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Hello friends. Thanks to all the readers and the silent readers. And special thanks to Zzzzz (charming) , Nita, Minu, Hetvi (Shreya), and all my friends who read this fanfiction.
I will try to update regularly and a long episode. Give your support like this. Because your comments encourage me to write. And friends Arnav and Khushi are that girl and boy whom Angel Swara and Vivian save in GOA. Arnav role will be played by Barun Sobti and Khushi : Sanaya Irani. So coming back to the story.


Viviank: Now will you speak.
Arnav: Ya Surya Boss we will explain you everything. Actually we mixed a drug in Laksh drink.
Khushi: And that drug effect on Laksh. And he started to behave veru immaturely.
Armin: But how Dad reached there?
Ragini: Actually I heard dad’s conversation that he had meeting in Bluestone Hotel with Durgaparsad Maheshwari. And laksh wanted to meet me so I called him there.
Swara: But why there only?
Khushi: Because we know that Laksh will try to misbehave with Ragini. So all can see what he can do so we selected that place.
Vivian: But by your this move our plan can get flop.
Arnav: No. by this we will able to show his reality early to everyone.
Armin: But what is your next move?
Ragini: To marry Laksh.
Swara: What?
Ragini: We have to make our family agree for all this. And marriage should happen before Vivreya { VIVIAN AND SHREYA} marriage.
Armin: But why so early.
Khushi: So that Angel can come back to this house.
Swara: Oh that’s good plan. But will our family agree for this marriage.
Arnav: They have to get agree. I had recorded everything that happened in hotel. We will send video to your family and maheshwari family and we will tell them we will leak this video.
Swara: But they can trace the number.
Khushi: Don’t worry for that. We had taken sim on laksh name. He will be on tha fault.
Armin: Now it’s a perfect plan.
Ragini: But we have to activate the plan as soon as possible.
Swara: Yes. Angel di had to suffer very much because of him.


On the day when all think that Angel is dead. On that day Laksh called Angel to road near jungle. When she came there he with help of another man fitted bomb in Angel’s car. Yuvi was also following Angel for her safety. When he came to know this he quickly rescued Angel from the car but that time Angel had already hitted her car with truck. She was seriously injured. Yuvi took out Angel from car and placed a dead girl in place of Angel. After that the bomb blasted. Yuvi had already lefted from there with injured Angel from there. Laksh thought that Angel died in bomb blast and his problems are finished.
After that GADODIA’S and GOENKA’S came to know about this incident all thought that Angel died. But Yuvi called VIVIAN and told him that Angel is alive and he is taking her to Australia so that she can be safe there and her condition is very critical and send the whole video to them where laksh planned all this.
Only Swara, Ragini, Armin, Vivian, Yuvi, Rithvil, Arnav and Khushi knows that Angel was alive. Even Sanskar didn’t know this thing that ANGEL GOENKA was alive. They kept this a secret and made a plan to trap LAKSH. But that plan also backfired and Swara got injured in tat incident.


Vivian: Swara where are you lost.
Swara: Nothing Bhai. Oh I forget to call Rithvik Jiju.
Swara called Rithvik.
Rithvik: Hey Shona.
Swara: Hey jiju how are you and is Di ok?
Rithvik: Ya your sister is good and happy.
Swara: Ok I called you to ask that did you completed that work which I asked you to do?
Rithvik: Ya swara that work is done.
Swara: That’s good. Ok bye I will talk to you later.
Armin: Swara which work?
Swara: MAHESHWARI’S will get two shocks together. Lets go.

Why Laksh tried to kill Angel Goenka?
Did Maheshwari’s know that Laksh is involved in Angel Goenka murder?
And what is relation between Ragini and Yuvraj {YUVI}
And which shock is Swara going to give to MAHESHWARIS.

And will reply to my questions.

I think so you will love todays episode and one mystery is solved that how ANGEL GOENKA is alive.

Credit to: Noor

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