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Dada Ji: what happened Shekar Beta?
Shekar: Babu Ji someone has send the video in which laksh in misbehaving with our Mishti. And the person who had send me this video asked me to name all our property on his name otherwise they will viral this video which can cause harm to our mishti and all of us.
Nani: What is happening with my daughters. First angel the our shona and now mishti.
Sakshi: Don’t worry maa everything will get solved.
Dadi: Shekar call that Durgaparsad ask him to come at our house with his family.

Sharmishta: Maa why are you calling that people to our house. Because of whom our family’ respect is at stake.
Rajnath: Wait Shekar. Don’t call them. First we should trace this number so that we should know who had done this.
Shekar: Ji Bhaiya. My friend is in IT department I will call him and ask him to trace it.
Shekar called his person and asked him to trace the number. When the person told him that whose number is this. Shekar was shocked to listen. He cut the call.
Shekar: This number is of Laksh Maheshwari

Dada Ji: What Laksh?
Shekar: Ji Bau Ji. It’s Laksh number.
Sakshi: Shekar bring all records of this number so that we can show maheahwaris that what there son is doing.
Nani: Yes. He want to take our property only. That is why he used our Mishti.
Rajnath: But I will not leave that boy. He thought that he will insult my daughter and will play with her respect.

Shekar: I called them. They our coming to our house.
Dadi: Where are all Kids?
Sharmishta: Maa mishti is in her room and swara and went to office and I don’t about Armin and Vivian they said that they will come back soon.
Nani: Its good only that they are not at home otherwise they will create a scene here.
Dada Ji: Rajnath beta do one thing call Rithvik Beta here only.
Rajnath: Ji Bau Ji.


Vivian: Shreya why you called me here.
Shreya: I want to marry you Vivian and that also know.
Vivian: Do you think I will marry you after knowing that what your brother did with mine sister.
Purvi: Vivian in all this what is mistake of my sister. Always badepapa thinks about Laksh then anyone else. Is this our mistake.

Shreya: I will die without you Vivian. I can’t live.
Vivian: Shreya please dont talk like this. I also love you very much. But we had to talk with our families.
Shreya: They will never agree.
Purvi: Vivian first you and shreya both get married then we will tell to family. And after that they had to accept your and shreya’s relation.
Vivian: Ok. Pandit Ji you start the marrige prepration I will marry her here only.
Pandit Ji: Beta but who will do her KANYADAAN.
Purvi: I will do that pandit ji. I am her sister. You start the rituals.


Yuvraj,Armin and Swara are sitting there and discussing something. Suddenly Swara got khushi call.

Swara: Hey Khushi.

Khushi: Roshini the work is done.
Swara: Oh thats the good news.
Khushi: There is one more news.
Swara: Ya say.
Khushi: Don’t get shock after listening to it.
Swara: You say Khushi. I will not get shocked.
Khushi: Vivian is going to marry Shreya. She told the full incident to Swara.
Swara: WHAT???? But where. Give me address we will reach there. Ok Bye.
Yuvi: What happened Swara ?

Armin: Swara what happened. Why are you so shocked?
Swara: Shreya and Vivian are going to do marrige.
Armin: What ?????
Swara: yes. Come we had to leave quickly to mandir.
Yuvi: Ya you guys go. I will stay here only. And update me as soon as possible. And don’t tell anyone else. They will get panic by this sudden news.
Swara: Ok Devil. We will inform you. Lets go Bhai.


The bell ranged. Servant went and opened the door. The Maheshwari’s were standing at enterance. The came inside. Goenka’s and Gadodia’s were present there only. They asked Maheshwari’s to sit.

Durga Parsad: Shekar Ji why you called us here urgently.
Sakshi: So we can tell you that what your son had did.
Anupurana: I am really sorry all of you.
Dadi: Can your sorry return our respect.
Durga Parsad: Ji listen to us.

Rajnath: Just shut up Mr Maheshwari. Your son has crossed all the limits today. He made MMS of our daughter and asked us to name all our property on his name. Otherwise he will leak the MMS of ragini.
Laksh: Uncle I haven’t done anything.
Sharmishta: Just shut up Laksh Maheshwari. You also have 2 sisters. If someone play with your sisters dignity then.

Laksh: I will kill that person who will try to do this.
And I will kill you Laksh Maheshwari because you played with mine sisters dignity. Maheshwari’s were shocked to listen the voice of the person. Yes the person was their beloved son RITHVIK MAHESHWARI.

Rithvik came there and beaten Laksh very badly. Some how guards stop him.
Anupurana: Please beta don’t beat my son.
Rithvik: You should had taught some manners to your son. And specially teach him that how to respect a girl. And uncle why had you called them here.
Dadi: Beta this thing should be settled in house only. So we think that we should get ragini and laksh married
Rithvik: what ?????

Nani: Yes beta you will get agree for this.
Rithvik: And do you think Vivian Armin and Shona will agree. They will kill this cheapster.


Pandit Ji: This marrige is completed. From now you both our husband and wife.
Swara: Congrtz bhai and bhabhi.
Vivreya ( vivian and shreya ) Thanks Swara.
Arvi ( armin and purvi ) congrtz of you.
Vivreya: Thanks alot and it wouldn’t be possible without you guys.
Armin: Purvi please come i wanna talk to you.
Purvi: Ya say armin.
Armin: You should told me about this. I should have helped you.
Purvi: sorry it happened very fast.

Armin: Its ok baby. I LOVE YOU.
Swara: If your both romance is finished lets go home. Lets crack bomb at home of VIVREYA’S marriage. Because Maheahwari’s are also at our place.




Credit to: Noor

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    Luv u di <3 <3

  4. Thnx. Priya Tripathi Didu and Sanskriti. There is lots of mystery in upcoming episodes. You will come to know . Keep reading. Today i will update next part

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