Hello friends. Its noor here. How are you all. Thanks for your response. And friends in upcoming episodes there are many twist and turns. You will enjoy the upcoming episodes. So keep reading my fanfiction my dear friends. And laksh is guilty in angel case or not you will come to know about it very soon may be in todays episode only. And did you enjoy the last episodes. And are you liking the story line. So now lets start with the episode.


Swara: Come purvi and Shreya Bhabhi I will show your room.
Vivian: Shreya room? Shreya is mine wife so she will stay with me only.
Armin: No my dear brother. Until your both marriage is not officially announced until that you had to live separately.
Rithvik: Yes. And purvi will also get company of Shreya.
Armin: For Purvi swara and ragini is also there. And me also.{ which is not audibleto anyone }
Sakshi: Vivian beta armin is right. Now you go to your bedroom and purvi and Shreya you also take rest.
Sharmishta: and ya beta I will arrange clothes for you too.
Purvi: Aunty its ok.
Sakshi: Beta not aunty we are also your maa.
Purvi: Ya sure aunty. I means Maa.

All started to laugh. Suddenly Rithvik got a call he hurriedly rushed from there.

Shekar: What happened to Rithvik?
Swara: May be some office work Dad.
Rajnath: He was looking tensed beta.
Swara: Don’t worry papa it must be some office tension.
Shekar: Ok beta. Now good night. You all go and take some rest.
Armin: Ya sure papa.


Rithvik: What happened baby? Why your were disturbed when you called me?
Angel: Relax Rithvik. Don’t take tension.
Rithvik: Baby then why you called me urgently here.
Angel: Why I cant call my husband also know.
Yuvi: Bhabhi now stop taking bhai class tell him truth.
Rithvik: TRUTH? Which truth??
Angel: I want divorce from you.
Rithvik: What ? But why??? What I had done please tell me Angel.
Yuvi and Angel started to laugh.
Yuvi: Bhai see yourself. And Bhabhi now tell him otherwise he will get heartattack.
Angel: Actually Rithvik I am pregnant.
Rithvik: Oh ok.
Yuvi: Bhai you are going to be father. Me chachu.
Rithvik: OK. Wait what you said. I am going to be papa. Really. Is this true Baby.
Angel: Yes Mr Maheshwari.
Rithvik: Oh My God. I got worlds best surprise today. You guys don’t know how much happy I am.
Yuvi: Control Bhai. Lets give this news to DEVIL ARMY. { VIVIAN ARMIN SWARA RAGINI }
Angel: Yes.
Rithvik: No now we cant tell them anything. He told them the whole incident that happened in SWARAGINI MANSION. And Shreya and Purvi will be there. And they don’t know that angel is alive and you are also here in Mumbai. I will tell them this news tomorrow. Infact I will bring them here only. We together will give them this news.
Angel: Ok that’s good idea. Now lets go for sleep.
Yuvi: Ya Bhabhi you take care. And I had to go somewhere.
Rithvik: But come back fast.
Yuvi: Ya sure Bhai. Good Night Bhai and Bhabhi.



Swara: Hi sanskar
Sanky: Hi shona. How is mine cutie?
Shona: Not good Sanky.
Sanky: What happened Shona.
Shona: You didn’t even messaged and called me after you went to Australia.
Sanky: Oh so my cutie is angry with me for that reason.
Shona: Yes.
Sanky: Sorry Cutie. I was busy here in meeting. But I had one surprise for my cutie.
Shona: What SURPRISE Sanky ???????
Sanky: I am coming back tomorrow.
Shona: Really Sanky.
Sanky: Yes my cutie. Now you say what are you doing and tell me how was your day?
Shona told Sanky whole thing that happened in few days { but she didn’t told that it all was planned by them } she also told him aboyr VIVREYA MARRIAGE.
Sanky: Oh my sister married and she didn’t told me.
Shona: May be she want to give surprise to you
Sanky: Ok shona now you should sleep. Love you my cutie.
Shona: Love you too Sanky. I miss you so much.
Sanky: I Miss you too. Cutie give me mine good night kiss.
Shona: No. when you will come then I will give you. BYYYYYYEEE

Both cut the call and were lost in each other dreams.


Armin: Hi Purvi. What are you doing here?
Purvi: Hi Armin. Actually I was not feeling sleepy. So that is why I came to terrace. And you.
Armin: Actually I saw you coming here so followed you.
Purvi: Oh ok.
Armin: May I ask you something.
Purvi: Ya ask.
Armin: Do you really love me ?
Purvi: Yes I really Love you Armin. You know you had each and every quality which I want in my dreamboy.
Armin: So I am your dreamboy.
Purvi: Yes. Any doubt. Now you tell me do you love me ?
Armin: Yes. I love you more then my own life. I cant live without you purvi. I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUUCHHHH PURVI.
Purvi: I love you Armin.

Armin came close to purvi he came and hugged her. Slowly he kissed her cheeks. And slowly moved towards her lips. Then they kissed passionately. They were lost in each other embrace.

A boy was tied to chair. He was in semi-conscious state. His face is not visible to anyone.

Will the goenka and gadodia come to know that Angel is alive?
Who is the boy tied to chair ?

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