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Hello friends. How are you all? Are you happy with the present track. And today I will tell you surprise at last of the episode. So lets start with the episode.


Ragini: Hey Laksh. Where are you? I am waiting for you.
Laksh: Ya Ragini. I will be there in 5 minutes.
Ragini: Ok. I am sitting in resturant.
Laksh: I will be there.
Ragini cutted the call and called someone.
Ragini: Are you sure our plan will work.
UP { unknown person} Ya it will work. Dont worry everthing will be according to our plan.
Ragini: ok. Now i will cut the call. He must be coming here anytime.

Laksh came there. They order some drinks. After drinking Laksh took Ragini to a room.
Laksh: Come Ragini. I had some surprise for you.
Ragini: OK laksh.
Laksh took ragini too a room. By coming in room laksh started to feel dizzy. HE started to misbehave with Ragini. Ragini pushed him on bed but somehow he grabbed her near him. He was forcing himself on Ragini.
Ragini: Laksh please leave me.
Laksh: No Ragini. Please co-operate me.
Ragini somehow managed to call her father. Her father was also in the same hotel.

Ragini: Dad please save me. Laksh is forcing upon me.
Shekar: Beta but where are you?
Ragini: Dad in bluestone hotel.
Shekar: Beta dont worry we are coming there.
Shekar called the hotel manager there and opened the room door with master key. All were shocked to see the scene of the room. Durgaparsad was also present there. He came in the hotel for meeting with shekar.

Shekar: Ragini beta are you alright.
Ragini: Dad please take me form here.
Shekar: Dont worry beta. Dont get afraid. I will call police.
Laksh: Uncle listen. I havent done anything wrong with her.
DP: Shut up Laksh. We all have saw what you have done. Shekar ji I am really sorry.
Shekar: Ragini lets go from here.

Shekar took ragini from there. They reached SWARAGINI MANSION.All were waiting for them.

Dadi: Shekar what happened. Why are you so angry beta?
Swara: Dad what happened? And Ragini why are you crying?
Shekar: That Laksh Maheshwari tried to misbehave with my daughter. He told the whole incidentto the family.

All were shocked. Armin and Vivian Became very angry.
Vivian: I will not leave that bastard.
Sakshi: Relax beta. We will not do anything. Now police will take action against him. Now you take ragini with you to your room.


Swara: Ragini don’t cry please.
Armin: Yes don’t cry I will not leave him.
Suddenly Ragini started to laugh and she got up from bed and closed the room door and opened the window. And a boy and girl came through window to their room. All the three were shocked to them.

Swara: Arnav and Khushi you both here. And you may come here through main door also. And wait a second and ragini why are you laughing.
Arnav: Wait Roshni. So many questions. We will give you all answers. Let us take breathe.
Vivian: What was need to come through window.
Khushi: So no one can find out that we are here.
Armin: But why?
Khushi: Oh my god. Let us take breathe we will give answers.

To be continued ……….
Why is Ragini Laughing?
And what is Ragini’s plan ?

And friends Arnav and Khushi I think so you will get to know who are they.

Credit to: Noor

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  1. awesome episode dear…. but its not fair…. u updated after so long n that to so short….. n how is your health now????

  2. Now I am feeling better. Actually i was again admitted to hospital. So was not able to update. Now i will regularly update

  3. Noor… missed you yaar. ..
    Chapter was awesome.. keep going.

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