Hellooooo my all dear friends. How are you all. Actually yesterday I wrote the episode but it got deleted. So that’s why its late update. And guys there is very much suspense in upcoming episodes. You just read and enjoy. And friends my frienr Aditi is writing a fanfiction. Please read that. Her fanfiction name is After 7 years yeh mohabbatein. So now lets continue my fanfiction.


Sharmishta: Sakshi Bhabhi I want to talk to you.
Sakshi: Yes Sharmishta talk.
Sharmishta: I was thinking about Armin.
Sakshi: Armin. What he had done.
Sharmishta: Nothing Bhabhi. I was thinking about his marriage.
Sakshi: Han. I was also thinking about this only.
Sharmishta: Bhabhi I had one girl in mind.

Sakshi: If I am right then it is Purvi.
Sharmishta: Yes. They both look tooo cute together.
Sakshi: I will talk to maa baba tomorrow. If they agree then we will talk to durgaparsad ji.
Sharmishta: Ya Sure.
Sakshi: If today Angel was here then how happy she should be na.
Sharmishta: Ya Bhabhi. Wherever she must be we only pray that she should be happy.
Sakshi: Sharmishta tomorrow we had to leave early for hospital. In all these matters we are not able to concentrate on our professional lives.

Sharmishta: Han Bhabhi. Actually I am thinking that we should send Swara to New York.
Sakshi: yes. And sharmishta do you asked Swara about this.
Sharmishta: Do you think she will agree and will meet him.
Sakshi: I think so tomorrow morning we will talk with her about this matter.
Sharmishta: I hope she will agree to it.
Sakshi: Lets only pray to god.

The boy is struggling to open his ropes. But is unsuccessful. The door of the room opened. A boy came inside his face is revealed he is laksh. He beat the other boy very badly and make him unconscious and gave him drugs. Due to which that boy fell unconscious. Laksh smirked and in hs mind no one be able to find you. Once I get those papers then I will tell them who am I .


about whom sakshi and sharmishta talking about?
who is the boy who is captured by laksh?

sorry friends today i can post this much only. tomorrow the episode will be long one. please don’t get angry. love you all my friends.

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  1. sanskar may b tht boy nd ragini

    1. You will get to know in todays episode

  2. Priya tripathi

    Omg y r u making so much suspense n make it large but today episode is awesome

    1. Thnx priya. Ya todays episode will be long one

  3. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Noor di it was fab awsm so fascinating I think the person who is captured by laksh is real laksh

    1. Sanskriti may be you are true may be not . Wait and watch

  4. Sanskar may be…..nice part…… update ASAP cant wait…..dr

    1. posted next part already.

  5. hey noor…. very short but nice episode…… i think the man tied is actual laksh….

    1. sry for short update. that you will come to know in future episodes

  6. Hetvi (Shreya)

    Awesome. It’s short but i hope next one will be long 🙂

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