Episode 33

H ellloo to my all sweet and dear friends. I hope you all miss my fanfiction. Due to busy schedule not able to update regularly. When I get free time I start to write. I always try to be regular but I cant. Sorry my all dear friends. Anyways lets come back to the Mohabbatein of our couples. Hahahah I know you must be angry onn me. No problem you all are mine friend. I think so I should stop my Bak Bak and had to start the story.

The guest our coming and all our congratulating the family members. Swara and Ragini came down they are looking like some fairies. Swara is wearin light pink lehenga and her hairs are tied. She had done light makeup. Ragini and wore green colour lehenga and she left her hairs open. All people are dumbstruck to see the two beautiful angels on earth. They came down and wished everyone. After that they start to find someone.
Swara: Mishti see this Armin havent come.
Ragini: Shona I think so he will be near Purvi. If we had to find Armin then we had to find Purvi.
Swara: Ya mishti you are right. Come lets find Purvi.
Near a swimming pool two people are shown standing. There back is towards the camera. When swaragini called then turn its out ARVI { ARMIN & PURVI }. Purvi is wearing purple colour saree with her hairs open and she is also looking very beautiful. Armin is wearing White suit and its shirt and tie matches with Purvi dress.
Ragini: Swara is there any dress code for couples.
Swara: No. why you think so?
Ragini: I think so someone had wear matching dresses.
Swara: Oh are you talking about my dear bro Armin and Bhabhi . oh sorry I means Purvi Ji.
Armin: Both of you wait I will not leave you.
Armin starts to chase SWARAGINI. They ran here and there. Suddenly SWARAGINI get hit with a person.
Swara: I am really sorry.
Ragini: I am also really sorry.
Boy: Its ok.
The three were shocked to listen each other voice. Upto that time Armin also came there. When they look towards each other. They were shocked to see the person. Yes it was there Brother RAUNAK GADODIA.
Swara: Raunak Bhai.
Armin: Raunak you here.
Raunak: I am sorry. I know I should not came here. Its hurts you all. I came to mumbai and I want to see you all. Sorry I will go from here.
Ragini hugged him. She was crying like a child. How can you leave us Raunak Bhai. Do you know how much we missedyou.
Swara: Wait ragini. If he had ever missed us he should try to meet us. Why he will miss us. Whom we are to him.
Raunak: Swara why are you saying like this. I missed you all very badly. But you know what dad said that day.

Shekar: Don’t show me your face Raunak.
Raunak: Dad please listen to me once.
Shekar: No you are the reason my daughter died. Just leave from here and never come back.
Armin: Raunak you know how much we tried to find you.
Raunak: But I was always near to you. When swara was in coma I was always there with her.
Ragini: Means yuvi didn’t tell us that you was with swara.
Raunak: I only asked him not to tell you all this. I thought you all also hate me.
Swara: Bhai how we can hate you. We know the truth.
Armin: But we are sorry we cant tell anyone the truth. But I promise we will prove you innocent.
Raunak: Thanks armin shona and mishti.
Ragini: Come Bhai. Come and meet everyone.
Swara: Ya you know how much dadu dadi and nani miss you.
Raunak: But mom dad and maa and papa hate me.
Armin: When they will come to know the truth they will accept you back.
Yuvi: Hello everyone. Raunak you here.
Swara: Devil what are you doing here. If anyone see you here then it will be problem for us.
Armin: Do one thing You and Raunak go to AM { ANGEL MANSION }
Ragini: Why Raunak Bhai.
Armin: Because Maheshwari’s are coming.
Ragini: Oh I am sorry I totally forget.
Swara: Raunak bhai you go there. We will come there and meet you. Please don’t go anywhere else.
Raunak: Don’t worry my dear sisters. I will be waiting for you.



Credit to: Noor

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