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hello everyone. sorry for short update. today’s episode will be long one. and today you will come to know 2 suspense. two mysterys will be solved. so let me start with the episode.


yuvi: ragini why you called me here?
ragini: do i need any permission to call my boyfriend.
yuvi: baby its nothing like that. i am just saying because i don’t want that someone see us together.
ragini: oh ok. yuvi did you find something about him
yuvi: no ragini. i tried every way but couldn’t find anything.
ragini: i think so vivian bhai and swara will now find out something.
yuvi: ragini did swara asked about him anything.
ragini: no she didn’t asked about him anything. i think so she totally forget about him in all this matter. even i don’t want to remember him. he tried to harm our mom dad. i don’t know why my family want to bring him back.
yuvi: don’t worry ragini. with time everything will change.
ragini: i hope so. yuvi how is angel di.
yuvi: she is good. she want to meet you all.

ragini: tomorrow we will come there. and we will meet her.
yuvi: come now i will drop you.
ragini: hmmmm.
yuvi: what happened ragini. where are you lost?
ragini: nowhere yuvi.
yuvi: ok.

maheshwari mansion

anupurana: i don’t what will happen when everyone will come to know the truth.
dp: why are you talking like this anupurana.
anupurana: actually that day when you brought laksh home shreya slapped him and went from there to her room. me and sujata followed her. we say hateness for us. purvi and shreya just hate us.
dp: don’t call him laksh. you forget anupurana. our laksh had died.
anupurana: but how we will tell everything. how we will tell them that the person living with us is not laksh.

dp: if we tell them that he is not laksh then he will harm our family. how i will tell them that he is blackmailing us. because of this man we had to end all ties with yuvraj and rithvik.
anupurana: but one day we had to tell the truth to everyone.
dp: i don’t know how will they react to this thing. anupurana you don’t take tension. everything will get normal with time.

swaragini mansion

swaragini bedroom

ragini: swara you haven’t slept till now.
swara: no ragini.actually i was not feeling sleepy. but from where you are coming this time.
ragini: i went to meet my friend. what happened swara. is everything alright.
swara: han ragini. everything is alright. now meri pyari sis let us sleep because tomorrow we had to go go office also.
ragini: hm. good night. { swara i know you are thinking about that bas***d. you will not tell me but i know that please share your pain with someone. }
swara: good night ragini. { sorry ragini i cant tell you my problem. i don’t want you to be upset because of me. }

next day

coffee shop

sanskar: shona why you came late.
shona: sorry sanky. you know i was having important meeting.
sanky: ok shona. so are you ready for tonights party.
shona: sanky wedding vivreya ki hui hai. not mine.
sanky: oh acha. so what you think about your marriage.
shona: don’t want to get married now.
sanky: why any problem?
shona: ya not finding any boy of mine choice.
sanky: which type of boy you need?
shona: tall , handsome , cute and most important he should love me.
sanky: ok . shona may be boy will be around you only. look carefully.
shona: no i am not getting anyone like that. { i know sanky you are talking about you. but i want you should confess your feelings to me.}
sanky: please get your eyes checked up by doctor. { cant you see me. how much i love you.}
shona: sanky i think so lets go now. because we had to get ready for party also.
sanky: ya sure baby. {winks}


nurse: dr sakshi someone has send this gift for you.
sakshi: ya keep this on my table. but who had send it.
nurse: mam don’t know. someone left it for you on reception.
sakshi: ok you go now. sakshi opened the gift box.
in that box there were large photo frame. in that photo one boy was also standing. by seeing him sakshi become sad.
sakshi: why did you this raunak? how much we love you? but you cheated us. you broke my daughters completely. swara & ragini who can give life for you you back stabbed them also. you tried to killed the family you bring you in family when you was orphan. i hate you raunak. i will never see your face again.

by saying this sakshi throwed that photoframe. then suddenly sharmishta came here.
sharmishta: sakshi what happened why you are crying. she saw the photoframe on the floor. she was shocked to see raunak photo in it. she called the watchman and asked them to take the photoframe and destroy it.
sakshi: i don’t know who had send it.
sharmishta: it must be raunak only. he destroyed our all happiness. what he want know from us?
sakshi: we had to keep swararagini away from him.
sharmishta: yes ………
suddenly door knocked. when the person came inside sakshi and sharmishta was shocked to see them.
sakshi: anupurana ji you here.
anupurana: ya i came here for some test. i thought to meet you. but i think so i came at wrong time.
sharmishita: no anupurana ji. you didn’t came at wrong time. come sit please.
anupurana: i thought i will take pari also with me only.
sakshi: i aski dr pari to take leave but due to emaergency she had to come.
anupurana: its her duty only. no problem.
sakshi: wait i will call dr pari here only.
she called at reception and asked them to send dr pari maheshwari in her cabin. after sometimes pari also came there.
pari: may i come in mam.

sharmishta: ya dr pari please come inside.
pari: yes mam is there any emergency.
sakshi: yes you have to meet someone. meet your mother in law.
pari: badi maa you here?
anupurana: han beta i came here for some test so thought to take you with me.
sharmishta: ya dr pari you may leave know.
pari: ok thanks mam. come badi maa.

after pari and anupurana left sakshi looked at sharmishta.
sakshi: thank god she didn’t listened to our conversation.
sharmishta: ya otherwise it will create problem for us only.

to be continued……

who is raunak?
how real laksh died?
is he really died or alive?
whom about swaragini thinking about?

guesss my all dear friends.
for raunak character i will give options. on votes i will select raunak character.

1} karan wahi
2} rithvik dhanjani
3} karanvir bohra
please select one for raunak character. opposite raunak i will bring one actress. but first you had you choose one from above. next episode will be updated only when raunak character will be selected. please give our views my all dear friends.

and mystery that i solved today is that
1} the laksh leaving with maheshwaris is fake.
2} the boy about whom sakshi and sharmishta were talking about is raunak.

guys raunak will play positive role in my fanfiction. he will be adopted son of shekar and sharmishta. due to past misunderstandings he was thrown out of the house.

Credit to: Noor

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  1. rithvik

    1. Ok ahana. I will choose who will get maximum votes

  2. I think laksh is alive….. interesting dr….. update next part ASAP

    1. Tomorrow i will not update

  3. Priya tripathi

    Awesome noor n i choose karanvir bohar for raunak

  4. 3
    and nice update keep it up

  5. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Di it was awsm superb I choose karanvir for raunak’s character

  6. Noor now my doubt is becoming more sure. That man tied is Laksh only….. n y is this fake laksh doing such??

    so u r planning for YuvRag haan??? n for Raunak, well at present he is negative, atleast till the misunderstanding is cleared n Karan wahi is too cute to play a negative character so u can choose anyone from Rithvik n Kv. n i m eager to know abt Raunak’s mystery also…

    1. well i would prefer KV more for raunak’s role

    2. n one more thing. same cover pic since 3 episodes. plz keep next one of purvi n shreya.

      offo… main kitna bolti hu??

  7. Rithvik nd pls brng asha opposite plz plz plz

  8. Hetvi (Shreya)

    Raunak must be played by Rithvik

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