
Kaise bataaun jazbaat ye mere
Maine khud se bhi zyada tujhe chaaha hai
Sab kuch chhod ke aana tu, sawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Sabse chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai
Pyar mein tere hadd se guzar jaana hai
Itna pyar kisi pe, pehli baar aaya hai
Bheege bheege tere lab,
mujhko kuch kehte hain
Dil hai khush mera ki khayal ek jaise hain ?
Roko na ab khudko yun sun lo dil ki baat ko
Dhal jaane do shaam aur aa jaane do raat ko
Kitna haseen ye lamha hai
Kismat se maine churaaya hai
Aaj ki raat na jaana tu, sawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Sabse chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai
Pyar main tere hadd se guzar jaana hai
Itna pyar kisi pe, pehli baar aaya hai

They two so romantically dances on the song.Everyone was happy to see there chemistry. They were lost in each other, due to the clap sound they come in the sense.
Swara: So beautifull perfomance Bhai and Bhabhi.
Vivian: Thanx so much Swara.
Rajnath and Shekar came on the stage. The guest seeing them seriously.
Raj: Actually there is one more good news today.
Shekar: Yes our daughter Ragini’s marriage is fixed with Mr Durgaparsad Maheshwari’s son Laksh Maheshwari. So we invite you all for their marriage which will be in next week.

All the guest started congratulating Goenka’s Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s. Both the families were happy with the alliance. All the guest started to go. Only Goenka Gadodia and Maheshwari’s were left there.
Durgaparsad: Anu where is Laksh.
Anupurana: He got some call so he left.
DP: Ok. Rajnath ji and Shekar Ji from tomorrow only we will start preparation of Laksh and Ragini’s wedding.
Shekar: Ya sure. We will also start from tomorrow only.
DP: Rajnath Ji I want to ask you something.
Rajnath: Yes ask.
There talk was muted { WILL DISCLOSE LATER }. After that Maheshwari’s left from there. Swara Ragini and Armin also left from there. They went to ANGEL MANSION
Raunak angel and yuvi was waiting for them.
Swara: Hello everyone.
Raunak: Hi. So how was the party.

Ragini: Super Duper Hit.
Armin: Yes our plan is successful.
Angel: That’s a good news. But where is Rithvik.
Swara: Di don’t worry jiju went for an important work he will come back soon.
Angel: OK. I have one good news for you.
Ragini: Which news Di?
Yuvi: I will tell you. Bhai and Bhabhi are going to become parents.
Swara: What????????? Realllyyy.. OH MY GOD. ITS BEST NEWS EVER. I AM SO HAPPY.
They all congratulate Angel.
Angel: But how unlucky I am that I cant share this news with mom dad maa and papa.
Armin: Don’t worry di you will very soon return to home. Don’t be sad.
Raunak: And Di soon Laksh will pay for his deeds. Whatever he had done with us we will not forgive him so easily.


After Angel’s death Laksh created such suitation that everyone believed that Raunak killed Angel. So the famil threw him out of the house. Only the cousins know that Laksh did all this. But that time they didn’t know that because they 4 were at outhouse. When they came back and got this news. They were shocked. They tried to search Raunak everywhere. But didn’t get him.


The room was beautifully decorated. Vivian came inside and locked the door. He came near Shreya.
Vivian: You are looking so beautiful Mrs Goenka.
Shreya: Thanks Mr Goenka. What happened why are you looking me like this.
Vivian: Why I cant see my wife know.
Shreya: You may see.
Vivian: Then. He went near shreya.
She started to move back. But he didn’t stoped there. He pinned her to the wall. He started to kiss he cheeks eyes then slowly he come near her lips… There lips meets. The kiss was for a long time. They broked the kiss because of less breathe. Due to shyness Shreya hugged Vivian tightly. He picked up in his arms and tooked her to the bed. Both started to play with each other bodies. They switched off the light and made the love. The love for which they were waiting for a long time.




How was the episode guys.please comment . waiting for your reply.

And think who is the girl?
And what is the cousins plan for Raglak Wedding?

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  1. Finally here you are?… I was missing this story!!! Update soon.

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      thnx Hetvi

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    Finally you are back. There will be double comments I guess because I didn’t log in before commenting. Anyways an update after along time….. awesome as usual ?

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    Hey Noor how r u?? Hope your London trip was good….u hadnt updated for so long so thought to ask u in previous episode. But it wasn’t showing comment option….
    But nice episode….plz post next ASAP

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      thnx Nita D. My london trip was awesome. infact i got my long lost friend there. ya i will update next episode soon

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      thnx Jitha. Baby I am also a mystery boy. hahha lolz. dont mind if i say babt to you

  5. Hetvi-Shreya

    Guys I got a message from noor .she saod that she will post 2 parts tomorrow

  6. Hetvi-Shreya

    Guys I got a message from noor .she said that she will post 2 parts tomorrow

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